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2 hour completion time + 39.99 is = Fail....nude said!

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@Cloudy - if it were that easy or possible, don't you think more games on X1 would be 1080/60fps? At least a game like Ghosts? I think the answer to this "Resolutiongate" issue is not that the X1 cant reach it, it's just that at 1080p/60fps just makes the game unplayable just like we see with low end graphics cards.

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Bubbles for you!

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Being exclisive to PC and Microsoft platform, it will not dethrone COD, I will watch and see what Treyarch does with their new COD offering in november and I can bet you my house that we will see some kind of soldier operated vehicle of some sort implemented in the game as well as offer a single player campaign.

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PS4 version 37 critics, X1 13 critics...yeh that will change the average score, nothing to see here people....move along...come on now...carry on!

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Microsoft must accept the fact that their are dudes with bigger weenices...just sayin!

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If Titanfall is as successful as expected, Microsoft will have to pry the rights from EA's cold ded hands first!

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I was hesitant to buy the "Definitive" version because I purchased this game last year and beat it at that time but I was intrigued to see what it would look like on my PS4, let me tell you I forgot how good this game is and oh how beautiful and crisp it looks on my PS4. An additional $60 for a one year old game may seem out of reasoning for some including me, but if you do splurge and buy it for the PS4 you will not be disappointed, this game may as well have the best next gen grap...

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Got syrup?

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No one should be forced to download such a huge data file if one has no interest in the add on content,especially on today's small console hd's.

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Based an your unique scores, the overall score you have is not accurate, it should instead be a 7.4 not a 6.0!

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Why? Tryarch seems to be doing fine and keeping the same COD formula in tact, it's IW or what's left of them that has started to disgrace the franchise!

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30 days is not a long time to wait especially when your playing in higher resolution...see what I did there?

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Better yet, if you have PS3 and Plus you can get Infinite for free this month as your instant game collection.

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It had a "Gamegasim" once it saw how beautiful the PS4 is in person.

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I think people expected much more from Forza 5, especially with all the hype MS and Turn 10 fed us with about the "Cloud" and we have yet to see this so called advantage of it.

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I agree, why settle for less, when you can own the best for less?

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Not many people have a 4K device, so that pretty much has no footing

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In this video it makes it seem like your putting on glasses to correct the X1 version, the PS4 version just gives more clarity to the rendering.

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True, but an article like this coming from Kotaku is as rare as a meteorite!

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