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Other than aesthetics, in order to get the full benefit of the S, you need an HDR capable Tv in order to fully appreciate the new model.

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I'll be trading one in for the other

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I thought it was supposed to upscale the games to 4K? Or that was a lie? It's the 180 all over again.

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SFV bombed because it was an incomplete mess of a game period. DR4 will have mediocre sales with the X1 and that is that. This is capcom, no killer apps and ruined franchises from now on!

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As far as I can recall still a great game

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Sony has forced them to launch a new console before they anticipated doing so, Xbox one was not a disaster, it was just not as successor as the PS4. Either way I will be buying one, I just hope they are able to utilize the new power.

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I say this as a multi-console gamer, I suppose you forgot about "The Order 1866"? Poor reviews but I enjoyed the game and so did many other gamers. Reviews give an indication of what to expect based on reviewers experience with the game...nothing more. When we get to play the game in most cases we go in with low expectations and end up being pleasantly surprised like I'm sure will be thw case with Quantum Break. I will still keep my preorder and enjoy the game upon release and s...

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Looks like a controller for my 4K smart tv.

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I blame always on and DRM and forcing Kinect on people for the X1 being behind and possibly staying that way

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I can tell the difference between Battlefront just name one, it
May not be an overwhelming difference but the graphics on PS4 look crisper.

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70 years old, party hard every day and drank like a fish and dies of natural causes....Ace of Spades!

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That would not make any sense for them to do that, they would lose even more money per console sold.

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They betted on green but blue won.

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Agreed, consoles as well.

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I got two codes, one for 1 and 2

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I thought Judgement was included as well?

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Console gamers know that there are mid range to high end pc's that can out perform their platform but guess what?....We enjoy gaming better sitting on our sofas on our big screen tv's much more than sitting In an office chair playing with a mouse and keyboard, I know you can also use a controller to game on but you guys get my point. So to all you "Master Race" pc gamers who continuously make these dumb comparisons on how it'll look better and perform better on your over...

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I don't understand the reasoning of not releasing this console in North America, you're right it would've sold out pretty fast and would've been another opportunity to sell more consoles?? Oh well I guess I will have to settle for the limited edition game with bionic arm

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The original army of two

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"32 hours later"

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