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Destructoid is just... wow. Game Journalism at it's worse. Who even visits the site anymore?

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I don't even want to imagine how much MS will charge for this O_O

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Of course Sony can't control your PS3. What would make anyone think that? It was a glitch, it's over and they'll probably eliminate it for good in the next FW update.

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Windows 7 is better than Vista. I still feel MS ripped us off with Vista though. Seriously, I'll just stick with XP for now.

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No where near what 360 fans were hyping it to be. I'm am seriously dying of laughter from all those stupid comparison to PS3 exclusives.

I told you 360 fans not to compare 360 games to amazing Ps3 exclusives, but you just wouldn't listen. Now watch Reach get owned by a nearly 2 year old KZ2(at the time of Halo Reach's release in Fall).

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Great score. Though people, don't call it a PS3 exclusive. We've been trying to get through to the 360 fanboys about the whole Microsoft exclusive thing. Let's not do that ourselves.

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So wait, the console that's given us GOTY quality games for two years in a row has lost it's way? LBP swept the awards in 2008, UC2 in 2009, and a whole bunch of Ps3 exclusives look to do the same this year.

If Sony's lost their way, I hope they get even more lost becuase I love it.

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Guess people can't tell sarcasm ey?

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Rare is a shadow of their former selves. MS has ruined them beyond repair.

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PS3 has been selling 10 million+ every year since it's release. If Sony follows their ten year plan, which they will, it's safe to assume that the PS3 may reach 100 million consoles or at least get close to that amount by the time the PS3's lifetime is over.

MS on the other hand, no chance whatsoever. The Xbox brand is nowhere near as strong as the PlayStation brand worldwide.

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The problem with Bioshock 2 is that it lives in the shadow of it's predecessor. I bought the game day one, and enjoyed it immensely, but it just wasn't as awe-inspiring as the first.

People were expecting too much of the sequel and there was no way it could deliver, but it was great for it was and an very awesome trip back to Rapture.

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Wow, Bungie is on a whole new level of trolling. That is just pathetic. He actually sent me a PM telling me he's "the king of N4G."

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Awesome, I'd love for them to sue MS! But it won't happen. Besides, we all know MS can't possible be original at anything.

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You never know. With Sony we know they'll pull out amazing games out of nowhere. Unlike MS, they don't suffer from a lack of games so revealing KZ3 early wouldn't damage them. They'd just showcase something even bigger at E3. Still, it's either KZ3, or Motorstorm 3 imo.

Or if we're really lucky maybe a new Sly game? I'd love a new Sly game!

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It won't be LBP2 (it wouldn't make sense). I'd say it's probably KZ3. We've been hearing all those rumors about it, so there must be a reason why they started.

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I wonder if these publications will releases a statement saying that the issue was fixed within 24 hours. My bet is they won't. What more proof do you need to see that the media is extremely biased?

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Bungie actually cares for it's community. I also prefer Halo's gameplay over CoD.

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Wrong, GT5 is the biggest exclusive this year. GOWIII will be huge, but you'd be pretty delusional to say it'll sell more than the beast that is GT. Heck, GT is bigger than Halo!

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Hopefully, R* will finally reach their vision without being held back by a much inferior machine.

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I use IE.... to download Firefox.

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