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I still suck.... :)

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But 2008 is the year of the ps3..... :/ Let me guess it did not work out how it planned so 2009 will be the year of the ps3.Or im i gonna start seeing the same old u just wait comments....

U had only 1system seller and that was mgs4.All ur other exlusive did not move sh1t.I tought socomo was gonna bring ps2 owners to the ps3,look at how the game turned out.The sooner u admit the ps3 will finish last this gen the better.

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BU BU BU BU LBP is a system seller and it will move consoles....oh pls.... GTFO....


New mario my a$$,the youtube of gaming......... :/ "FACEPALM"

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BU BU BU BUT LBP is a system seller....!! fan boys got owned this year.the only system seller it had was mgs4.And U said that resistance was a launch title thats y it did not do as well as gears1.Well resistance2 was not a launch title and look at the sells compared to gears2 and look at how many consoles it sold compared to what the 360 sold....and look at the reviews compared to gears2(pls dont give me that bs about websites are bias to the ps3,people have dif...

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BUT 2008 IS THE YEAR OF THE PS3.........

OH PLS GTFO........ :/

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Sack boy doll sky rockets.!!!... BUT

LBP game sales are still very poor :'(

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Its over hyped.

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Go back to ur threesome with pp and giant enemy crab....... XD

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U over HYPED me.... MOuhahahahahah XD

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I suck......



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Yes i admit..i FLOP in SALES....

I can never be the new mario.......... :'(

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BU BU BU BU BU The cell is not strong.... STFU....... XD
This game will OWN........

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I hate RPG... :/

Give me the FPS game of the year...

Killzoe2 beta came out this year so i would say KILLZONE2 wins ;-D

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Im sorry but this game is A$$.I played it plast night and felt like breaking my ps3.The graphics are sh1t. I give it 3/10 (-_-)

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The game looks like a PS1 game on my 50inch HD samsung T.V :) /sacrasm

Fell the power of the cell 360 fan boys.If this game runs on the 360 i will eat my head..... ;-D

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Yes it is, thats why i never share.

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As u can see sackboy has a loooong way to go before it can be called the new mario people said it would be... :)


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Have a bubble wanna get high.

I know not every one like me but ps3 fan boys dont want to admit that.They hyped me up as a massive console seller when i was going to come out but it did not happen.and please dont start saying that wait till christmas crap.a game like me should have sold big as soon as i came out...... Denial is a b1tch, i am not as big as u hyped me up to be ....its sad but true


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EDGE is sh1t.. :/

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