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I am shocked...
by the overwhelming responds in support of the topic. The game is not even 2 months old yet. Summer is finally here, so I guess I'll give it a rental first. #54
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a rental?
I don't have the game yet, I have been waiting for summer. But by all the responds (mostly negative), is it worth a rental?

It's not even two months old yet, is it really that bad? There were so many positive reviews. #52
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good start
The reasons are good, it shows some of the defective habits of people who wants to get fit; best reasons why nothing at all will help you.

The focus on health in the gaming community is long overdue. The Wii Fit is a good place to start, it provides basic understanding of the body for the young and old that are out of sync. Hopefully, it will spawn a generation of more active gamer. #6
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