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A great piece of work here. You don't see bits of industry related info like this every day. #3
Some good information in here. Stranger's Wrath HD is likely dead on the 360. And Hand of Odd and The Brutal Ballad of Fangus Klot may not be dead. Very interesting! #2
You really shouldn't judge any 20+ hour RPG from a demo. #13
Again, just to reiterate, co-op is one of my favorite features of any game. As long as it's done right. #1
I really should get around to playing Super Meat Boy... #5
Its interesting how like movies and books, videogames too now often host relationships as the center of their conflict. #4
To my knowledge, Double Fine hasn't done more than one DLC package for any of their games but we can hope Iron Brigade is the first. #5
The concept of fighting for territory online really has me interested. It could create the the desire to want to play all the time and as much as possible to make sure your side is holding their own in the war. #3
Integrate saved films into Xbox Live! #3
So many XBLA games coming in 2012. There's more XBLA games on my most anticipated list of games across all platforms this year than any other previous year. #3
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