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The Babelfish translation is pretty poor so here is my own:

"In an interview given to the Japanese magazine Gomega, Tetsuya Nomura made strange revelations.

Question: What does 2010 represent for you? The expression and announcement of the game of your dreams?

Answer: Let's say, indeed, while I'm currently working on Versus XIII and Agito XIII and a bit later on The 3rd Birthday, we will announce other games this [2010] year, and one of those greatl...

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Considering he made the OST of Kane & Lynch, no doubt he's working on Kane & Lynch 2. He also made Assassin's Creed soundtrack and as Ubisoft is planning a third episode, he will certainly work on it as well.
Eidos confirmed a new Hitman game was in the work, so Jesper Kyd must be on it too.
And apparently according to his website he worked on Borderlands soundtrack, as Gearbox trademarked "Borderworld", it is possible he is working on this sequel.


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No Hitman Blood Money, fail. Jesper Kyd always make fantastic work with soundtracks, he is one of my favorite composers.

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A bit old, actually.

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Yet it is sad that philosophy fails to interest N4G while boobs and charts are always well acclaimed. Darwin was right, everyone comes from monkeys, and at the current state of evolution I would even say some humans are just sophisticated baboons.

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Finally someone who is not devoted to Street Fighter IV and recognize the awesomeness of BlazBlue.

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They're not aliens, they're genetically modified humans.

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I wonder why the original story of this article hasn't been approved while it's pending since nearly 24 hours (and yes, if I noticed that it's because I submitted it).

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I'd die for Red Dead Redemption. Red Dead Revolver wasn't a great game but I past many sweet moments with it, it was very linear but had an awesome atmosphere. And now we see trailers for Red Dead Redemption where Rockstar exactly do what Red Dead Revolver players wanted, and even more.

So RDRedemption is one of my most anticipated games of 2010, even though it's not the only one (Mass Effect 2, God of War 3, Heavy Rain, Bioshock 2, Darksiders, Alien vs Predator, No More Heroes ...

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I don't think Heavy Rain will be a popular franchise. I'm pretty sure the game will be critically acclaimed, but like many other great games, it wont do fantastic sales. Figures are hard for new franchises, just take a look at Mirror's Edge, Dead Space, inFamous, Demon's Souls, Valkyria Chronicles,... All of those are great but their start hasn't been great. They still managed to sell a million, and that's what I predict for Heavy Rain. A long term success, just like for the first Uncharted. ...

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Technically, it's EA that flopped about Jack Black, Activision just wanted Brütal Legend to be another Guitar Hero and Double Fine didn't want it. And if you've played it, you would know it's far from being a crap, the biggest problem is a broken gameplay but otherwise it could be an awesome game.

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"[...] pretty much every month for the first half of the year [...] Alan Wake".
So is that it? Alan Wake is planned for the first half of 2010 and not in January (Mass Effect 2), Splinter Cell Conviction (February) and May or June (Crackdown 2)?
Which means the game would be planned in March or April. Good to see, but I wonder why it takes them so much time to set a release date for Alan Wake.

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As far as I know, it's not the case in the NA version. I have this one and never met anything like that, but I also heard it was the version with the most glitches.

I think the NA version was built with a patch as there was a way to have a big amount of souls in the Asian version of the game but it does not work in the NA version, so some bugs have probably been fixed before the NA version release.

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To turn in Pure White World Tendency, you must:
- Kill bosses;
- Resurrect Blue Phantoms with the Resurrection miracle (you unlock it giving the Pureblood Demon's Soul to Saint Urbain in the Nexus);
- Kill bosses with the help of one or several Blue Phantoms;
- Kill Black Phantoms (NPC and players);

To turn in Pure Black World Tendency, you must:
- Be killed by an enemy (not by suicide) in your Body form (killing a boss, being resurrected by a player...

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Nothing has been announced yet, it will be a chance if we ever get it. But we much hope we can guess it may come in Spring 2010.

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For people having Demon's Souls and wondering what will be the benefits of a Pure White World Tendency, here are some tips:

* 1-1 (Boletarian Place): At the beginning of the level on the left, the gate will be open and you will meet Miradla The Executioner, she gives an armor set and a ring.
* 2-2 (Armor Spider archstone): On the right, after some platforms you will meet Scirvir the Wanderer, show him the Dragon Bone Smasher and he will give you a pure ore.
* 2-3 (Fla...

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Some of those points actually are what Microsoft should have done with Gold members. I'm especially talking about discounts and free stuff. Being gold on Xbox 360 only allows you to play online. XBLA games, NXE themes, gamerpics, games on demand,.... still cost the same. So what services compensates the 50-60$ you pay for your Gold subscription?

Here in France, some big retailers make you pay a yearly fee in order to be considered like a gold consumer, and in exchange the consume...

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If I focus so much on cross-game chat it's because it's the feature I know I'll use the most. I don't have friends on XBL so it's useless, but on PSN I have a load of friends and I know personally some of them, so a cross-game chat on PSN would be awesome, and I'm ready to pay for a premium service because Sony did much for me (cheating with my warranty, giving me free goodies, free games, free beta codes,...) so I want to compensate.

However because my biggest awaited feature is...

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I really wish we wont have to pay for cross-game chat feature, or at least we may have a free limited version, but I know people I want to talk with wont subscribe to any Premium service.
And 70$ is far too expensive (especially if it translates in Europe at 70 euros), 30~40$ is pretty much a right price, even though proposed features in the survey were very interesting, I'm already handicapped with the Live price, I wont pay even more for a Prmeium PSN.

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Just connect to, it will automatically redirect to your country, and you'll be able to register to that thing.

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