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DarkRide, as usual your comment completely reflects my mentality. There are so many games to choose from for the Vita, that are playable on the very affordable PSTV, it's not even funny. I can't wait to pick one up just so I can play games like P4 Golden, Muramasa Rebirth, and Dragon's Crown on my 32" TV. For 100 dollars? Cripes, I might buy 2 of them. :) #3.1.2
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I still have my original Genesis and it still works as well as the day I opened it under the tree for Christmas. I still have all of my original games. I was kind of disappointed to not see Shining Force II on that list, but I suppose everyone has their own top 5 or ten or whatever count list. I've also got my original SEGA CD and 32X still affixed. I love my retro setup, haha. :) #9
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KnifeFight is right. I've been watching people for years. You can put a big sign right in front of peoples' faces, and people won't read it. They'll walk right by it without paying a single heed to it. He's also right about listening. People don't bother paying attention. I see it every day of every week of every month of every year. I guess most people just don't bother thinking anymore... #1.4.3
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Can we load up on Japanese developed games here in the west? #2
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I don't think it is such a big if. NIS is generally pretty good about bringing their titles overseas here. And considering that other "questionable" titles that have been released of late, such as Senran Kagura that have some ecchi moments in them, I don't think a western release is such a work of fiction. As both a Vita fan and an owner, I welcome these Japanese releases. This is purely a matter of personal opinion, but Sony calls the PS4 the new PSone. The PSOne was a bast... #8.1.1
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This is the kind of support that the Vita needs, AND it proves that there is still untouched Japanese talent that NEEDS to come west. Please localise this NIS, I'll pick it up from Amazon first day. Onegai?? #8
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Yakuza 5 onegai shimasu! #11
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I still have my original Saturn I got after finishing high school back in the late 90s, and all of the RPGs I got on it, from Panzer Dragoon Saga, to Magic Knight Rayearth, with Shining the Holy Ark and Shining Force 3. I even bought a backup system unused years ago just so I'd be able to keep playing after my first system finally dies. :) #7
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I don't follow anything from hollywood. Who is this broad and why should I care? Why should anyone care? #11
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I actually own a physical copy of Suikoden II, but I would love to have a digital copy so I can play it on my Vita. Hopefully, a new game is in the works. :) #1.1.7
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And there's nothing sensationalist about a 5% VAT. Thank God we don't have a VAT here in the US. (Yet...) #7.2
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SEGA, pleeeeease let Atlus localise the Yakuza games that never made it over. Pretty please?? #7
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It is a fair point, and fair enough. I too, agree that sites such as IGN tend to do things completely wrong. For one short example was Tenchu Z on Xbox 360. The author of the review stated flatly that he had never played the series before. He proceeded to give the game a 5 out of 10 or something to that effect. It was, in fact, conceivably one of the best games in the series. The game SHOULD have been given to someone who had at least played the bloody series before so he would have had some... #18
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I believe I shall be the first to respond. I for one, am 35 and have been playing JRPGs since the mid 1990s. I won't comment on your perceptions of the game, since in the end, a review is ultimately just someone's personal opinion of something. I am a late comer to the series, as I started with Persona 4 The Golden on the Vita. It instantly became one of my all time favourite RPGs, as I've since played it through at least 5 times. I then acquired Persona 3 FES and I enjoy it immen... #17.1
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Dang, I grew up through the 90s and Kevin Conroy will always be Batman for me, as well Mark Hamill as the Joker. To this day the animated series from the early 90s will always remain my favourite cartoon. #3
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Whilst I don't have a problem with the english voice casting (Scott Menville for Lloyd, and Cam Clarke for Kratos), I actually love having the option of having both choices. While they may not be recorded in English, I'm glad they are at least in Japanese. I still never would have pegged Fumihiko Tachiki for Kratos in Japanese. o_O
Such a polar opposite from Cam Clarke, haha. #1.1.1
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HAHA the game's getting Arale from the original Dragonball! I need to look at this more closely from now on, #2
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Sweet! More RPGs and love for my Vita. I'm loving it. :) #5
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Final Fantasy Tactics made me a fan of all of these men. I love Yoshida's artworks, I really dig everything Sakimoto, and Matsuno is a visionary when it comes to RPGs. I can't wait to get this game whence it's available. #5
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I've got more than 600 hours in on Skyrim and I also don't have all of the trophies. Shorter games? No thanks, make them long, and long live them, haha. :) #1.1.1
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