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Just preordered this on Amazon. One of the great games I'm anticipating next year along with Yakuza Zero. Majima Everywhere!

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Such a great game. I spent so many hours battling my buddy as we drank many a beer. Personally, I wish they would've left in the original Japanese voices and I thoroughly loathe the Funimation voice dub, but aside from that one gripe, that'd be about it.

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Damn straight. Just from watching that video, I'm loving Angel and her Kansai accent. Not to mention the puff puff she seems to do to her opponents, haha. I'm not even a huge fighting game fan, but I like what I'm seeing. I'll be picking this up. Screw the SJW losers in mummy's basement, hating everything from their dungeon-like setting. The less the world kowtows to these losers, the better off the world will be.

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I would still be interested in buying something like this so I could hook it up in my daughter's room, but the lack of expandability just puts it a little out of my desire zone. I like the idea and I'm sure Nintendo will bring in lots of money with it. It just won't be mine. As for having an original NES, it's true I do, but it's only one system that interfaces with one TV. I'd like to have something like this somewhere else in the house so more than one person at a ti...

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My wife told me about this last week. I was hoping this box would be able to interface with the virtual console and be able to download games from it, NES games that is, not SNES. But since learning that it's a standalone box that won't see any expanded abilities I decided I won't buy it. Just a personal decision, considering I have an NES console already and I already have a lot of the games that will come on this. No point in spending money unnecessarily.

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Last I checked, and I verified this myself, a working emulator does exist, but only plays the physical discs. I believe it was SSF that actually does work, and I played Shining the Holy Ark with it. Mind you, it requires a relatively beefy PC in order to play due to the Saturn's insane architecture.

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Yep. To be perfectly honest dating back to the original PlayStation, no Star Ocean I've played (all of them except the original on Super Famicom), has ever garnered more than average reviews across the board. Some scores lower, some scores higher. This one seems to follow that trend. Most reviewers seem to tend to compare this and others in the series against their more contemporary betters which makes them often score less than great. But, as you said, look past it's flaws and a grea...

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Wow, a somewhat positive review that actually sounds fair. I'm impressed. I've been thoroughly enjoying this game since I got it a couple of days ago. Great polish and presentation, I like the characters, the sounds and music are lovely. I did have the odd hiccup with the camera, but not as much as the author apparently had encountered. Don't let these points detract you from what otherwise is a good RPG that seems to harken back to classic style games, almost. Good game, and I en...

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Agreed 100%. I remember doing high school homework and listening to this game's soundtrack in the background. Whilst a lot of guys were listening to dance music and the like, I was listening to this. Capital flashback, haha.

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Easily the best in the series. I spent SOO much time playing this game on my original PlayStation it's not even funny. To this day I don't think I've spent anywhere near as much time playing a single fighting game.

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Agreed, a lot of western reviewers look down upon JRPGs and review them based on that bias. Some, however actually do enjoy them, like this reviewer. Nice to see some fresh faced honesty.

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Let's all thank dear Leader for this game!

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Yeah really. A review from Gamespot? Will anyone take that seriously?

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@ BattleAxe
Thank you for being so clear. As a Canadian living in the US, I agree with pretty much everything you said. I will say that Canada does have an indirect political union with the UK in that Canada, like Australia, is a Commonwealth country with strong British roots. Heck, even the parliamentary style governmment mirrors that of the UK to a large degree, And yes, a weaker, less inflated pound would make things in the UK a lot less expensive. My American wife and I would lik...

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Why not just do what I did to get Skyrim Legendary Edition for the PC? Just go on eBay and buy a legitimate copy with a perfectly legal code for about 20-25 dollars, and avoid Steam's over-inflated prices?

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The stupid thing is that Namco was working on a North American version of the PS3 game a few years ago, but for some reason seemingly abandoned it. I'm hoping against hope maybe they'll remaster it and release it for PS4. Fingers crossed, but a dream I do not think will get realised.

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This stinks. I was genuinely interested in the first game, but I'm not paying hard cash for half a product. We know what the game will contain already, we're fans of the genre, we don't need it censored. Now they're doing it again? I suppose I won't be getting this one either.

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I just bought my laptop that unfortunately came with Windows 10. I wanted to play Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim on it with a smattering of emulation thrown into the mix. With both Morrowind and Oblivion, all it would do is load a black screen and not do anything. With KEGA Fusion, I couldn't use my graphics filters as Windows 10 refused to display them. When trying to use ZSNES9x, it wouldn't play sound. Various other problems I encountered with Windows 10, almost all of which stemm...

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OK, I tried to read this article just out of curiosity. Is it just me or does the author seem to have aphasia?
The name of the site is gamingandpotheads. I suppose I have my answer...

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I wanted to get a season pass back in February but I didn't have the money at the time. Now this comment will sound resolutely discordant with modern gamers' opinions but I'm actually glad I didn't get it. With Bethesda now being my favourite developer/publisher (henceforth known as a devlisher for stealing my life, haha) since Oblivion, and my continuing love affair with Skyrim after over 5000 hours, and my adoration of Fallout 4, I'm more than happy to give them a few mo...

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