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On the japanese PSstore there is Angel Senki Online, in 2005 was announced Endless Saga due to release in 2007, NCsoft was supposed to work on MMORPGs as well but if I remember correctly it has been canned, Aion was also rumored to release on PS3...

It is hard to know as many were announced several years ago and never came back on the scene, but so far only Free Realms and Angel Senki (and Uncharted Waters Online I believe) are released, at least in Japan. Otherwise, everything e...

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Ok, I'll work on this anytime soon, then.

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Actually, the question should be: what kind of cable do you use. I have a 40" screen, and when I bought my Wii, image was dirty, blurry and noisy. I bought a YUV cable and now in 480p the image is clean (and aliasing ubiquitous). But I really wish Nintendo is considering a Wii HD.

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I bought this week a limited edition statue of Sonic. Following your logic, I must submit an article on N4G because this is video game related. Do you see what I mean? Not every game-related article have to be submitted to N4G, only the ones that are newsworthy.

And pics of someone that disguise himself or herself into a video game character cannot be considered as newsworthy, especially when we know that hundreds of thousands people practice cosplay. We don't need an article for...

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It's not the case of approvers either, I guess.

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I loved Skullmonkeys on PSone, one of my favorite games. I wish Sony release it on PSstore, it was so much fun.

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Here is one of the flaw of N4G. A crappy article managed to get approved disregard 18 reports.

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Thanks. I'm not conscious my blog is well written or not as I'm not a native english-speaker, so if there are hideous mistakes in my articles, please apologize me. I may not be able to detect them.

Edit: I actually made a mistake, 8 MS points =/= 1$, 80 MS points = 1$ (but I can't fix it anymore).

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Thanks to you for your comment (and sorry for being 2 days late) :)
About the infrared, I don't know, it's probably a matter of cost, old generation NVGs are certainly cheaper to develop than new generation ones. But I also believe it's a matter of law.

For example I know Night Vision Goggles are forbidden for civilian use, here in France. But the game released flawlessly, and no aftereffect started (so far). I asked to Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling if there was any legal ...

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It depends of the game and the region, but the most times, the difference is in the languages available in the game. Some japanese games may have only japanese language, voice and subtitles, some other games may have japanese and english language, other games may be international versions, with japanese, english, spanish, french, deutsch, italian languages.

In rare cases, games are censored in a region and not in another. For example Left 4 Dead 2 in Australia is censored while i...

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Because Fight Night Round 4 is also available on Xbox 360, and I needed to add the Xbox 360 channel in order to add Fight Night Round 4 in related games.

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@dorron: I'll receive my copy in the next few days, so I'll tell you if you want to know. But apparently it's only in English (well, it's not like if God of War had much text...).

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According to what I've seen, the PC version what good, but the 360 version was awful, just like Dark Messiah. I just hope they wont do the same mistakes with Two World II (and I hope they will change the title of the game).

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Already done for me, It's been a while I don't trust SCEE anymore. Knowing them, I predict they will release GoW Collection at the same time as GoW 3, just like they done with Street Fighter, releasing Street Fighter II HD Remix at the release date of Street Fighter IV.

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You shouldn't trust merchant website too much, especially when they are as general as Amazon. Many rumors started with a game listing or a release date in a merchant website, and many rumors died in the same way.

According to, Left 4 Dead is coming soon on PS3 (while we all know Valve's opinion of PS3), Metal Gear Solid Rising is for a 360 exclusive, Alan Wake has been canceled on PC but is still available to preorder on PC and 360, etc...


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Hum yeah, I am that guy :D
(It was a simple coincidence but, well...)

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Apparently available only on PS3:

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Finally ! Quantic Dream destroyed the virtual taboo, gimme some naked guys :3

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It depends of the content. I wont pay premium avatars or premium gamercard background, just like I don't pay for gamerpics on Xbox 360. Neither for premium themes and even less a Playstation Home subscription.

The online play will remain free but if you will have to pay for it, I will but like with Live, I only will because I'm forced to do so. If it's for a European Qore, I will subscribe within seconds, and if they make pay-to-play cross-game chat, I will eventually pay if my f...

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Talking about handcuffs, there's also that glitch from Scribblenauts:

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