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@blackoo It's already been stated by some media outlets who previewed NFS that the PS4 version actually looked better than the PC version.

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It hurts to know that I have this game in my hands and I can't play it.:(.

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I love the design now, but when it was first shown to us at E3 I giggled at it as looked a bit awkward

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I don't understand why the PS4's (in terms of "lack of launch games") offerings like exclusive PS Plus content ie. F2P games and indies don't get more media attention as an added addition to "launch game" only on PS4 when a direct comparison is being made against the X1? With all taken into consideration the PS4 has a rather beefy lineup..imo!

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The X1 should have those features since it's being touted as an all round media hub, if it didn't that would just defeat the purpose.

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How about just letting Rocksteady handle Batman from now on, I like that better.

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I don't think that anyone at this point can really compete with Sony in terms of exclusive games, especially first party.

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What's really a kicker is way back when Ghosts was announced people from Microsofts or IW's camp said that the game was made utilizing the X1's hardware implying that it was the superior version being it was made for that one first. (check out the link) Now, the excuse we get today is that "clearly...

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The best 20 bucks I will ever spend

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$199 is pretty steep..imo

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I think activision is a little upset about the Titanfall deal.

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I preordered and payed for both as well, but news like this makes my choice for multiplat a lot easier.

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You think everyone has a Gaming capable PC that can run todays games like BF4 or Titanfall for that matter?

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How can anyone not say they don't care about titanfall with the exception of ones who don't like FPS and muliplayer games? The ones who do are lying! I don't like the fact of these business tactics practiced by EA and Microsoft, but let's not forget about the old days when Sony was sleeping with R*. The unfortunate circumstances of these buyouts is that it will only alienate a lot of players who Don't own a PC or 360 and don't plan on buying a X1. We also need to under...

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Indeed we buy our consoles for games, but that's why the title reads "Multi Meadia Box" the X1 was built as a very capable all round entertainment Hub hence it's name "One". The PS4 is more of a raw gaming machine and hence it has a few more ponies under the hood.

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No ya don't cause it's on PC and 360 also.

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Doesn't matter cause I bought an X1 solely because of this title and so did a lot of other people as well.

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I agree and since Will still has an inside scoop with Sony he can only speak for that platform. I'm sure if the delay is true it would be for all platforms, there is just too many games coming out from now until 11/22.

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If someone did I bet the PS3 would not want to let go of it either

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That PS4 UI background music really is relaxing.

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