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Too bad this game was never released for the PlayStation. I would have liked to have played it!

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I'm most excited for the fact that they're focusing on the story and that the gameplay reflects that!

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Day 1 buy!

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I'm looking to get a RE4 remaster for the PS4 myself!

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PS2 was something completely unique in that I don't think we'll see that type of generation again. It completely outsold everything else and was for all intents and purposes the only console up for sale!

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He's not part of the main story in this one it seems. And he's been left out of all promotional material as well!

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Can't believe they demoted Jin. He's my favorite character!

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Good for them. Xbox has had a reputation for being inferior to PS performance wise. Nice that they're trying to amend that!

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When you make a well received game you're bound to have great sales!

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Microsoft tried to play dirty by nabbing Sony's exclusives in the 7th generation. But Sony relied on its first and second parties to deliver exclusives on their own. Now look where they are. So yes Exclusives do matter!

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I didn't mind Nathan losing to Nadine alone but when both Sam and Nathan had their asses absolutely handed to them at the same time it got annoying. Plus Nadine never got her comeuppance at the end and I didn't like her character so I want Chloe to beat her up!

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I hope Chloe kicks Nadine's ass. It pissed me off how easily Nadine beat Nathan and Sam!

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Thoroughly deserved, simply amazing game!

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A few years ago we had the same article only it was the PS4 instead of the PS5. This article means nothing!

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The PS4 is pretty much the only console selling at the moment!

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This isn't even a news article. Try harder next time you log into this fake account of yours

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Holy fake accounts Batman, pretty sad I'd say

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I wasn't going to respond because I don't believe in feeding trolls but this guy's needless freak out is hilarious. I especially love how he goes blah blah about everything!

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I miss the prequels like in the GTA III series. They've really slowed down the release of GTA games. At least they're still of high quality!

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I got the RE7 demo and absolutely loved it. Will be getting the full game too!

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