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I think the idea is that we've had no real mention or indeed footage of Versus XIII for at least a year now, and that this is likely because it's been transferred to the PS4.
Who knows, maybe they'll bring another member of Square Enix to E3 just to say "yes, we are developing a new game..." which is pretty much what they did last night.

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Yeah if you notice that Sony's own titles are actually quite a reasonable price. For example, the Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank HD collections were for a long time cheaper on the PS Store than they were on websites, not sure if that's the case now...

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This series is by no means broken... in fact this series is my favourite of all time in video games.

Why are people judging an entire series, with upwards of 100 hours total gameplay, on the last 15 minutes!? The ending was not that bad, granted I would've liked scenes of what each member of the crew did after the ending, but overall I thought that it added a small dose of realism into the game - it didn't go for the typical "and they all lived happily ever after...

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Nah it's still there :)


It's also on their facebook as well. I really hope Sony have reversed their decision...

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Can't believe WipEout HD Fury wasn't mentioned here. The DLC essentially doubled the size of the game for $10 - and the game wasn't small to start with either. Shame Studio Liverpool aren't still around :(

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I think they're on the brink of overusing the main series. I've played all of the main ones - Assassin's Creed, II, Brotherhood, Revelations - and I found that Revelations was the best in terms of varied gameplay, but the let down was the story which was great in the 1st chapter, great in the last chapter, boring in between, and took us straight back to where we started pretty much - same goes for Brotherhood too.

I don't mind having a main AC game every year,...

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Surely before creating DLC the developers make sure that all platforms are able to cope with it?

I don't understand how they've only realised how difficult this will be to get on PS3 this far down the line... Hopefully they'll plan a little more carefully with future DLC.

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In fact, most of the time... any exclusive DLC for the PS3 stays exclusive, rather than a timed exclusive (e.g. AC Brotherhood Copernicus, Toy Story 3's Zurg)

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What does it matter if Uncharted 1 didn't have an MP component. Does every game have to have multiplayer nowadays? Naughty Dog are doing a great job of building some of the best single player campaigns - and they're building a multiplayer segment to add more value to an already incredible game.

And you then go on to bash Warhawk because it doesn't have a single player component. Make up your mind!

As for why larger franchises sell more on 360. It&...

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6) Chocobos. How could you forget!? :D

As for the article, I agree to some extent with what they're saying - critics and developers are swayed by the vocal minority of the community, which is why I think FFXIII was so linear - because some people complained that FFXII was too open and unfocused.

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As said above, they didn't quit simply because Australia's game industry is just starting to develop, so finding another job would be incredibly difficult, and in the end it boils down to the following:

a) Work long, hard hours, but get paid.
b) Have no work and struggle to survive.

Yes it is picking between the lesser of two evils but I know which one I would have to go for.

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Not long to wait now :P

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But at the same time, PSV needs to show that it can stand on its own two legs - if it advertises itself for the graphics alone, what's to stop people from just ignoring it and playing on the PS3?

What we need is Uncharted to get people to buy the console (for whatever reason), and then other new IPs which are tailored to the capabilities of the Vita (whilst maintaining core games such as Uncharted of course).

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I think this generation has still got some spare power left - we can still hit that little bit further (much like God of War squeezed those last ounces of power from the PS2).

I think the next generation of consoles will make less of a graphical leap. Instead of seeing more and more incredible graphics, I think we're going to see consoles capable of rendering scenes such that they resemble real life - better particle effects, better and more detailed draw distance and the...

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Yeah but Uncharted is a new IP for this generation. Mario, Zelda et al are all from the 1980s.

Aren't Nintendo meant to be the innovators?

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so what if the graphics are better... we're just gonna end up with a slew of Mario, Zelda and pokemon remakes anyway.

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Well yes, but that's only the overarching storyline. But surely the actual character interactions and scripting are created by Ninja Theory?

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Ok, maybe that came out wrong. I think Rockstar are the most consistent publisher over their history as a publisher. Sure, Rockstar didn't develop LA Noire but they did publish it right?

Of course, nowadays companies like Naughty Dog and Bungie etc. are making incredible games - I think Uncharted is the best gaming series this generation. But Rockstar's trademark features in their games are, for me, some of the best around (especially for open world stuff).

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Great article. I don't think Ninja Theory get the praise (and sales) that they deserve for their games - I couldn't put Enslaved down once I started playing, mainly because of its great storyline.

I think DmC will be a true test for Ninja Theory, since they aren't brilliant at gameplay yet they're brilliant at stories, whilst the DMC series has great gameplay yet less great storylines.

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Very true. I personally think Rockstar is the best developer out there at the moment for games - although like you say their DLC isn't brilliant. Hopefully this new strategy will help things along a bit.

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