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I think we're more likely to see "exclusive content" on X1 as we've seen in the past. PS4 install base is too big for EA to pass up. #1.9
Our internet is too vulnerable to cyber attacks for anyone to be committed to a digital ownership. Especially here in the states where our isp's are still for behind in terms of competing countries for speeds. But yet we pay premium prices. #2.2
Funny thing is that pachter just said not long ago that the X11 would never catch the PS4 this gen....this guy irrelevant #1.13
I'm having a hard time getting a match, 90% of the time I get disconnected. #2.1

Your logic makes you a Bafoon, what does the worlds population have to do with console sales? I didn't know every person played consoles or games for that matter but thank you for the anyalatics!

But not only does it's sales but the power under the hood makes it the better console. #11.1.5
That's your opinion and you should state it as that. Sony has yet to have a killer exclusive for PS4 yet but almost all multi plat games perform better, better resolutions on the PS4 and honestly if MS didn't drop their drawers on the X11 price we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. #11.1.3
In what way? Surely 16,000,000 say otherwise, but do enlighten asto why and how MS had the best console this far? #11.1
So your saying that if you have money you can afford to throw money out the window? Good business strategy! #1.4
All it really took was the removal of kinect and a $50 price cut. The formula that has made sales increase is really not that complicated at all. #1.5
Dragon Age also has some lighting issues #3.2.1
All PC's are not created equal.....that is the PC slogan #6.3
It's another God of War..use the word unscrambler and you'll see what I mean. #1.1.1
Best selling item on almost every retail outlet #2.1
Misleading title, I would say more like the "Holiday Console Bundle War in the US", not the overall console war. #1.1
You can buy it at best buy for $14.99 #1.1
@Alllconsoles Why are you here? #2.1.4
I'm a fan of Xbox but let us not forget he was still an intricate part of MS prior to becoming Xbox head and in the planning, design of the "Always online" Xbox one. Yes things turned around while he was in charge but it was more like they had no choice, either change your policy or go the way of Atari! #1.1.1
No one likes other people's negative opinions, that's just your opinion and thanks for sharing #3.1
Gamingbolt reaching again...SMH #2.2
@Bigpoppy...Pop...there goes another bubble #1.2.1
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