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If the resolution matches 1080p display TV, that would be awesome. It's been a while I don't read comics anymore (the last time was when Magneto was "killed" by a Cassandra Nova's Sentinel, Spawn didn't have his Necroplasm while clowns were invading the city and Ultimate Jean Grey killed people attacking the Xavier institute with her Phoenix powers), but if they indeed bring digital comics to PS3, I would certainly start to read them again.

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Nah, it's funny to see how many remakes a single game can have :)

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I wouldn't mind a 2D game on Xbox 360 or PS3, when we see the awesome work of Vanillaware on Odin Sphere or Muramasa, or Arcs System with Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, we know 2D games on HD consoles can be truly epic.

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Honestly, I really like the Face Melter but it's almost cheating, all you have to do is to gather the enemies then do the solo and all the enemies die instantly. Every mission becomes ridiculously easy with that.

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I just would like to say to be careful with those screens. I used to work for JeuxVideo and their PS3 capture device always make blurry half-ass screens. Take a look at any other PS3 game on their site and you'll see that excepted for publisher screens, their screenshots are crap quality.

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Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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The Chocobo pet on Xbox 360, a Chocobo costume for Home on PS3.

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"In addition to single-payment packaged software, there are also schemes like monthly fees or per-item charges."

I actually tend to believe he is talking about MMO fees and not Xbox Live-like fee, which would not be new. There are some MMOs in development on PS3 and it wont be surprising if Final Fantasy XIV had, like FFXI, had a monthly fee, while it can be interesting if DC Universe Online or The Agency would have premium items to sell (this is how MapleStory works. T...

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Mmmh no, compared to last year, it decreased. In November 2008, 836.000 units were sold while in November 2009, 820.000 units were sold. So year-to-year, it decreased by 16k while PS3 increased by 332.000 units.

According to the diagram, only the DS and the PS3 increased in sales on a year-to-year comparison.

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I don't agree about Black & White. I belong to the kind of people that found Fable a bit overhyped but good and Fable 2 disappointing and extremely overhyped, so I'm not a Lionhead fanboy. But B&W was quite good. Even if it was a bit glitchy, it had a good concept, great animations and really fine gameplay. Playing such game only with the mouse was quite ingenious, especially when current games use 20 keyboard shortcuts.

It's even B&W that got me into the RTS genre wi...

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Square Enix Shop has plenty of quality stuff, from jewelry to figurines and plushes, no doubt this collector edition will be high quality.

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I also added Batman Arkham Asylum 2, Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 and will soon add the next Medal of Honor trailer and Halo Reach trailer, so no problem, I'm glad to help other people :)
Edit: Added Spec Ops : The Lines and Crackdown 2 trailers.

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You can try from if you have some luck, but according to PRs over there, it's a non-deliberate technical issue.

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Sorry for the very bad quality of the video but I can't do much yet. No doubt better versions will come later.

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This one did better.

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@1.1: I actually believe that, just like Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy XIII has been developed in order to attract the feminine market. It doesn't mean men wont enjoy the game, just that it wouldn't be surprising if Square Enix designed that PS3 in order to appeal to girls.

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Europeans are still waiting for Afrika, btw.
And I honestly would prefer to see Yakuza Kenzan, I'm fascinated by the feudal Japan era.
But anyway, the first two Yakuza didn't break records on PS2 disregard the install base, I'm even surprised Sega continue to develop Yakuza games.

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Yes, but once you completed each ones and killed the False King, Maiden in Black gives you access to the Archstone of the Old One. That's the one I'm talking about.

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Maybe it's a DLC, but my main wish about Demon's Souls is to have a patch in order to fix some bugs, especially regarding the World Tendencies. Sometimes WT resets for nothing while you were just farming, and I don't get why Pure Black WT resets after a single playthrough while Pure White WT stay Pure White even after several playthroughs.

I don't know if it's a bug, but somehow Primeval Demons didn't gave me any Colorless Demon's Soul at 2-1 and 1-3. I also wish we would be able...

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Isn't the 6th Archstone the final stage?

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