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Is Metro 2033 really a 360 exclusive?
First time it was announced (back in 2006 IIRC) it was supposed to be PS3 exclusive, then few months ago it was announced for Xbox 360 and PC. Where's the truth?

Anyway, I think 2010 will be great on both side but we should wait until E3, where both Sony and Microsoft will announce their definitive line-up for PS3 wand / Natal, and so the number of exclusives on each side may rise.

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I realized few days ago that if I get killed, if I commit suicide or if I kill someone, the first thing people will know is my relationship with gaming: I used to work for video game websites, I work for the biggest French video game retailer, I have a small collection of video game figures and I have several convenient full of games and consoles.

Headlines: "Another video game psycho dies / kills because of violence in virtual worlds".

When you see that S...

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I don't want to defend any side, I don't care who's winning or who is losing as long as all sides provide good games to compete each other, but I think Halo 3 flawed our perception of success.

Few games manage to reach the million milestone, 2 millions is even harder. Fight Night Round 4 hardly reached it, Forza 3 as well, Motorstorm Pacific Rift didn't even touch the million, neither did Ninja Gaiden 2, Mass Effect sold a bit more than 2 millions, both Left 4 Dead only sold arou...

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Yep, I had the same reaction when submitting both stories.
Eurogamer wrote: "One of the best twists in the story is the absence of a twist when you most expect it.", so I guess the main problem with Darksiders is the scenario, poor and predictable.

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I discovered Fallout universe with Fallout 3 so I'm not one of those nostalgic hard fans "the old ones were better", but I'm still very interested in upcoming Fallout games. And so far, those details sound very promising if they are accurate.

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Brütal Legend is the proof graphics are not enough to enjoy a game, there must be content and a gameplay that matches it. I don't mind if it's an open world or a linear piece (after all, a Heavy Metal linear game could be awesome too), I really loved Brütal Legend on the artistic side but the gameplay is so poor and we have so much nothing to do in the game I didn't pass hours on it. I even gave up doing side quests after I realized the game was split in two parts.


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While Playstation Lifestyle's predictions were somehow intriguing and probably suspicious in the way they managed to conclude them, those ones are pretty obvious. I doubt Agent will be slated for 2010 release but Examiner don't go much far with their expectations.

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Announced long time ago as a God of War meets Zelda then disappeared, then delayed and timidly showing his face these days as the game releases in mid-January. A game I was waiting for since two years.

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Just to inform people, Gamekult is the french equivalent of Edge. They are not hype-sensitive, they are not corruptible, their reviews are not commercial-oriented.

For example, they gave Halo 3 a 7, Fallout 3 a 7, Killzone 2 a 8, Modern Warfare 2 a 8, Dragon Age Origins a 6 on consoles and 8 on PC, etc...

They are very hard with reviews but they are fair and truly unbiased. Among all the French video game websites, they are the only ones I trust. When a game is a cra...

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Not yet but I bought it two days ago on the US PSstore (I'm just waiting for finishing all the games I'm playing before starting other ones).

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Strange, how can we like BB but not GG? It's pretty much the same, the background is a bit different but globally it's the same (and that's what I love with BB).

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I don't like much 1337 5|*34|< Gamertags, the same goes for awfully unoriginal game character name such as "Cloud", "Squall", "Sephiroth" or "Snake", because people love to be identified to a character identity and the darker he is the best it is for them. As a result, you have tons of "CloudFF7 157982" or "XoX Master Chief 247 oXo", etc...

I like short and catchy gamertags. On PSN, I chose Nyoro-n because I used to l...

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Isn't it possible to have a preview of each of theme -without looking at Youtube-?
Anyway, I found on the US Store last week the Heavy Rain dynamic theme and I really love it, pretty much my favorite from all I've seen so far.

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I don't think it's a good idea either to do a crossover between BlazBlue and Guilty Gear. I love both universes but obviously some BlazBlue are almost duplicates of Guilty Gear (Ragna = Sol BadGuy, Jin = Ky Kyske, Iron Tagger = Potemkin, Rachel = Slayer, etc...). They don't have an identical fighting style but they are very similar.

However, a new 2D Guilty Gear on Xbox 360 / PS3 would be awesome (let's forget about how pathetic was Overture), even if I though they didn't had the...

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Not surprising, considering how Activision almost insulted the PC gaming community. But even with such piracy, Modern Warfare 2 remains the best selling game of 2009 on PS3 and Xbox 360, and this is certainly a good motivation for Activision to release a Call of Duty 6 in 2010 and a Modern Warfare 3 in 2011. Like Guitar Heros, as long as people keep buying it, this will never stop, for the best and the worst.

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Is it necessary to patent such game mechanics? It just looks like something similar to Jericho's. It's not like if many games could use this system, I don't see how it's worth a patent. Or maybe I'm out of my shoes and publishers commonly patent their gameplay mechanics.

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For people having played Final Fantasy XIII, is this a linearity a la Final Fantasy X (where most of the game is pretty linear until the end where you could go everywhere you want)?
And how does this Crystalium system works, if there's no XP to gain?
Square already deleted the XP system in Crisis Core, where your evolution was only due to chance with a roulette system.

But somehow, I was that much interested by Final Fantasy XIII and this article just frozen my envy e...

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Amazing how I submitted the same news last week from Andriasang and how I and other contributors have been purely reported for "old and duplicate story" while this one has been merely approved.

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I don't get it, what does he mean by "too French"? Is that another typically American allusion to World War II?
In my opinion, achievements and trophies are not really a way to congratulate ourselves regarding other people.
When I look at a gamer card, if someone has more G-score or trophies than me, I just say "He has more games than me" "He plays more than me". Nothing really envious, especially considering some people play Xbox 360 / PS3 since 2006...

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Talking about Square Enix, is there anybody there that received a code for a Chocobo pet on Xbox Live? We were supposed to receive it in early December and I still got nothing.

Anyway, I'm not sure it would be a good idea to do a remake of Final Fantasy VII. It was an awesome game but a remake may not satisfy fans if it's not done correctly. A simple bug, a simple change in the story, a simple forgotten easter egg and it may be an uproar, such as Sephiroth's gloves in Aeris' long...

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