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Difference is raiden has six confirmed setups into his level 1, while sly maybe has one.

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Yeah it's as I've said; the more options, the better. As it stands there's an issue with finding a competitive standard because with no timer there's no chance to play stock or kill in a competitive setting.

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Without question the 3 characters that need the most help are Radec, Dante, and Sir Dan. Nariko comes in behind those.

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All I did was hit ctrl F and look for "Dori". Results were as hilarious as I thought they would be.

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The typical reply to any sony-related article from our site is that our name somehow implies bias toward Sony. If someone wants to take issue with my article for its content, then I would be happy to discuss it with them, but I chose to preempt the most common reply.

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Considering my preview article had a decent amount of apprehension about the game, and also made comparisons to SSB, I don't think that's correct.

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Right now you don't feel the tension because most players havent yet gotten to the point where they can convert a stray landed hit into a kill setup. My dante can turn any grounded hit into a kill at this point, so tension is directly tied to your opponent's skill.

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Situational, but I've used that with the black hole if I'm in FFYL with Axton.

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Our understanding of risk vs reward shouldn't be determined by one of the most busted examples in the game. I get that when it's easy to just dupe or 2 shot any enemy for the oranges you want, that it feels like a kick in the junk to be made to see it the way they wanted.

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Yeah he comes up with some incredible stuff. I hope he gets a good amount as well.

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"Hyperion would like to remind you that there is only one thing worse than respawning, and that is not respawning."

Game warned you.

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In a one on one with larger enemies, he definitely shines. He's a much more deliberate character than the others, as the others feel a lot more mobile and hectic by comparison. It's just that the other characters stand against strong enemies well enough that his strongest trait doesn't offset his glass cannon status.

As mentioned, he's very efficient damage. He gets the most damage out of a single hit and can tackle a large enemy well.

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First character I played, third I capped. I really like him, it just bothers me how weak he is.

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That's what he gets for cheating on nintendo. Hussy.

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Asymmetric gameplay is something we have yet to fully explore, and the dual screen setup could provide information that at the very least doesn't cause you to pause just to get a glance at your inventory, your map, etc. I would easily put down for a WiiU version of borderlands that let me sort my inventory with the tablet screen.

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I can't wait to cash in on that Madden suit. The 70 bucks will go great toward my purchase of the next Madden title.

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All solid points, my man. There were very good reasons for the weak points in the earlier resident evil games, and those are understandable when one says they enjoyed the games. I'm not one to bash people for what they enjoy, it's just calling a spade a spade.

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What's funny is the next sentence actually addresses the quality of the game. Just because I enjoyed it does not mean that I think it would be a worthwhile buy for others.

Edit - @Bumpmapping: I also liked Thundercats growing up, and can look back on it knowing that it wasn't that great. There are plenty of things that I can say I enjoyed that I wouldn't tout as the pinnacle of quality. The problem here is that you're equating personal enjoyment with a judgmen...

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They really know how to come through when they say they will. It's refreshing.

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Randy Pitchford's twitter account provides additional confirmation, stating "So - here's the surprise, Mechromancer for Borderlands 2 is ready about a week earlier than I promised. Oct 9, all platforms. Woo! Should be available for download on all platforms by the end of the day. #GaigeFTW"

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