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Just how shameless can someone be? Everything from that site Dualshockers is stolen from somewhere.When was the last time you posted something of your own.


Everything you see at Dualshockers is stolen from elsewhere or just fake


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very cool if done right

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God of war is a massive ip. It is like saying Microsoft shouldn't have another Halo. These big iterations will happen since people want them

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The game is 1080p native in multiplayer.It was never interlaced. It was always "interposed"

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Very impressive Last of US

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Holy man

Console war is over . Microsoft should be blamed since had they officially reduced Xbox One Hardware prices, it would have sold better

Sad ,since MS has the cash to absorb losses

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wow just pointed out that Infamous sold better than other game at launch and i have been marked as "trolling". I am just gonna post news and stop posting comments from now on. This is a "sales" discussion in a "sales" related article.

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FYI , Infamous SS sold more than twice the amount Titanfall sold on Xbox One at launch

just pointing out that the game sold well.

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Mortimer was right all along . The director came out and defended himself with bizarre stats which was pretty obvious. DC was supposed to be a ps4 launch title and millions have been spent on it already without any light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to release date.

Mortimer was 100% correct


SONY did reserve 500k ps4 for Japan . It is just the demand wasnt there because of the lack of big titles so they diverted the sh...

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FYI . these euro numbers are all fake

PS4 sold well over 100,000 units across europe for each of the weeks ending March 16/23

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mgs and infamous are really awesome games

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Infamous will sell a lot but FF14 and Daylight are also 2 next gen exclusives on PS4 that you should get. FF14 is very good. I tried the beta

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It Xbox One someone loses a large chunk of marketshare , then you could see Forza 5 on PC as Microsoft might put more efforts to bolster its PC division. On PC, it would obviously look very gorgeous thanks to much better specs

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I am very excited for Daylight

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There are over 2 million pre-orders for ps4 across the globe.There is no channel stuffing in any region . Besides US and perhaps UK, there won't even be a fight. Rather than being a fanboy and claiming to be "multi"console owner , look at the various charts and then talk

no one is forcing you to buy Titanfall. If you like the style of the game , buy it. If not, don't bother

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There was no channel stuffing. SONY sold 6 million ps4s by 2nd march 2014. What corporate BS? The console has been supply constraint except for the last 2 weeks. And as the other guy pointed out, they would reach 7 million by next week if not by this weekend. PS4 consoles are very hard to find by unlike Xbox One. Had SONY got an intention of channel stuffing , they would have shipped 10 million by now. The console still has over 2 million preorders globally

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excellent . After all this is an SP game and people want content for a 70 quid game. Nevertheless it is likely to sell a million copies at launch. We will bring you the numbers as soon as we get them

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wow very interesting .1920*1200

Nope the actual rez is 1920x1280 . Good find

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