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Crap is crap no matter who it comes from!

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Real gamers need all games to satisfy our need!

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I really like this game as I purchased the ultimate Ed. Off marketplace. I really wish microsoft would've made a retail hardcopy of the game which was complete! maybe waited til january/febuary to release it.

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Even if true, remember that the X1 launched in more markets than the PS4, next week when the PS4 launches in Europe, we will see the PS4 double it's NA launch numbers!

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That is the politically correct way of saying "No Roaches"....lmao, I'm laughing as I'm typing.

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Talk about "Painting the Town Black".

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DR3 is no doubt a good game, but my assumption is that the reviewer really enjoyed the game as he's given it a 10/10 which would be the first, So far the lowest is 6/10 from joystiq many 7-8/10's but this is the first perfect. I really hope it's this good cause I will be playing it on friday.

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A mess? How so?

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The main reason that the Xbox one is more than just a gaming consold is...a...duh! It's in its name "Xbox One" and it's been touted by microsoft as an all in one entertainment hub! Man these flame opinion peices rattle my nerves.

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The same reason why people will approve and watch someone destroy a retail launch console!

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Good going mark

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I wonder why they don't do that? Apple does it.

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Yeh but the size of these games are such a factor now, and 500gb is hardly enough.

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I don't understand why they just didn't go with 1tb HD's? especially knowing this gen how big the files for these games were.

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True, but a 2tb HD never hurt no one..;).

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I will use white gloves for my unboxing..;) Prints will not be tolerated here!

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Jimmy has already admitted to be an avid gamer, so it's only fitting that he features game related segments on his show.

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I traded my copy for 360 in a while back, but with all the added content on this version that I had never purchased as well as the graphical upgrade for PS4, I might get this as my free game from Amazons but 2 got 1 deal.

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Your absolutely right, it's up to the people who we never here from.

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I can honestly say that I strongly disagree with Rubin on that, I can see tablet gaming getting stronger but it will not takeover the market unless the console makers don't keep evolving into stronger platforms that can be on par with PC at a fraction of the cost of tablets and PC.

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