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Ah no publisher huh? That means this could make or break them? More chances for them to fail. #20
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Tekken it to the limit.... Sir you have broken my heart and my spirit. #3
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NT can do whatever they want... just not another Devil May Cry. #1.4.3
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This would be awesome for emulators! #16
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I believe this is pre-alpha. #3.2
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Even though I was sad about that, I still don't care. With P* working with Konami, I know whatever game comes out of it will be non exclusive. I want a Platinum game in my PS4! #11.2.2
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People keep disagree but I don't know why? Anyway, I want the MGR sequel in my freakin VEINS. I love MGR, Please make the sequel soon! #2.1
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If they did why have they been relatively quiet about the game. I'm a really big fan of Kamiya, Bayonetta, and DMC1 yet I've completely lost interest in the game. Nintendo needs to get their act together and start promoting the game before people forget that it exists. #1.1
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Lords of Shadow doesn't need to learn ANYTHING from Dark Souls. Dark Souls isn't even that great of a game, Demon's Souls is much better in almost every aspect. Another mainstream gamer thinking Dark Souls is great because it's different than the average first-person shooter drivel that has been coming out as of late.

If Lords of Shadow 2 is bad then it doesn't need to take elements from Dark Souls; it just needs to be a better game. #4
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Shut up man, Hayter's not in the damn game. There's no "trolling" in this. Kojima is an asshole and that's that. #3.2
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People were earning money the legit way, they were doing missions that gave decent amounts of money and replaying them. They didn't do anything wrong and there was a replay option to do those missions again in the game till Rockstar realized "Oh crap people are making money! This will ruin our micro-transactions plan!" and disabled the replay option.

Doing that caused people to find other ways to make money though glitching and other missions, but now they'... #2.7
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The multiplayer is not free. You can only get GTA Online if you buy GTA5. You could only say it's free if the online was a separate component that everyone could get, but it's not. Is the online for Call of Duty free? Is the online in Halo free? #1.1.8
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Just last night a friend of mine lost his 300k apartment due to a random glitch and lost all the money as well. So hell yeah we should be more harsh. #7
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Still doesn't fix the ugly character models in GTA4. If GTA5 was on PC I honestly think it would destroy GTA4 even without an ENB mod. #2
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They've BEEN bundling. I just got Splinter Cell Blacklist free with the GTX 760.

@mistertwoturbo LOL Radeon. #1.2
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Since when has RAGE been touted as this amazing looking game? The game has great art direction, but with horrible textures like these http://cloud.steampowered.c...

I can't see it as being touted as something that is a amazing. #2.1.4
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That's awesome and all, but I really want to see a PS4 game from them. Metal Gear Rising 2? Maybe with Fox Engine or Next Gen P* engine please? #6
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Wow, that's actually a little sad to hear. I don't like the Xbox One either, but the new footage of Jago vs Glacius looked really cool to me. I wonder why they thought it looked like crap? #73
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The amount of insanity I'm seeing these comments are ridiculous. You are totally right colonel179 everyone was excited for Versus 13 and now that they change the name people are complaining for no real reason.

They think changing the name to XV is somehow going to effect all FF games in the future when they have no proof of that whatsoever. Honestly the more I think about it the angrier I get. People have been waiting for this game for years, for awhile we thought it was... #6.2
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I just realized this that satire site. So the article is fake. Honestly why do people post this crap up? Sometimes it's funny, but this was just not funny at all and could actually misinform people. #14
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