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Im so excited for the PS4 content, but I wonder why my original comment was deleted.

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Holy Cow! It's almost here XD.

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Chandler Bing

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I didn't know that so many people feels strong for elop

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Elop should be the last guy on the list of candidates, I don't understand how Microsoft can consider a man who stood at the helm of a struggling Nokia helm to run their ship? There are stronger more well qualified candidates to run Microsoft.

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Dude reminds me of Pearl from Blade with hair. Anybody else would like to smack him in his head for talking to his mom like that?

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I believe the framerate issues were with singleplayer, but I could be wrong.

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@aaron bubbles up

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And that latency issue with the average 120 htz LCD is so bad, plasma colors are so deep and rich

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Come to think of it, the cloud is probably the reason we can't test out the X1 outside of a microsoft store, because the games would just under perform.

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So basically the cloud is the X1's Spinach, without it, it's just a sailor.

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I would go with the Panasonic Plasma for 699, I can't believe how cheap Plasma TV's got.

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@omegsyde That's what I said, I know it's not P.O.D.

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Great choices

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Rock Band P.O.D song titled "I Feel So Alive", great song! check it out on youtube.

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All except "Resolution" Bill, that's the problem that the X1 faces next gen.

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My favorite song of 2002, but unfortunately this song is not P.O.D!

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If you already have a next gen console preordered and don't have AC IV yet then the answer is obvious, Hold Off!

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If your not big on multiplayer then I'd say give it a go, but AC doesn't have such a high replay value as COD.

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I think that's is way the Resolution is at 720p, cause with DR3 and all those zombies on screen at once the game would be virtually unplayable at any resolution higher than that, remember all the early previews stating at how choppy the framerate was and we don't know at what resoluion the game was running at that time but I can bet it was atleast at 900p in earlier builds!

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