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I think Resident Evil : Umbrella Chronicles sold well because people though Capcom were reiterating the greatness of Resident Evil 4 with a new episode. They probably didn't expect it was a rail shooter, with such disappointment it would explain why Darkside Chronicles has been shunned.

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Minor differences, probably, but major, it can be painful. I took Darksiders on PS3 but Bayonetta on Xbox 360 because differences between PS3 and 360 versions are way too huge. However, I also made the mistake to take Tekken 6 on Xbox 360. Even though the game has a better anti-aliasing, it's still plagued by aliasing and playing Tekken with the 360 controller is just awful.

So technical differences can matter if there is a big gap between two versions, but we should not forget a...

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As I'm French, you people can ask questions here and I'll translate to the blog post, so don't hesitate if you have interrogations regarding Heavy Rain, I'll forward.

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I hope all those hints are fake hints in order to reveal something new, a bit like X-Files : I Want To Believe, when Chris Carter and his staff put fake leaked pictures and documents online in order to protect the original story from any spoiler. Rumors were talking about werewolves while the movie is about regeneration.

So yes, all those "The game is a sequel, the title starts by T and finish by wisted Metal" are too much obvious, I really love Twisted Metal series bu...

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Is there a way to play the story mode with 2 players offline, btw?
As I'm trying to get some stuff for Hwoarang but half of the stuff I get is for Alisa and she's already quite powerful.

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I don't see much the point of comparing games for the only reason they are exclusives. Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction are both sequels of popular franchises on Xbox 360 while MAG and Heavy Rain are both new IPs and are potentially niche games.

So what? If you have a PS3, why would you care how much a game sold on Xbox 360? Does it make PS3 games better? And for those who have both consoles, they will pick the ones they prefer. In my case, it will be Mass Effect 2 and ...

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So it will be around 120~130€ in France. It's pretty much expensive but I'm a big GoW fan and the demo really teased me, so I've already pre-ordered it.

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Considering the movements described, I believe it was supposed to be a new IP. Ninja Blade and Ninja Gaiden have been developed by japanese developers (From Software and Team Ninja) and Shinobi IP certainly belongs to Sega. It can't be a Tenchu game as we clearly see robots and helicopters is the sketches.

It is sad Grin as been closed, it seems they were developing very interesting games, I hope some publishers will take the staff or the ideas back (like Rockstar did with Capcom...

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"4. If you stay at level 70 forever, you are a douchebag."
Well, honestly after having reached my first Prestige rank, I think I'll keep at lvl 70. The Prestige only gives you another badge, nothing else. Everything else restarts.

So in the first Modern Warfare, it was Ok, you didn't have troubles to redo everything again because maps and weapons available were fairly balanced, but in Modern Warfare 2, I noticed how pathetic I was until lvl 20-30, when I have the ...

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I don't spend much money on DLCss, they are often too expensive and made while they could be included in the retail game. Until several months, I used to buy every LittleBigPlanet DLC (including the $4.99 collector T-shirt that released in the first week of the game) because Sony sent me several PSP and PS3 games for free, and so I thank them buying DLC of first-party games.

Guitar Hero and Rock Band games swarm because of that DLC fashion, as long as people buy their games and t...

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I guess it's better than nothing, I wouldn't mind trying another MMO.

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Vivid colors and aliasing on PS3, pale colors and blurry image on Xbox 360. Interesting way to avoid "superior versions" and making community agree on "both look inferior".

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That's not what I saw in the beta. Disregard Bad Company 2's quality, it is plagued on consoles by a bunch of aliasing that seriously drops down our appreciation of graphics. So unless they fix that until the release of the game or they are talking about the PC version in extremely high settings, I don't see how the game can be a graphical reference.

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Well honestly I don't see much a 360 version of Home as a bad thing, Microsoft proved they could support their Avatars, while Sony hardly gather 3rd party developers interest with Home (Capcom, EA, Namco with Tekken and Ubi with FarCry,but otherwise it's only first party developers, small indie devs or non-gaming-related), Microsoft brought many licensed clothes and items available for Avatars.

Also, I find Avatars less antipathetic than Home characters, more propitious to discus...

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"Could it be something like classic arcade titles or a possible version of Home for the Xbox 360?"
Or a mix, a 360 version of Home where we can play classic arcade titles.

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Even in France (the no video game ad land), we had a taste of Master Chief, so it's pretty much legitimate (and not really new) that Halo 3 belongs to the most hyped games of the decade.

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Especially considering there are not that much girl-oriented games on PSP (compared to DS). So it's quite surprising, indeed.

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The informations are exactly the same but the headlines are different. If you look at this Edge article , it is written:

"Additionally the company ranked the top game consoles by share of total usage minutes:

Xbox 360 – 23.1%
PS2 – 20.4%
Wii – 19.0%"

Which is pretty much what the failed approval article slated. So yep, it's a duplicate.

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Years ago I could zay Zeppelin is pissing is pants, another rockstar bashing a popular game, but now I feel such decision is a good thing. Activision must stop [insert instrument] Hero games. Three Guitar Hero games per year is not a sane choice.

After Guitar Hero Van Halen, Guitar Hero Metallica, Guitar Hero Aerosmith, what will be the next? Guitar Hero Iron Maiden? Guitar Hero Scorpions? Guitar Hero AC/DC? Guitar Hero Rolling Stones? Guitar Hero Sex Pistols? Guitar Hero Nickelb...

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Hitman is still under development (my favorite franchise with Legacy of Kain and Metal Gear Solid) so I'm patiently waiting to see its release (hoping they wont adapt the game from the movie), but Metal Gear Solid 4 was great. Not better than previous Metal Gear Solid episodes, not worse aither. Just exactly what I wanted.

Concerning Burnout, I was a die-hard fan of the previous ones and an open world racing game wasn't what I was looking for (considering EA already released seve...

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