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They had some available just a few days ago(that's when I preordered). They just spaced everything out.

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Did any of you read the article or did you just want to bash him on the title alone? He is not talking about the moves, but instead; of reused stage assets from the previous Tekken game.

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They were replaced with micro transactions.

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It's because the didn't print enough copies. The game is going for around $100 USD on Ebay

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Great list but we cant forget these games!
1:F-Zero GX
2:Battalion Wars
3:Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
5:Pokemon X/Y

I would add Resident Evil Zero but Capcom are being jerks to the big N right now...

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That was a terrible video. Here is a real Rift Arcade that came out a long time ago.

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Those little pixels on a 40" TV become HUGE on a projector at 120"

You can and will tell the difference.

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If they all step down no one with a backbone will be in charge and the stockholders will make Nintendo go completely "mobile"

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I could see a problem if this was a COD game taking place in the middle east but it's a damn Mario game! Give me a break!

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You should change the title. The adapter let you use it "wirelessly". Microsoft released a driver months ago that lets you use it through USB.

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A proper Star Fox unveil would be nice. And maybe some new footage and play modes of Splatoon.

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I just tried it on IE11 using HTML5 and it's working with 60fps too.

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The feeling of accomplishment when you finally get the game to load was one of the best parts of gaming as a kid. It was the game before the game.

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He was running Titanfall on High PC settings at 1080p 60FPS...

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There are still a few I want.

1. Mouser from SMB2
2. King Hippo from Punch Out
3. Elite Beat Agents (they can play similar to the Ice Climbers)

And how about Mike Jones from Star Tropics as an assist trophy

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It has a nice box.

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I hope he's working ok Tekken X Street Fighter.

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I think it would be better to cancel the game.

A year from now when it finally gets released and people are tired of it they will say "Look these games don't sell on the Wii-U!" and use that as an excuse not to make Wii-U games in the future.

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Very arrogant indeed! I have a PC and a PS4 so why will I wait to get the Wii-U version?
From my experience most Wii-U owners have more then one system so waiting would be crazy.

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The dork factor is very real! Look at this and tell me this woman does not look like a dork using VR

Just to be clear I love VR and preordered DK2 but we the average person might not see VR the same way we do.

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