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Can't wait to play this! Totally pumped that this is getting the Online treatment! #1
Hellcat!!! #2
Chicks! Dig! Robots!!! #2.1
I hate how everything is made to be a franchise now and days. There something to be said for a self-contained experience with a finite story. I'm also quite sick of reboots (what have they done to you my precious Syndicate?) #1
True, but this is N4G and the article is from a gaming website. It make sense to concentrate on those aspects of his genius. #2.1
I don't even like sports games, but this review has me convinced I need to try it. If just for the all the old school b-ball action. #1
This game is either going to really, really suck or completely revitalize the music genre. Odds are stacked against it though. #1
If had any Minecraft skill or talent (time would be nice too) I would totally try to come up with something clever. #1
Hey! Deus Ex is an RPG...kind of... #1
Can't they just make a decent Star Trek game where I get to run around as Picard being all badass? #1
I approve of this list. #1
I agree. There's far too many zombies games out there. There's also too many military FPS titles and RPGs with Dragons. #1
Spoiler Alert: No robots that turn into animals! #1
Paragliding looks like fun. #1
Drool... #1
I bought the Carmine Must Die shirt. I hope it pays off. But at least I gave to charity, so it's a win/win either way. #1.2.1
Yeah. This is pretty friggin' hilarious. #3
But what I really wanna know is, what happens to Carmine? Please tell me I didn't buy my Carmine Must Die shirt for nothing! #1
The results are in. This game universally sucks. #1
A universal server would be incredible, especially if it let us play over varying consoles with folks. I doubt it will ever happen though. #1
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