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Every game is out a week before in the Middle East. This is nothing new!

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Anyone else wonder whatever happened to the game Agent?

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As far as sales are concerned, there's nothing Xbox can do to overtake the PS4 now. Like last gen when 360 and PS3 outsold Wii for more years yet still never caught up with it in overall sales. The gap is too wide between Xbox One and PS4!

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Is this article from 2009?

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For all the PS3-Xbox 360 fanatics of last gen, the 86m-85m should provide closure!

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I want it to beat the PS2!

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Yes Duke Nukem should have scored that much. When you have fans waiting that long you should aim for the highest possible mark. I wanted the Last Guardian to have 90+!

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You people are so defensive and negative. Did I say the game was a failure? And where did I imply I was an Xbox fan? Just go through my comment history and you'll see I've only ever owned PS consoles. 83 isn't a bad score but you see articles everywhere about how these to games didn't live up the hype, that's what I was commenting on. After a decade a 90+ score should be the limit!

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Both FFXV and TLG suffered from a decade's hype!

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Absolute crap decision. Uncharted 4 was the deserved winner!

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I never get the bragging about 'gathering dust'. In my opinion it only shows the person is a moron who wasted his money!

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Now that's what I'm talking about!

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As it should be. No game comes close to Uncharted 4 this year. I hope it sweeps everything!

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Well they finally did it! Here's hoping...

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I haven't been interested in buying a PS4 thus far after having every other PS consoles. I got a Wii before but sold it after 2 months. The Switch does have me interested but it's ultimately abut the games. After Uncharted 4, Tekken 7, God of War I'm interested in a PS4. So lets see when I'll be interested in a Switch!

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The Wii U wasn't a good idea to begin with. The Switch in the hand is something I'm excited about!

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When the game was first announced the PS3 hadn't even been released, by the time of its release the PS4 has been around for 3 years!

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Call me crazy, but I like it!

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I'd rather it be a new game. Like Agent which we never got!

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No need to hype it up more than it should be. Now all the Xbox fans are slandering the PS fans, and then when the PS4 will outsell the Xbox One later the reverse will happen!

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