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LoL...seriously, coming to these conclusions based on the ps3 demo is idiotic. No one has seen the 360 version, and so far, even though SE has a tight relation with MS, they ve only released buggy games while FFXIII on the PS3 runs like butter.

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xbox fanboys have nothing else to talk about but sales, since they have no game lineup, and yet only win in the US, naturaly.

Seriously, do you care that much about how much the companies sell? I rather play the games, never cared about the sales and never will as long as they deliver the games.

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In the US, another Halo game sells fast, what´s new there?

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Why is that 360 fanboys come here to troll?

This is about two PS3 EXCLUSIVE games, there is no 360 game here to even compete, so why bother talking crap here?

Back on subjec, we are forgeting that before GOWIII comes out Uncharted 2 will be out and take the graphics crown away from KZ2, so the battle will be between those two i think...of course along the way there will still be some gems like Heavy Rain, Ratchet and hopefully GT5.

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This is hilarious.

I am really curious to see how will SE cramp up the whole game onto the 360...considering only this demo part takes about 5BG of disk space, i cant stop wondering how will it fair for a 70hr game with sharp graphics and sound. Probably compression and more compression and some disk swaping.

Also, if there is an option to install the game onto the HDD to reduce loading times count me in.

How can some of you fanboys say intalls take 30 m...

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Music reminds me of KH, amazing.

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Prototype looks like crap and it seems to be targeting a younger audience.

Great seeing Sony actually, for once, pushing a game forward instead of delaying it.

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Kratos PWNS all.

But technicaly better doesnt mean it will have better graphics than Killzone, it might be overall superior but not necessarily better graphics.

Still it will own.

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Amazing faces and it´s running very smoothly.

Wonder how much space does the demo use, it looks very sharp.

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I have the game, but they wont get my money for this.

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Actually they never take any less than 50hrs.

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Dont believe people were expecting KZ2 like visuals on a MP only game for 256 players. Looks great for the type of game it is, and definitly better than L4D.

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Amazing. 256 players in huge maps, cnat wait to try it.

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Seriously, i ve never seen a game under such scrutinity as KZ2.

It´s getting way out of hand.

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Amazing engine, no comparison in urban areas.

Moving around and seeing the effects is awesome.

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Fans? What fans? Tekken fans are all PS users...

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If they can pull of Halo 3, that technical marvel(!), sure Bungie could also pull a KZ2 =p

Didnt you guys know? KZ2 was secretely developed by Bungie, they were the ones who build the engine for 3.5 years around the PS3 hardware, and it´s the best looking console game by far, they really did use the cell and the bluray, Kudos to Bungie and glad they can do the same on the 360.

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FFXIII for PS3 is like FFX for the PS2, at the time it was the best they could do, but in no way was the best the machine could do...after FFX we got FFXII and games like GOW. These were the ones that maximized the PS2. Same for PS1 (FFVII-VIII-IX)and the same for this gen.

The first FF that comes out looks outdated when the next one is out.

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It´s probably Kotaku's April Fools joke.

I wonder what are the other announced "hyped failures" though.

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