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I've played it (see ), all I can say is that there is a great hellish ambiance, the game is very polished but it's a God of War-like that brings nothing new and use horrible clichés of gaming. Great but not original, and as the game is not called Modern Warfare 2, critics probably wont be kind with that side.

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From what I've seen, the game is a virtual reproduction of Host Clubs. In Japan, you can go in a classy pub, Host Clubs, where you can talk and drink with women working for the club.
So basically instead of going to a Host Club, you can play Dream Club and discuss and drink with virtual hostess. Apparently, if you do your job correctly, the hostess will dance and sing for you.

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"This is a question of a small number of very zealous gamers trying to impose their will on society. And I think harm society. It’s the public interest versus the small vested interest."

I love how much he downgrades those who are against that excessive censorship and how he shows himself as a savior of general masses. Typically political.

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240 MS for a Christmas biscuit or something you will only wear 2 weeks a year, that's certainly excessive.

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Disregard God of War III quality, Halo Reach will be 2010's biggest title with Gran Turismo 5 and Final Fantasy XIII. God of War series may be awesome, GoW 1 & 2 sold each around 3 million units while GoW on PSP sold 2 millions. Even combined, it doesn't reach the 10 millions of Halo 3.

And considering all the hype surrounding Halo Reach, new story, new engine, the beta key inside Halo ODST, new type of gameplay,... No doubt Microsoft plan Halo Reach release to be huge, and i...

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I didn't play GoW 2 yet, but his sufferings come from the death of his wife and child. Revenge is good, but if he managed to kill some Gods, he may be able to go in Hell in order to bring his wife and child back to life, just like did Heracles with Theseus.

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Yes, in order to have a scientific proof of the diabolic influence of video games on children, so haters can say "It has been proved that children can access explicit content through virtual worlds". A great opportunity for Jack Thomson to have something in his dish.

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That's 114k too much, Activision will certainly release DLC and Ride 2 next year. They need a great spank in order to understand the way they are taking is no good.

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Either Isaac had a back surgery, either our new hero is a woman. Anyway, the first one was pretty good, had a good background a la Event Horizon, a second one profiting of corrections following players feedback can only be good as well.

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I wonder if there will be like on Xbox 360 the possibility to change our PSN ID for some cash. Mine is getting a bit old and belongs to a past I no longer want to deal with.

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Talking about new looks, any news regarding N4G's new design?
There was a contest months ago in order to redesign properly the site but there has been no info since that.

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Yep, since the release of PS3 Slim, Sony seems to have taken another approach of the market. They still have a lot to do, but it's encouraging.

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There is a little difference between wasting money and spending money. If Microsoft spent money in creating their own first party studios or buying studios like do Electronic Arts, then it wouldn't be so much a waste (at least for the gamers).

It's like if you have a banana and don't want it, so either you throw it in your bin (waste), either you give it to someone who's hungry. The result is the same, you no longer have your banana, but following your choice the consequences ch...

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Like many other games:
Modern Warfare 2 scared them so much they decided to pull it to 2010.
See this to know why it may not have been a good decision:

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Every time I see NES / SNES discussions, I feel marginalized due to my choice of playing Genesis / Megadrive, Master System and Game Gear. Are we so few players to have taken the Sonic path instead of the Mario highway?

About the article, I do agree Wii is more oriented for local multiplayer sessions, but between Xbox 360 and PS3, there's not much difference. On a gaming point of view, they offer similar experiences and so you wont have much regret choosing one over the other (un...

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I made a very long article about video game taboos when I used to work for the french equivalent of IGN, including sexuality and homosexuality (it was a sub-part about GLBT). It appears that one of the first game I know displaying openly homosexuality was the Chō Aniki series.

Homosexuality used to be extrapolated, such as the censored character Ash in Street of Rage 3, which has been deleted from the US version. Same for Roxy and Poison in Final Fight, which have been deleted i...

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I guess you're talking about Kweena / Quina Quen:
I think many people actually hate that character.

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I really like the steampunk style. There's a game currently in development that is set in a steampunk fantasy era, it can be very interesting, I just can't manage to remember its name...

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Actually, concerning its graphics, the problem is not that MAG is ugly. There are much uglier games that have been praised by the critics for their online experience, such as Modern Warfare 2 or Left 4 Dead.

The real problem is that the game looks generic. I said it in the beta forums, I wished MAG would be original in its level-design or chara-design, something similar to Team Fortress, for example. But when you play the beta, you only play in gray places or orange places, some...

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From what I've played, Darksiders is a typical God of War-like without an inch of innovation, but the chara-design and the level-design is sublime and the game is pretty polished. What I found cheap was the fact that, like Dante's Inferno, creatures are pretty long to kill and I fear a way to improve the game length. So if it was only because the part I've played was harder than usual, everything is all right, otherwise it risks to be a pretty short game.

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