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Anyone talking down on GAF is an idiot and probably got permanently banned in the past.

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Twitter strikes again

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Loosen up. No need to panic. A majority of those 360 sales were Kinect bundles me thinks.

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Grow a pair and take ownership of these bugs. No is bug free, true. You should have the ability to fix it though. This franchise has many money to host dedicate servers. No reason not too.

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I think most people don't play a handheld for more than 3 hours straight. However most people don't carry their charger with them at all times. Certainly dissappointing.

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249 with game pack in

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That screen is an HD concept screen, no? Not an official screen.

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Pointing fingers is just silly

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This is how it should be done! Nice job EA!

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Correct me if I'm wrong

GT5 had 400k+ in sales in 4 days. NFS is the cumulative sales across multiple platforms and releases earlier on 11/16.

These comparisons do not make sense!

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Finally! Just make it a good game!

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Well said sir. Well said. What people forget is that Kinect was a huge factor in 360 sales. Congrats to MS. I can guarantee that Sony execs have already met on December and 2011 plans. Enjoy your games. 2011 is heck of a year!!

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Big improvements ever since they implemente MLAA! I just might get back in tonight!

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HHG, I'll give credit where credit is due! Nice work in getting all parties to think about this level of fan service.

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I can sleep happy now!

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At least one more title. At most how many?

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Question for those that have played the PS3 version. Were framerates and tearing somewhat addressed in the retail code?

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Says the maker of DS games.

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As much as I hate the crouch in FPSs! I just love it when the person I'm shooting at crouches all the way onto his belly. Tactical, yes. When everyone does it, just becomes annoying.

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