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For one time we have a proper quality leaked video, it's a fake one. How sad.
Just take a look at the very end of the video, the right side of the stuff is pretty much deformed. It's just an empty paper box.

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There is another glitch that made Oblivion quite easy, especially for speedruns.
Take a look at this:
And for Portal:

Not every item but around 90% of them. There was a patch (on consoles at least) to fix a way to duplicate items, but it didn't fix the second way. All you had to do is to have 2 scrolls, activate them, drop the item to duplicate (other scrolls for example) and take them, and continue over and over again.

Sometimes the glitch couldn't duplicate magic items and it cannot duplicate quest items either, but it certainly does help a lot as you can duplicate magic scrolls, healing potio...

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I don't think I would be able to play Oblivion without the duplicate glitch. In Fallout 3, it's quite easy to become rich and have many medi-packs, but in Oblivion, I don't count the number of time I duplicated potions, arrows and magic stuff (to sell them and have money).

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As long as their iTunes is not crappy like their SonicStage...

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Voozi: Fileplanet giveaway is US only, sadly.

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I hope there will be beta key giveaways, but not on Twitter. The time your refresh the page, all codes are gone.

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I only hope they totally change the gameplay and animation lag, it's the biggest plague since it became 3D (if we exclude Sub-Zero Mythologies mistake).

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From what I played of The Saboteur, just imagine The Godfather 2 in black and white with red nazis and you have a good idea of the game's context and weaknesses.

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I wonder if Europe will actually profit the beta as well, so far I've only seen US-only beta key giveaways. And the beta starts tomorrow...

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Absolutely, but only with one friend because him and I are great buddies and we love speaking each others. But for other contacts on my list, I probably wont.

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I held off a price cut and a black version of the Wii in order to have enough good games in stock. I'm conscious Sony and Microsoft will announce their launch titles for motion control at next E3, but that doesn't guaranty good games. And if I buy a Wii, it's not for motion controls but for games.

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If it's true that's awesome. I'm going to buy a Wii this week-end and one of my first game will be No More Heroes. It will be a great way to wait the PS3 / 360 version.

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"Battlefield Bad Company 2 beta is available to users in
North America only."

*sigh* :(

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Grim Fandango is one of my favorite games ever. Whoever is looking for an adventure game should get this one, it's an incredible experience (and the dubbing is absolutely gorgeous).

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Thanks for your informations, bubble as a reward.

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Damn, my only wanted feature was the one and I don't have it (I live in France).

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All I'm looking for are wireless headphones that can provide a 5.1 or 7.1 sound (for TV, not computer).But so far, all I could gather are "you know it's kinda pricey" comments or "it must exists but I don't know how to get some".

My room setup cannot welcome a home cinema, I can't spend money on loudspeaker enclosures, so 5.1 headphones are the only way to enjoy movie and video game sound systems.

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Honestly, God of War belongs to the kind of game that absolutely doesn't need multiplayer, as much online as offline. For a racing game, of course, you have competitors so you can play with friends. But Krate?
He is a lonely man, he kills everything on sight, each of his attack covers 3/4 of the screen and all we want after killing all the enemies is to have even more enemies.

Take a look at Resident Evil 5. Everyone praised the game because of "its awesome coop"....

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I second that mention, I remember Ubi saying they would fix it until the game release, but they were playing a retail copy.

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