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xbox would do the same thing if it was the online player base leader this gen... that being said sony should still open it up. Cross play is pretty badass.

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haydenlake is 100% right, I never thought of it that way but it does make the narrative seem even more forced than I initially suspected. This coming from a person who literally doesn't give a shit if she's gay or not... in their "humanity on the verge of extinction" reality it either makes her an extremely selfish character ... or shits on the observable concept of survival of the fittest, natural selection, etc. She can likely pass the cure on through childbirth... but s...

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We already knew she was a lesbian... no one cares. The issue is that made her less attractive AND made her love interest unattractive as if its' some unspoken rule of thumb that this will make for a better game. It comes off as trite virtue signaling and it's going to bite them in the ass, the same way EA made all the Mass Effect Andromeda models less attractive to cater to some vocal minority crowd that doesn't even care or play their games to begin with.

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Always thought it would be cool to have a Zombicide game done like this.

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I wish Shuhei Yoshida was my uncle. Dude seems so damn nice and fun to hang out with.

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@carcarias This post almost perfectly summarizes why that scene came off to me as awkward and ham-fisted. Not to sound like a jerk but initially I couldn't put my finger on why the scene was so irritating. I don't really care if she's a lesbian but the scene just felt so "off", you nailed it. Great comment. Keep sharing your ideas.

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This has mechs bro. PFFFFT.

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Hasn't saved it thus far... they need some fresh stuff to show. Their last attempts at Gears and Halo at least were EXTREMELY underwhelming.

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I still maintain that Days Gone should have went with an alien aesthetic... ah well.

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Nintendo? dunno about that one bro... they've been adapting for over 100 years. They started off as a card company in the late 1800s.

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Love the aesthetic, love the punk vibes, love the fresh fun approach to the apocalypse. Day fookin' one sonnnnnnnn. #goBethesda

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hahah, seems like a cool ass guy. Dude is straight crushing it right now, he's basically played Thanos and Cable at the same time...

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They should have not gone for such a similar aesthetic. Really a fresh coat of paint would have completely changed the whole game and made it impossible to make these comparisons. Tron speeder bike in a distant future with mass effect type armor and aliens would have made the game seem 100% original even if all the gameplay elements were completely the same.

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That teaser from last years E3 was def the next soulsborne game. Looks to be set in feudal Japan. Can't. freaking. wait.

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haha, yeah I noticed that too... hopefully they can iron out framerate and animation issues before launch. I'd also rerecord about 80% of the dialogue. Main guy sounds pretty uninspired.

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God of War set the cinematic bar and unfortunately most games (even top teir triple A titles like this one) will not achieve this easily ... voice acting is not great and the black screen between cutscenes is offputting but gameplay looks solid and that's what's most important.

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looks cool but I'm not gonna lie, I am suffering from both zombie AND open world fatigue a bit. I'll probably wait for reviews on this one and if it's "groundbreaking" pick it up. It'll sell well with or without me anyway ;)

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who cares ... D2 suuuuuuucks.

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1. games.
2. games.
3. games
4. games.
5... wait for it... games.

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Without killer exclusives I have no reason to purchase an xbox. This coming from a dude that owns all consoles every gen... step it up MS.

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