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Hitman 3? Don't you mean Hitman 5? (Codename 47, Silent Assassin, Contracts, Blood Money are the previous ones)
But it appears that Io is indeed working on it (which is an awesome news btw).

TimeSplitters 4. I enjoyed so much the previous ones, I was really euphoric when was announced TS4, but Free Radical closed and has been bought by Crytek, and now no one knows what is the future of TimeSplitters :(

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I remember having read all the background stories in MGS2, including the very long but fascinating story of [SPOILER] that kind of journalist that decides to go to Shadow Moses disguised as a giant tuna [/SPOILER].

So It wont hurt to read a 320 pages book if it actually brings something new to the game or the overall story.

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As there is nothing about Europe, I'll import it, just like I did for Demon's Souls. Sad days for Europeans.

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That doesn't excuse the fact that Europe Lilo & Stitch or Peter Pan (is there a single person that would want such game anyway?) while USA has Resident Evil, Soul Reaver, etc... I bet SCEE are doing like with Street Fighter II HD, they're waiting for the release of FFXIII in order to release FFVIII. Marketing geniuses.

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Actually that category exists since 3.00 firmware update, but it certainly belongs to those premium PSN plans.

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Good news, there are too much games in early 2010, we need more delay initiatives.
Just imagine, Bayonetta, Darksiders, God of War III, Splinter Cell Conviction, Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5, Army of Two II, Dark Void, MAG, Bioshock 2, Dante's Inferno, Just Cause 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Alpha Protocol, Mass Effect 2, Metro 2033, Blur, Star Ocean, Alien Versus Predator, Red Dead Redemption,...

All that before June 2010. It's gonna hurt, so it's not a ...

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Lazarevic is one of the rare new enemies that I found really charismatic. Surely he's absolutely not original (a bald with a mark on half the face, we already saw that in the pitiful Devil May Cry 3 for example) but in the hand, when he rages and screams "DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!" ;, that was truly epic. Usually villains are too much self-confident and never show any other feeling than evil happiness, Lazarevic is evilly happy too, but he has a rage other villains don't.

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Don't be so sad. We had Little Mermaid, then last week Lilo & Stitch, and now Peter Pan... Maybe next week we will have Pepsi Man. Isn't that great?

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And how about the Chocobos for avatars? Wasn't we supposed to receive a code in early December?

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They made the game but it's Sega dev team that ported the 360 version to PS3, so technically the PS3 version letdown is mostly due to Sega.

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I wonder how it will be. I wouldn't mind an adventure action game with Sweettooth, he's not my favorite character (I prefer Preacher and Dollface) but it may be very interesting if the gameplay matches, as long as they keep the good old car massacre and the dark psycho background.

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Which probably means their source is reliable, as they do what they usually don't: starting rumors.

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So I'll never buy any upcoming Silent Hill. One of the best point of Silent Hill series was its musical atmosphere and Akira Yamaoka has something really unique, just like does Jesper Kyd with Hitman series. We can't do a Hitman without Jesper Kyd, neither a Silent Hill without Akira Yamaoka (especially considering the series quality decreased since The Room).

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Eamon: I'm more than sad, I'm depressive. I actually already did it with Silent Hill Homecoming and Dirt 2. I don't like ugly covers, that's all. This one is not ugly but it doesn't fit the Final Fantasy tradition.

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Nop, this time it's a real 5/10 and it deserves it. Myself I've played it ( ) and I strongly advise gamers to avoid it, it's a dirty bunch of crap.

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I'll print the japanese boxart, then, I don't want a Final Fantasy game with anything else than the logo in my game library. It's still better than the US version but I have been accustomed to the japanese way of presenting, I don't want a marketing innovation.

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Yep, I deliberately omitted several points in order to keep the same amount of good points for each camp and not favor a single one. But I could talk about built-in wifi on PS3, downloads without installation on Xbox 360, Wii's power consumption, USB universal compatibility on PS3, etc...

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I wonder how many of those 14-15 games are party games, or Raving Rabbids-related.

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