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I suppose I was lucky. I happened across a Legendary Super Mutant Overlord who had a legendary Gauss Rifle that has infinite ammunition. I haven't actively sought one out yet, but I'm loving the limitless ammunition. Now if I could just chance across a plasma rifle with limitless ammunition... #8
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Not in British English, it isn't. Sceptic is the way it's spelled over there. #2.1
HAHA that was one of the funniest things I've read all day, and kudos for it. I deeply wish tri-Ace would release her name at least, but agreed, she will have a permanent place in my party. Not only is the the most attractive character, she's also in high heels. Me likey, haha. #1.3
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I don't care if it's digital only in North America. The game is only 30 dollars which isn't bad considering they (Sony) doesn't need to print discs, case labels, or anything that goes along with a retail version, it cuts costs. That said, I do not agree with the decision to be digital only in North America, but that's why I'm glad Sony consoles have been region free since the PSP. The North American version of Okami HD was also digital only so I just did with Okami HD... #1.3
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It's about time that someone made a theme truly worth downloading. Every week I look at the PS Store on my PS4 and come away disappointed with the meagre offerings. For the longest time, I was using the Shadow Warrior Mission theme, but I saw this and immediately switched it out. I LOVE that it changes with the time of day. I wish more developers put this much thought into designing a theme and avatars. #11
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I'm one of the biggest Skyrim fans you'll find, and I have both the PS3 and 360 versions. I don't have an opinion which version is better, all I can talk about is what I've personally observed having played through both versions. I logged probably about 4-500 hours on my 360 version, and well over 3000 total hours on my PS3. In that (short, haha) 500 hours, I encountered more glitches and loading issues on my 360 version than I've had in all of my time on the PS3. My commo... #2.1.6
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Have a bubble. I've loved XSEED since the days of the PS2 when they released things like the last Wild ARMs I believe was developed, Wild ARMs 5. On that system and indeed the original PS, that was one of my favourite series. I'm also ecstatic that they love the Vita, as it certainly has no shortage of Japanese games being released on it. Please hurry and bring out Trails in the Sky! Onegai shimasu ne? #3
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Nope. I'm interested in the game itself, not some overpriced gimmick. #1.1.1
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While I see no one has commented here, I suppose I might be the first and only, not that I'm trying to rush here by any means. As weird as this game looks, I still love games like this from Japan for what they are. They're weird and kooky as is largely typical from a game over there of this type. I would happily buy this either on Vita or PS4 or even both if it was worth it, provided that whatever publisher they eventually manage to find to bring it west doesn't censor it. I was i... #1
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I must confess I did not. I rarely ever watch American films anymore, and I never go to theatres. But I will be happy to give it a look on disc. Thank you for the recommendation. :) #2.2.2
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Oh my sweet Lord! I LOVE this guy! I can't even name how many movies I've seen him in, but my fave would have to be Battle Royale. I sincerely hope with all my heart that SEGA and Sony will localise this awesome game! #2.2
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You should conduct a bit of research first, considering Odin Sphere came out about 8-9 years ago, and Dragon's Crown came out maybe 3 or so years ago. Yes, the games look similar, but even despite that, VanillaWare's animation is pretty the best in the industry with every game they make. I have the original PS2 version of Odin Sphere and I loved it then. I will be more than happy to buy the Vita and PS4 versions. With any luck they'll have some kind of cross save that you can tran... #1.2
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Maybe it's just me, but I would prefer a remaster of the second Star Ocean game straight from the PSone. I got the PSP redux and to be honest, I didn't really care for it so much. I miss the original voice acting which S-E forces us to have in English and the acting in the remaster on PSP was kind of flat if I'm perfectly honest. Come on S-E, please just redo the original PS version. #12
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RPGs tend to be well over 40 hours and the developers cannot spend a boatload of time on worrying over what every little blade of grass looks like. As well they're not like western game developers who are often more concerned with graphical prowess than gameplay. #4
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Haha yes! I count myself as an Akiyama lover as well. I love his laid back character, and I love even more that he's voiced by Yamadera Kouichi, the same guy who voiced Hibiki Ryouga in Ranma 1/2 back in the 90s. #1.1.1
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What would inspire Sony to fund more Yakuza games coming to the west is lots of preorders for Yakuza 5. I already have mine on preorder for whenever they decide to release it on PSN later this year, and I never preorder games. I decided to do my part to help Sony make the good decision to bring more Yakuza games here. If they could bring this remake over here I would be beyond ecstatic. #3.1
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Oh my word, I would love it if Sony's Third Party publishing division could bring this over. To this day I've never been able to get through the original Yakuza because of the horrendous voice acting, it irks me that much. Please bring this over, Sony and SEGA! Onegai?? #4
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Whilst I agree with most of the things on that list, there are a few achievements that they didn't list, that really no other console accomplished. I shall list but a couple.

1. The original PS console was the first console that used an optical disc format that really brought the format (CD) to the forefront and mainstream. There were other consoles that used CDs, but none of them were anywhere close to being as popular as the original PS. SEGA CD, 3DO, Atari Jaguar CD t... #6
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I thought this game looked good on the Vita's wonderful OLED screen, this just makes it even more impressive in 1080p. And good on Sony for using BluePoint Games to do the Remaster. I was first impressed by the quality of their work on the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS3. May they keep doing good things! #3
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I shall be getting the Vita version to be sure, but I'm also planning on the PS4 version. Stunning VanillaWare animation in 1080p? Yes please, haha. #5
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