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Last good game was Assassin's Creed IV. Last good story was Revelations. Hope they find their footing back for the next game!

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What hate? I merely commented on one pic that I didn't think it looked much different than the current PS4 quality, and got slayed by a hundred people!

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It's going to be great!

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Could someone tell me what the features of PS4 Neo will be?

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Well considering he's traveling with his son I doubt he'll have time to take a break and engage in anything with any women. I think it's great, I feel the story will be a really powerful one!

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Uncharted 2 will always be the top for me, not just for Naughty Dog games but all time!

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That's not so good considering the series' usual numbers are 10 million per game. But I'm expecting Gran Turismo 7 to make a huge impact!

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I love the change of style that they've introduced both in gameplay and especially in story!

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Back in 2009 there used to be articles claiming Sony was on its last legs. And they're still here!

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It feels like yesterday when the PS4 was announced!

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Police - Gotta catch em all of the prisoners!

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It would be news if it wasn't the top selling console!

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I've been here for 7 years. Still never won anything!

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Not could. Should!

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It's only impressive if you consider the character models when they're not delivering emotion. Once they try to do that it's really uneven, especially when they're being angry. As for physical movements, these are clunky as well, not even a handshake looks realistic. The realism factor for me was delivered through the soundtrack and story.

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Chris Pratt!

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I'd say best was e3 2013!

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I remember last gen Microsoft were very aggressively going after Sony according to sales performance. Looks like they're trying to retcon it now!

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For once I'm really excited for the story element in God of War. This version of Kratos has a lot of promise!

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This is one of my must-get-games as of now!

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