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What about the consumers?
I only hope reducing development costs and reducing production costs will also mean reducing games prices for the consumer. In France (Europe?), a PSP game cost between 40 and 50€ (meaning 60$ and 75$), it's quite expensive for a portable game and you don't buy as much games as you would.

Put 10 more € and you have a Xbox 360 or PS3 title. It's maybe a cry from a lonely consumer but it would be sad to hear that there would be even more PSP games but they still have unattractive p... #5
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Actually Burnout Paradise released in France 24th january, those charts are from 7th january to 13th, so this is not really abnormal :) #7.1
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Living in France, i'm surprised... and not. On a side a typically japanese taste with big Nintendo scores, and another side a typically american taste with sport and action/shooting games. France and maybe Europe fulfills well the role of middle of two very different parts.

I'm just surprised of the low score of 360 with only one game, itself more sold on PS3. #6
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As a french guy, i would say both are a bit correct: french don't really like USA even if they have similar tastes but it's also that PlayStation has a brand name. In France, "PlayStation" is for the not-well-informed-middle-class the common name for a video game console, even if it's a GameCube or a Xbox.

A third reason could be that France is the second consumer of mangas and japanimation, right behind... Japan. The "young France" is well interested in asi... #20
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It's the final boss sir, the replacement of Jinpachi Mishima in Tekken 5, Unknown in Tekken Tag Tournament, Ogre / True Ogre in Tekken 3,... (didn't play Tekken 4). #6.1
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I'm a huge fan of Red Dead Revolver (Manny Quinn... *sigh*). If that spiritual sequel is true, i would kiss Sony & Rockstar's *** forever. #9
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The problem is the caps lock?
I would congratulate Nintendo for what they made with the Wii and the DS for the general people's thinking about video games. Even if video games are still "OMG you never get out of your room! You will be a murderer playing with those violent games!", Wii and DS contribute to the better aspect of video games.

That's a nice score, but it will never convince me to buy a DS or a Wii. #12.1
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Why Resident Evil 2 and not the first one?
However, it's a pleasure to see other good games on PSstore, even if i'm afraid they won't be on european and american store. Castlevania SOTN is on US PSstore, not on others. GT5 Prologue demo is on jap store, not on others. Crash Bandicoot is on EU store, but i didn't see it on others...

I wish Biohazard will come in other stores, but i doubt about it. #8
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Honestly, who cares?
You too, record a video of you offering a video game or a console for your kids and you will be in the video games news...
i don't want to be insulting, but there's maybe more interesting to know than parents gifting video games to their kid. #6
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Well, Naked Snake could have a snake gun as said Major Zero, so why not a shark gun? That may be usefull for Endless Ocean, for sure... Or was that from a plastic surplus...
Ok i go back to my cookies... #7
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Too late i guess, now the information is on the web, but why being deleted?
False information, misinterpretation or Microsoft's request? Or simply a "brb" card...? #33.1
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Blind buyers
I'm not the PS3-owners spokesman but i don't think they really wanted another classical 360 shooter. Porting Dead Rising would be much more interesting, because at its release, many of PS3-owners may say "Too bad, good concept but not for us".

Lost Planet is clearly not the surprise they were expecting from Capcom because they don't want it. Sure, it will sell, but not with the same spirit of 360-owners at its release.

A year without any improvement? Su... #7
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