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Thanks for the heads up. #1
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I think gaming bolt needs to stop with these posts or go the way of hip hop gamer. Seriously these stories do nothing but provoke flame wars and does nothing but give us rehashed opinions that we already knew for a while. #1.5
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How many more of these articles from rasheed about dev difficulty do we need? We know that PS4 is easier to develop for, since it's inception it was said from it's creators it was created with ease of development in mind among other things. Xbox one has a bit less power and was made as an all round home entertainment device such as watching TV. Both are great systems and I'm sure will find their niche this gen but seriously stop with these stories already! #2.5
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It's better content rather than more powerful hardware..ie PS2 vs original Xbox. No matter who sells more it doesn't matter what matters is Sony and Microsoft can turn a profit if so then that's success, if not then it would be failure for either. #13.1.4
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As a true gamer I can say PS4 is my peanut butter and X1 is my jelly, it just tastes better together! #1.12
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What are you talking about "keep going on like the PS4 is a high end gaming PC"? Where in my comment did I say that? I own all consoles plus trading in my day one XB1 for an Advanced Ware fare bundle so my opinions are not based on favoritism. I can give two shiats about resolution but what I do give a shiat about is being called out on by someone adding conclusions to my comment, a comment from an interview where gaming bolt asked CDR if they were going to take advantage of the PS4... #1.3.3
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In the interview your talking about like the one from gaming bolt it seems as if CDR went for parity on both platforms instead of taking full advantage of the extra juice in the ps4 like he indirectly said. #1.3
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Many devs like the DS4 as it really does add a whole lot more to the gameplay experience. As a gamer the only flaw I see is it's battery. #1
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Got it last week and I've been playing all three with the exception of Peggle 2 because I already owned it, Sony was dumb to pass this up! #2.2
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PS4 is leading in worldwide sales over the Xone and is killing the competition in weekly sales so put opinions aside and rethink your answer on who "won" E3! #4.1.3
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That's what happens when you do your homework and give consumers and devs what they want. #1.1
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I'm pretty surprised TItanfall is not on this list, I know these lists are pretty much subjective and clearly would be a lot more than 13 but from E3 13 Titanfall was being touted as the call of duty killer and the killer app for the app for Xbox one but failed to have that impact on the industry as many were saying it would. Other then that I pretty much agree with this list...Let's not forget about bulletstorm. #3
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Your grammar supersedes your intelligence! #2.2
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Edited the score, as it was incorrect. #1.1
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It seems that he has taken points off just For it being a "Remastered" game with no drastic game play changes as be praises the original and seems to complain that nothing has really changed for the latter with the exception of the beautiful graphics. #1.1
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So Luke did bring balance to the "Force"! These comparisons are useless when media outlets have two people giving their opinions on a product and one chooses one while the other chooses another...lmao why even bother? We all know people have their own preference and loyalties and lets just leave it at that! #1.1
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Why Destiny? It hasn't even launched yet,opinion pieces are just that and should be treated as just a point of view from the gaming media and consumer!I can see by your user name why you have taken offense but seriously...why so serious? #1.2
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Boy aren't they swell... #3
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Or wait until it drops to 14.99 usd or below,That 29.99 price is ludicrous and to think that Konami originally priced this demo at 39.99 almost makes me want to never support anything with their name on it! I'm quite surprised that Kojimasan was Ok with this. #1.1
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But the difference between the PS4 and X1 are very apparent early on in terms of graphics with the PS4 looking better and it will only get bigger, remember that the Xbox launched a year after the PS2 which at that point had no competition and was riding the success of the PS1. Times are different now and price power and momentum is with the PS4. #1.2.4
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