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Makes no damn sense, the xbox division is profitable.

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I believe that this is due to publishers having a go at the console manufacturers about implementing a DRM scheme for used games. I base this on 2 reasons; EA discontinuing their online passes and the lack of 3rd party support for the Wii.

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Who said they couldn't, but that is all dependent on whether the damn fools at MS can get their marketing department; i.e. unless you are otherwise advised to don't say anything.

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Exactly, but there is quite a lot of speculation occurring as we are speaking.

Why would EA decide to discontinue their online-passes all of a sudden?

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Somewhat better than MS, but what about games like Last Guardian? E3 has generally been disappointing.

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A kids game featuring adults playing it, great strategy Sony.

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Seriously it's like as if they were bent forward from the start, lets just hope things work out.

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Isn't the information posted by Geo already avaiable for people to use and what will happen then?

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At the end of this day one entity is affected, the gamers. Why should my experience be hindered or affected by a group hackers wanting to prove their themselves and Sony going on a rampage against one person just to have hell break loose. This could have all been avoided, however I don't have a solution to the problem and Sony has the right to defend their IP. If you buy the console, it means that YOU are under a contract with Sony and nothing else.

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As long as Microsoft is selling Arcade 360, mandatory installs won't happen.

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It's developed by Ubisoft, how is it a MS copy?

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Physical buttons? Check.

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Although Tony Hawk makes money from this, you got to wonder whether he wouldn't mind changing his name or something?

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Just because people are excited for Natal, doesn't make them desperate. I like Natal myself, but that isn't to say that I'm completely blind to any flaws it has. While it's good that many gaming sites are saying it delivers, I will pass judgement until I have it sitting in my living room and not E3.

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Please make this compatible with music and movies.

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No it's rather "goodluck selling this at a pricetag of +$200".

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Trophies for wathcing porn? That's a reward itself.

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Vegetarian vampires? You tell me.

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Killzone 2? Uncharted 2 or maybe Fl0wer? No, those mofo's chose MW 2. Seriously I don't understand how they complain about there not being good games, when they choose MW2 over titles such as KZ2, Demon Souls and etc.

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His head is so far up Activision's ass he can't see nor hear anything. Seriously, when the game receives low scores across the board, you know it's crap.

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