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Ugh. I like the design of the PS4, mind you, but my shallow entertainment system requires it to be on it's side, angled, just to fit in the unit. I know it's my own problem, but this "trapezoid" would, at the normal dimensions, make that depth even worse, pulling the angle back. I can't really explain it without pictures, but it's just frickin' annoying.

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All too true. If we were to play every game out there today, for as much time as people want us to play them, we'd need four extra months, and nothing else to do.

Part of me fears that this will one day cause another crash. Kind of the opposite of the ET phase, where all these quality games are coming out and nobody has time to play them, so they never sell what they are expected to. Heck that happens now. Didn't the most recent Tomb Raider, despite being good, tran...

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Imagine, if you will, years down the pipeline, the PS1 Mini. Castlevania SOTN, Twisted Metal, Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil....what else would you put on there?

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All I know is last night I tried to watch a movie that froze streaming. I turned it off only to be faced with an update, with the "can't use your system until the update is complete" attitude. That was frustrating.

*edit* Oh my gosh, I'm now reading how Cortana turned off the old "Xbox, ON" commands. I've been having yelling matches with my system and thinking the Kinect was broken! So, now what, do I say "Cortana, on!" or what?

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Any sight of the controller yet? I want the machine, of course, but a NES-themed VC controller that in turn goes back and works on Wii/Wii U? Must see.

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Despite the flak, I always wanted to try The Order. Looks beautiful, and if it ever gets sequelled correctly I'll have wanted to play it. Yay $8!

Edit: Aww, it's cheaper on the official PSN store today via a sale. Only by two bucks, and I have Amazon credit, so it's not that bad for me, but still...check the main store before leaping at an offer.

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My PlayStation experience would have never been the same without Twisted Metal 2.

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There are games that if you haven't played them before can still offer that fresh feeling, and at times even better with a modern push. Say, for example, I only recently played Super Metroid on the Wii U VC. Save states added to it made a world of difference I can only imagine, and I loved playing that game. It was my obsession until it cleared.

Also, some games have lasting power. I voluntarily go back to Twisted Metal 2 religiously. Castlevania: SotN. MGS1. They may hav...

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Oh, it's pretty and all, but the Seagate drive looks identical to another Amazon Seagate in terms of guts, and a black box instead of one that says "Xbox". It's $119 instead of $219. Do you really need the branding on a box that's gonna end up shuffled back behind your system anyways?

Also, the 2TB is $99 even if you want the lime green. Save $20 by buying two of them. It's unfathomable how much of a price hike is on this thing.

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Not the biggest sale here, but I found the Vita Katamari game, and it's cheap enough for fun. I never played since "We Love", and it's great getting that silly little game back on the table, portable even.

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Yeah, then I took my 500gb drive from the ps4 and replaced the 250 in my PS3. The download speed on that is atrocious. If it's capping my download as a whole on PSN, then I'm hurting myself with the double dip. Both speeds added up don't hit my max download with my 'net speeds.

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I just replaced my PS4 HDD with a 2TB drive.
My internet is slow.
I've been redownloading that 500gb for a week. It keeps avoiding the ESO 25gb patch. Finally downloading it, ready to play. Now, another update's gonna drop when it finally gets ready.

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Maybe, just maybe, if someone did the Frank Miller set and ran an Old Batman and Joker. Hamill could pull off the Old Joker suit style with that voice behind it.

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I'd drop the Red Dead as fake. Any 360 game on the One's dashboard has the banner on the side of it. That RDR pic is printed as if it's a full-on One game. Which if they did that, it'd be RDR Remastered or some such.

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In a similar vein, my college friends and I did this with Kessen. Each person was a general, and I ran the controller, sending each one precisely where they told me to. It was our War Council, and so very fun.

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I know this sucks, I've been looking for it for a while, but I have a question:

Every time I see the "special edition" packaging, it shows a standard "Birthright" cartridge included. Like the box is the Birthright box, while it says "all three episodes" on it.

So, if there's no special labeling or box, other than getting the extra trinkets, I will still be able to buy either/or at $40, spend $20 on the expansion for the ...

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This game has a huge place in my heart. My friend owned it and I constantly begged him to borrow it. He finally let me, and a week or two into my borrow he died in a house fire. It was terrible.

I took it back to the family not knowing what to do, and his brother came by a week later and gave it to me, saying he'd want me to have it.

Not only an amazing game, but a profound personal story that puts it in my "forever favorite" category. Miss yo...

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Twisted Metal 2: LA
Katamari Damacy-one of the long ones that you start with bugs and end with buildings.
Everything or Nothing-liked it a lot, the theatrical level that ends with the skydive.
Ridge Racer Revolution: the game is centered around repeating the same levels and striving for perfection.
Personally, Sunset Riders lvl. 1: "Bury me with my money..."
Plenty more I'm sure.

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I just want to see them continue to support the things that do work. I wish backwards compatibility would work with the Kinect, as my kids still request Kinect Party all the time. And if licensing won't let Dance Central transfer the music over to Spotlight, at least let me use the discs I own on the new system. I could pack away the extra camera on my TV if they'd allow that.

Another thing I wonder is if anyone will (seriously) miss it. I work with people with devel...

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The thing I want I know I will never get. The titles that are off the Xbox 360 store. TMNT, Simpsons Arcade, etc. Unfortunately, even though they could be in our "already purchased" list for download just like they are on the 360, they'll forever be locked on the old console, I'm sure.

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