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J'ai pas testé le jeu moi-même donc je ne saurai dire s'ils ont tort ou raison, mais d'un autre côté j'ai plus confiance en Gamekult que (bien qu'au fond moi-même je proteste contre une note aussi basse compte tenu des efforts fait par Quantic Dream).

I haven't played the game by myself so I wont be able to say if they are right or wrong, but on another hand I trust more Gamekult than JeuxVideo (even though I tend to protest against such... #9.2
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According to their review, it's mostly because the game has been truncated compared to the first Mass Effect, being more a shooter than a RPG. #5.3
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btw, a translation of the Tweet:
"Sony France are in pretty good shape: they blacklisted Gamekult and made modify a score from (that gave a 15/20) for Heavy Rain. But the video game [industry] is mature, right? (via @poischich)"

And Poischich's (the editor who wrote the Heavy Rain review) Tweet:
"Sony will 'stand back' with Gamekult following the Heavy Rain review. Such a surprise..."

If you need any French translation, j... #9
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Gamekult gave Dragon Age Origins a 6/10 on consoles and pointed out many technical issues. #7.1
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For people not being much conscious of the situation, I'll sum up (I used to work for French biggest professional website).

Usually, publishers like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, THQ, etc... send review copies (or codes for downloadable games) of their games to professional websites so they can write their reviews upon it. For smallest publishers and games, websites must buy the games themselves if they want to review it.

But review copies are... #5
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It reminds me I still haven't played de Blob. I bought several games with my Wii (among Muramasa, Resident Evil 4, Okami, No More Heroes, MadWorld, Disaster Day of Crisis and some Mario games) but totally forgot about de Blob.

I'll certainly pick it up before de Blob 2 releases. #9
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Sounds promising, I'm still dubious about the episodic way, but so far excepted Sonic's legs animations, I'm conquered. #12
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With this announcement, Sega hold the faith of thousands of fans. It can be either a real comeback of the Sonic awesomeness, either another nail to the blue hedgehog's coffin. #11
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Alpha-Male: Unfortunately, I've translated the story description myself in order to avoid bulky Google translations, and even in French there is the contradiction Easy to handle <> Clumsy gameplay.

I think the reviewer meant that even though we can control easily the character,some interactions with the background become irritating, a bit like when you play a good platformer but when some passages are pretty much a pain in the ass due to a level-design misconception. #9.4
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I agree with Plastica-man, I worked for Jeuxvideo few months and the only way to describe them: A bunch of amateurs with pro resources. The site is the first video game site in France in terms of popularity but not in terms of quality.

I'd rather wait for Gamekult review. Even if GK give a 7/10 to Heavy Rain, at least I know their reviewers are trustable and they point real arguments in their reviews. is the equivalent of VGchartz, highly popular but not reliable. #2.10
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darthv72: Nope, the game releases in Europe in February 24~26. But I guess European reviewers received review copies and their embargo lifted. #1.5
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Somehow it reminded me a two years old case where a game plagiarized famous games (Thief, Oblivion, Diablo 2,...) and developers told they entirely created it before retracting. #4
Gaffyh: "I'm from UK, so obviously I don't really like Twisted Metal"
I don't get it, how your country can affect your appreciation of a game? (it's a real question, nothing ironic, sarcastic or rhetorical) #1.8
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Probably, but following the Internet uproar over Bayonetta portage, maybe Sega will learn from their mistakes and focus more on quality in the future. It's very naive, but still probable. #6.1
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I hope they will goodly handle the development on PS3, considering Sega's failure with Bayonetta on PS3. #3
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I tend to believe cell phone game market in Japan is pretty big, which would explain why Squeeznix spend so much on phone games. #3.1
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Next time I'd rather shut up when it comes to highlight hypocrisy, obviously N4G takes everything way too seriously to detect sarcasm u__u #3.7
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I've finished Muramasa in both stories, I'm trying to finish the Total Pandemonium (oh man what a spank) in order to get all swords, and a HD port would be really awesome. Too bad it doesn't seem to be on the way. #2
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Maybe they plan to release another iPad a year later with Flash compatibility and 16/9 screen for $100 more, just like they did with iPhone 3G and 3GS. #2.1
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Sure, just like I was lying when I predicted Heavy Rain release date months before it was announced.
Anyway, what I said in my first comment is true, and it's just a matter of investigation but nothing related to insiders. I was just being sarcastic at people's credibility when it comes to "sources".

My "sources"... #3.5
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