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Good man. I've been eyeballing it for a little while, as I haven't had much money lately. But since Sony knocked about 10 dollars off thanks to the Golden Week sale, I finally bit, and I'm glad I did. Bluepoint works magic with whatever they touch, and I'm never disappointed with their work. Thanks for the sale, Sony, you've made my Golden Week, haha.

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I really need to finish rebuilding my PC. Skyrim is my alltime favourite game and I love using Serana and the double human follower glitch. I always use Serana and Eola, and couple the two of them with two undead boss level Master Necromancers, it's a death squad I have following me. With my rebuilt PC, I really need to look into the mod community, especially The Forgotten City. I love everything Dwemer.

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Oh capital! As a massive fan of tri-Ace RPGs I will be happy to add this to my Vita collection. If I enjoy the Vita release a lot, I'll be sure to make a point of getting the PS4 version too.

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In my own opinion, I believe it's worth the 5 dollars. Cripes, what else could I spend 5 dollars on? A lousy cup of coffee from Starbucks? A cat toy from Pet Smart? A microfibre cloth to clean my phone? Or I could have an addon for a game I thoroughly enjoy for 5 dollars that gives me even more to do in an already large game. I love having level 130 deathclaws patrolling my settlements. It gives me a bit of peace of mind knowing I don't need to immediately fast travel to whatever sett...

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I just built Ada into a Mr. Handy/Assaultron hybrid with the Assaultron laser in the helmet, a cryojet weapon and for now, just a boosted Assaultron left arm. It's also awesome that you don't have to rearm your robots with ammunition like you have to with your human companions. Pretty neat, as well as the couple of new locales to check out.

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Don't forget that included with the cross buy support, somewhere in the game, is the full and playable version of Maniac Mansion. Another wonderous value.

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There is an issue with the robots attacking Ada at the very beginning of the quest DLC when first beginning on PS4. I can't comment on the PC version or Xbox One.

If you start at Wattz Electronics and you don't already have the quest active, and you listen to the radio broadcast AT Wattz, when you go to investigate the caravan, it won't be there and the attacking robots will not load. To solve this, painful though it might be, is reload your last game save BEFOR...

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Did I read somewhere that this will include Maniac Mansion as well?
I'm looking forward to this mostly but I still do love the prequel as well.


Nevermind, I answered my own question by actually reading the article. Duh... haha.

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I suppose no one here remembers Shadow of Rome for PS2. Not only was it a violent and bloody game, it actually encouraged it as you are a gladiator in said setting and you are supposed to make flashy and gory massacres of your in arena enemies. Pretty inventive kills too. Great game. Surprisingly from Capcom as well.

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Ugh, such a pathetic 'organisation', the UN. I cannot, in good conscience, call it 'pressure'. Since the UN is utterly incapable of getting anything realistic accomplished, let's call it what it really is; bureaucratic finger wagging. Leave Japan and it's creative freedoms alone. It's a unique culture that doesn't need to conform to your pathetic, groupthink, socialist agenda.

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I don't buy a lot of NIS games, but this looks really interesting. I look forward to more games on my Vita.

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The attention to detail and animation are fabulous (I've been waiting for a video of Fiore...). This is one of the RPGs coming I'm truly waiting for. Thanks tri-Ace!

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A good many of these I did know, as I've been a lifelong PS gamer (since the original PlayStation console came out), but I truly did not know about the PS2 towers. That's pretty neat.

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The reason Capcom only released this in Europe and Japan was due to SCEA's (at the time) rules for re-releases. They wouldn't issue a licence to Capcom for Breath of Fire III on PSP in North America because Sony didn't feel that the game had enough 'new' content. There's the ad hoc fishing mode, and maybe a couple of other little things thrown in, but it was essentially the vanilla game in it's originality, just with the screen cropped for widescreen. Maybe Sony ch...

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Agreed Elwenil. I've learned the hard way that the wasteland is not a friendly place, and things can leap out and kill you at the drop of a hat if you're not careful. That said, I've taken sneaking and stealth very seriously. I'll speak about one set of X-01 power armour for a case in point. You're up against an Assaultron and a Sentry Bot. Sounds hard, yes? Not with proper stealth and perks. Travel at night, and clear dungeons and buildings at night as well so it's al...

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Maybe they could have BluePoint Games work on a Skyrim Remaster. They do capital work on everything I've seen them touch. From the Metal Gear Solid Remasters to which they improved upon just about everything performance-wise from the PS2 including anti-aliasing, 1080p resolution and running at 60FPS, to their masterful work on the Ratchet and Clank HD Trilogy on PS3, again improving visual performance to the point of the games looking almost like they were made for PS3. With their great w...

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To be perfectly honest, I don't really think of E3 as being really all that relevant anymore. With all of these other gaming conventions that go on around the world, many of which are open to the public, where E3 is not. Back in it's inception, I think it was the early 90s, it was THE place to get information about the industry from all of the major hardware and software developers alike. Nowadays, with the massive spread of internet, gaming, and any other kind of electronically distr...

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I can safely say, I've never seen Yakuza looking cleaner. A lot of people will undoubtedly say that the graphics are rubbish, blah blah, blah. This series was never about pushing graphical boundaries. It was about the wonderous storytelling and fabulous character development. Please bring it SEGA and Sony, for all of us eternally hungry Yakuza fans?

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I would have to second that motion, indeed. I absolutely adored FFXII on the PS2 and I truly hope that the remaster isn't too far off. This is a completely personal opinion, it was quite literally the last Final Fantasy game that I truly enjoyed. I never really cared for FFX for a host of reasons, and never tried FFX-2 as I didn't care for the prequel. I never tried FFXI as I don't care for online games. I didn't care for XIII and as such, I never bothered with it's sequel...

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I bought a used GG a few years ago and it works well. Most people don't know but there's a capital Shining Force game on it. I spent many a Saturday on my back on the couch playing that for hours on end. Good times, indeed.

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