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The world fastest hedgehog having to be in a car to do a race is just a pitiful shame.

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Interesting but unless Sony feed a heavy marketing surrounding the game, I doubt it's a system seller. Bundling God of War or Gran Turismo is a good choice, but Heavy Rain, I'm not sure (and don't get wrong, I love Quantic Dream, and I'm sure I'll love Heavy Rain, but I'm afraid the game will belong to the overlooked gems of this year).

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I kinda agree with Godmars, I love Armored Core series but I know the series has never been a real powerhouse, with many technical problems. And as From Software enjoy making CG intros, it is possible those screenshots are CGI and not actual gameplay. So yep, until we see a HUD and gameplay footage, people shouldn't feel rejoiced too quickly.

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It looks better than I though but it still look odd. Even if we exclude the chara-design, level-design seems pretty bulky, closed and flat. Tecmo should have copied Gears of War sceneries as well, at least you had great views most of the time.

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Devil May Cry !
And the Sega Saturn ads were pretty awesome, absolutely epic:
(with some kind of english fan dubs here: )

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As Sony opened the official Heavy Rain site as "", I've checked "" and it appears it also redirects to

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Is there someone who reads moonspeak here?
There's apparently a release date in the top right corner but the only thing I'm able to read is "2010". I think in japanese it means 2010.

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According to the N4G fanboy conspiracy theory, if you bash consoles and claim PC is the best gaming platform, then yep you're a Panda.

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Don't get wrong, I don't support any camp. Like I said in old comments, I'm not a console fanboy. I don't care if Microsoft face bankruptcy, Sony stop the Playstation brand or Nintendo takes becomes the only console manufacturer available (well, I would be a bit pissed off because I tend to not like most of Nintendo IPs but it's not a hardware fanboyism).

However, I'm a very aggressive fanboy regarding some series, like Metal Gear Solid, Hitman or Legacy of Kain. I also tend to d...

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Don't take it bad Panda, I really respect you for representing so much a minority :)

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What is scary is not only BIoodmask's energy to feed the site, but also the energy the other ones spend in order to try to compete with BIoodmask. Even though money is always a good carrot for the human donkey, $500 is certainly not enough to waste a life on it.

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Nope, I'm conscious there are many PS3 fanboys on N4G, and I often laugh at some people extremism, but discriminating PS3 fanboys we tend to forget there is also a big community of Xbox 360 fanboys. That's what I pointing out, when people keep whining "N4G is owned by PS3 droids" they also deliberately forget they participate to fanboy fights.

Both camp are immature kids, one side mock the other and the other replicate mocking again. No gamer respect, if you don't have ...

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate you appreciate.

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It's probably 10 millions worlwide in 2009 and not only in North America, it looks more legitimate. If we check on Vgchartz, even though they are supposedly not accurate, we see that Xbox 360 started 2009 with 27 millions units worldwide and started 2010 with 37.2 millions worldwide, which is roughly 10 millions units sold worldwide in 2009.

That also proves disregard PR statements that USA =/= World.

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It looks so lame I want to watch the movie just for the lulz and the almost imperceptible feeling I have been scammed.

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I submit the same story from the same site, it gets reported and fail. Someone else submit it four hours later it gets approved without a problem. Fascinating.

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For people who are interested, this girl is Francesca Dani and is a professional cosplayer (and she's seriously ugly without makeup and Photoshop).
Yes, I may be against cosplay on N4G, I'm not a dumb who post random pics found on the Internet without a minimum of culture and research.

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The BG&E2 part is rather short, only one line in the whole interview.
There are however some interesting points here. I'll translate:

Q: Why is Splinter Cell Conviction not on PS3?
A: We're working since long time with Microsoft on optimization of this format. It's been three years and a half that it is under development. It's a choice, which is not only tied to historic, but also to a specific programming method. And it is right that our valuation on Xbox 360 is pre...

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Great. I certainly wont spend 70 euros over this, but knowing we're not forgotten is just great.

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It is sad that such news fail to interest gamers, while trolling is always welcome.

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