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But PS4 was the main platform with the most sales coming in at an overall %35....I guess people just read headlines not the actual story...smh #1.13
IMO...the worst Call of Duty was Ghosts, I loved all except Ghosts as it really was very generic and offered nothing to draw me to play it. AW has improved in terms of adding some Titanfall elements of gameplay into what was already a good formula. I have experienced some lag issues as it can get very frustrating but not game breaking. The single player I have yet to delve into but I will go through it this weekend. #13.1
I just traded my X1 day one edition for the X1 Advanced warfare bundle....game plus 1tb hardrive was very attractive at $449. Can't wait til tonight #1.5.1
Let us not forget that the PS4 is doing pretty well in comparison, especially when it's being compared to a rig that costs about 4X more than its sticker price...can't expect a mustang to do Ferrari type performance unless you put a lot more money into the mustang. Something you can't do to a PS4. #1.6
I agree with that, great game! #2
They could've did that with Rare but rather chose to handcuff them instead like an abused side chic. #1.1
Who ever says 1080p 60fps doesn't matter is lying,look at how good this game looks at that setting...I can't wait to replay these classics over again! #1.4
@ Battletorn you should've chose the print version of the mag as it is an option when you buy a powerup rewards card membership. #1.1.2
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But people will downplay the whole resolution gate saying that there is no difference between 1080p vs 900p, but they can see the difference between 700p and 900p because it's from the same camp. #1.5
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That's my point, why would devs optimize a console with such a small install base, as to where it is the opposite this gen as where the PS4 has the larger current and growing install base. It's just "Parity" and that's what ubisofts is doing by telling us these smoke and mirror explanations as to why they don't see any difference between the two. #2.1.4
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The difference in that situation was the install base of the PS2 was lightyears ahead of the Xbox, PS4 already has a worldwide gap ahead of X1, I really don't see the comparison from which you are making. #2.1.2
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They gave alien isolation a low score as well...what makes drive club different in regards to warrant a purchase #17.2
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Wait....you log out of N4G? #4.2
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That one disagree you got was from abriael I bet..lmao #1.2
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I was really hoping this game was going to be good. As an avid LOTR and Tolkien fan I was never impressed by it game versions but I must say that I'm very happy to see this version getting such high scores. I will be picking this up. #1.1
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Also at times unrelenting enemy waves attacking and having you run in circles trying to recover damage and get back I'm battle. #2.1
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In comparison the wii also launched at $249 us $150 usd less than the PS4 which plays a major factor in a consumer purchase for a home console, especially when price justification at that time when the PS3 was taking so much heat with it's price point which further helped the numbers of its competitors. #1.4
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Thanks for the heads up. #1
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I think gaming bolt needs to stop with these posts or go the way of hip hop gamer. Seriously these stories do nothing but provoke flame wars and does nothing but give us rehashed opinions that we already knew for a while. #1.5
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How many more of these articles from rasheed about dev difficulty do we need? We know that PS4 is easier to develop for, since it's inception it was said from it's creators it was created with ease of development in mind among other things. Xbox one has a bit less power and was made as an all round home entertainment device such as watching TV. Both are great systems and I'm sure will find their niche this gen but seriously stop with these stories already! #2.5
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