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I will only give those proofs to someone trustable.
@Brodie: The fact that you are natively english-speaker directly eliminates this possibility.
Maybe Sev would be interested, I don't know.

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I am a game reviewer for a lot of site and I can tell you Quantic Dream are already working on their next title, highly likely to be a PS3 and Xbox 360 game and will contain online components (and I have proofs).

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One of my favorite games ever. You must buy it.

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I'm curious to see how Criterion can improve the NFS series, but from those screens, it looks like it's still a tuning game :-\

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No More Heroes, Brütal Legend, Dark Sector and MadWorld have the same weaknesses, they have interesting concepts but poor realization and lesser gameplay, which become quickly very repetitive.

I've finished NMH just to know if Travis Touchdown will finally accomplish his goal (f***ing Olivia) and because dialogs made me laugh, but the game itself isn't really good. I love Brütal Legend art style and dialogs, but the gameplay is very bad and the game lack of polish. Dark...

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Yep, that's why I love Digital Foundry, no bias, very informative and very complete.

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Darksiders sold more than Bayonetta? Curious.
A game that has been announced two years ago and have been very quiet until its release, with no hype, no girl (well, there's one but...), no sex, from a fresh developer studio managed to sell more than the highly hyped sexually provoking game created by Devil May Cry and Resident Evil creators?

I'm really surprised, I though the gaming community would be corrupted forever.

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A proper translation of the conclusion:

"With the elimination of a real inventory, its extremely simplified management of equipment and its truncated character evolution system, Mass Effect 2 lost or altered almost everything that made its predecessor a RPG to become a third person shooter barely glorified by dialogs and scenario choices limited in overall to the choice of the order of our objectives.

The disappointment is undeniable, even if we shouldn't put Bi...

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I'm afraid SCEE are making the exact same mistake they did for Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, releasing God of War Collection in the same time as God of War 3. They are shooting themselves in the feet, yet it may be another proof how wobbly are SCEE compared to SCEA and SCEJ.

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If you already are Gold, then you can use your Live code and those 30 days will be added to the remaining days of your subscription.
For example if you bought yesterday a 3 months Xbox Live card and today you buy Monster Hunter Frontier Online, you will be able to play 3 months + 1 month as a Gold member, but only 1 month on Monster Hunter online (unless you continue to pay your Monster Hunter monthly fee).

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I must admit the situation is pretty weird. Phantagram Interactive developed N3 and Microsoft published it, but on both Phantagram Interactive and Blueside Inc. websites, you can see Kingdom Under Fire series and Ninety Nine Nights in their related products.

Honestly, Left 4 Dead characters are pretty common, they don't have anything particular. Louis is just black with a white shirt, gray trousers and a red tie, which is quite a common outfit for a simple businessman.
However, Louis has long sleeve uni shirt, while this character has short sleeve pattern shirt. So if it's a cameo, it's not a perfect one.

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And related games are not even added.
Poor submission.

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I don't think Kojima is that much arrogant, he probably accepts each others ideas as long as they are good, but the studio isn't called "Kojima Productions" for nothing, he is the head of that entity and he created K-Prod in order to be independent and realize what he wants.

Are the other people just executors or do they work differently, such as brainstormings, roundtables, etc...? I don't know. But we can assume if people keep working in K-Prod it's because they like ...

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If the next Hitman game is a tie-in of the next Hitman movie, I'm not sure to want it (even though Hitman is one of my favorite series with Legacy of Kain and Metal Gear Solid).

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Even though I didn't like FFVIII much, all I can say is: It was a goddamn wait, "thanks" SCEE !

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Not Europe, sadly.

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Finally !

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Most people who use IE do it because they don't know about alternatives, just like for Windows. I have Firefox, Chrome, IE and Safari installed on my computer, yet I try to accustom my family to use Firefox and Chrome.

That's mostly why European Union scold Microsoft, because so far the only web browser installed on Windows systems was IE, so people used it without knowing there is a concurrence (and the concurrence is in many points better than IE).

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Wasn't the game supposed to be only called "Quantum"?

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