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Agreed but bitter sony fanboys dont' know. THey're still looking forward for GT234334 for PS4.

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Only on n4g.

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You'd think MS is that stupid to give you same experience on xb1 as 360? It's their own exclusive franchise you think they are like activision and give us something CrapOFDuty:Ghost experience on next gen which was few pixels better than last gen?

There are still ps2 owners out there for crying out loud and you guys want MS to stop supporting 360 crowd.

"Should those of us who spent their money on next-gen tech be relega...

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You're just bitter cuz you get your @ss beaten in TF. I remember few months back kiking your butt and you left the lobby afterwards.

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Really Last gen had it's time? There are in excess of 160Million users on last gen consoles only on 360 and PS3 not counting wii. Not everyone can afford or wants to just buy new console yet.

Also you dont seem to mind when sony said ps3 will have 10 year cycle or when ps2 games were still coming even till last few years.

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Have you seen PS3 and 360 games in just last 1 year? Games like GTA V, Bioshock infinity, ASSCreed etc have pushed these consoles to the limit. You coud'nt have these games in early life of these consoles. That's about 8 years in their lifecycle

So saying that XB1 / PS4 will reach potential in 2 years is wrong they would keep giving better and better games and experience throughout their lifecycles.

And the difference b/w current and last gen will s...

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So rest of the millions who have not jumped to new gen should be ditched like the first xbox owners? Jeez give it break let those others on last gen still have some new games. MS had mentioned that they'll continue to support 360 till 2015. I still have 2 360s and am enjoying the free titles on games for gold and also have plenty which i haven't finished.

On XB1 i only have Forza 5 and TF which i'm happy with. I'll prob get Ryse once it's down to acceptabl...

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So you'll be happy if MS should just ditch their millions of 360 owners of FH or even others who might be interested in picking it up?

Nothing MS does seems to impress you. I bet if they had announced FH2 exclusive to XB1 you'll be commenting how they ditched the 360 owners.

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And in 6 months will be outperformed by another model. I think it should be bundled with Crysis 4 so it could run the game at stable 50 fps at medium settings.

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one of the most retarded piece of article i've seen on n4g since 2006. Wasted my 15 secs of watching the clip and pressing teh back button.

I see the ponies are constantly bring down the standard of n4g.

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You have been nothing but sony fanboy from day one. Claiming you sold your 360. Typical lying sony fanboy. Below is one of your comments from 1000s of negative comments you posted for MS products. Jeez how low people can go just to show their love for some plastic.

"I want this on the PS3 because i don't have a 360. This is going to be good because I always struggle to find food in my house just because im too lazy and because i don't know...

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Agreed. WEll said. Our own fault. Bought 360 in dec 2005, broke down RROD in april 2006. Sent it for free fix bought another one during that period, which broke a year later. Both got fixed. One died in 2009 the other in 2011. Still have 2 more slim and MW2 edition and XB1 day one.

Not gonna get any new one during the 1st 6 months at least.

Been gaming since 80s as well mate ;)

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Yes, that's one fast action man, Phil. The way things are improving i see rising anxiety in the opposing camps. THey haven't had any good news, updates, games since the launch and MS is throwing punches left right and center.

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Agreed. Dropping price or offering 2 free kinect games would have made sense. It's same way again when they shipped 360 with and without HD initially.

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you're trembling cuz it's now better choice than ps4. Better games already out, better exclusives and taking into account modifications per users requests. Did you guys get cross game chat on ps3 despite crying from day one?

How many updates has ps4 had till now ?

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How about a f$#$%$N refund for us day one launch buyers? I paid $870 for this. GIVE us some games for free.

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I have an asus 278GH 3D 120hz monitor however i play it on my xb1 50" Panasonic Plasma so dont care about above 60 fps either. Also agree that the mechs should have more options of customization. It's not that there was limitation of the media that they couldn't provide additional textures. Hell just different skins per generation would have been good.

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call the waaaambulance.

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Been playing since launch on X1 and have noticed that spectres/gurnts are now becoming more pain in the @ss. earlier days they were just sitting ducks shooting randomly not even hitting me let alone kill. Now in recent days have been kicked to death or shot quite a few times.

I think their AI has been improved maybe cuz of "the cloud" like forza 5 AI cars.

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