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And there's nothing sensationalist about a 5% VAT. Thank God we don't have a VAT here in the US. (Yet...) #7.2
SEGA, pleeeeease let Atlus localise the Yakuza games that never made it over. Pretty please?? #7
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It is a fair point, and fair enough. I too, agree that sites such as IGN tend to do things completely wrong. For one short example was Tenchu Z on Xbox 360. The author of the review stated flatly that he had never played the series before. He proceeded to give the game a 5 out of 10 or something to that effect. It was, in fact, conceivably one of the best games in the series. The game SHOULD have been given to someone who had at least played the bloody series before so he would have had some... #18
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I believe I shall be the first to respond. I for one, am 35 and have been playing JRPGs since the mid 1990s. I won't comment on your perceptions of the game, since in the end, a review is ultimately just someone's personal opinion of something. I am a late comer to the series, as I started with Persona 4 The Golden on the Vita. It instantly became one of my all time favourite RPGs, as I've since played it through at least 5 times. I then acquired Persona 3 FES and I enjoy it immen... #17.1
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Dang, I grew up through the 90s and Kevin Conroy will always be Batman for me, as well Mark Hamill as the Joker. To this day the animated series from the early 90s will always remain my favourite cartoon. #3
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Whilst I don't have a problem with the english voice casting (Scott Menville for Lloyd, and Cam Clarke for Kratos), I actually love having the option of having both choices. While they may not be recorded in English, I'm glad they are at least in Japanese. I still never would have pegged Fumihiko Tachiki for Kratos in Japanese. o_O
Such a polar opposite from Cam Clarke, haha. #1.1.1
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HAHA the game's getting Arale from the original Dragonball! I need to look at this more closely from now on, #2
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Sweet! More RPGs and love for my Vita. I'm loving it. :) #5
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Final Fantasy Tactics made me a fan of all of these men. I love Yoshida's artworks, I really dig everything Sakimoto, and Matsuno is a visionary when it comes to RPGs. I can't wait to get this game whence it's available. #5
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I've got more than 600 hours in on Skyrim and I also don't have all of the trophies. Shorter games? No thanks, make them long, and long live them, haha. :) #1.1.1
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Oh my God, I've been waiting for this, the first of the DLC for this game for 6 months. It's one of the best Vita games out, RPG-wise, and I'm glad I found this information. I just downloaded it to my Vita, and I can't wait to get into it! #4
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I would LOVE to see HD remakes of the Champions games. They're two of my alltime favourite games from last generation. Please make it happen SOE... #3.4
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Yep, I was seriously looking forward to ESO for a long time, and was anticipating a monthly fee not unlike World of Warcraft, which is stupidly popular (albeit I don't know how much so now). It has or had, I'm not so in the know about such things, a 5 dollar per month fee. Whence I heard that ESO's fee was 3 times that, my reaction was, "F**k that". I support Bethesda in many ways, but with my monthly bills to pay, that's unaffordable and just plain ludicrous. Sorry... #3.3
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Whilst, I have no problems with open world games like Skrim and the like (I'm no fan of FPS games), I am quite happy to see people creating new games in the style of olde. Now that I've discovered Piers Solar, I WILL be buying one of the next production runs. I have a Genesis connected to my SEGA CD, and I'll be loving the game with the SEGA CD enhanced soundtrack. Thanks WaterMelon and company! #2
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I do remember reading somewhere on the web back in the late 90s that Aerith was, in fact supposed to be resurrected. But because demand for the game, at the time, was so great, that Squaresoft rushed development of the game to meet consumer demand and tied off that part of the game. I guess most people didn't realise that she was supposed to be brought back to life. It's too bad we'll never see the game end the way the developers had originally intended. :) #8
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I've said it before, and I shall continue to say it again, if SEGA's Yakuza studio is backed up with current projects, I see no reason why Atlus couldn't localise unreleased Yakuza titles over here, like Yakuza 5. Personally, that would be a huge thing for me, and I do indeed believe that others would agree with me. :) #7
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Whilst I have no current plans for a PS4 (no games I'm really interested in yet), I've also had my Vita from day one. With amasing RPGs like Persona 4 The Golden and other upcoming ones, I can't put the damned thing down. It's equally awesome that I can play PSP games like P3P and some truly grand RPGs from the original PlayStation. #4
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I know that SEGA's Yakuza development house is understaffed for localisation of Yakuza 5, maybe Atlus could help localise it? When SEGA acquired Atlus, that was the first thought that entered my head. #14
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I definitely plan on getting this game. Sony calls the PS4 the new PSOne, and whilst that's all fine and dandy, I still don't see any meaningful RPGs (Japanese or otherwise) coming on the horizon. I don't care for Diablo 3 (I tried it on my PC), and until SEGA announces Yakuza Issin for a western release, I have no plans for a PS4 any time soon. It's looking to me that my Vita will be the new PSOne, at least as far as RPGs go. With absolutely fabulous games like Persona 4 The... #1.4
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Not only is it exclusive, but the text at the end of the video was in English, which leads me to believe that this will, most likely, will see a release in the west. Fingers crossed, and all that. :) #1.3.4
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