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You don't need to "download" them, but I can only assume due to what I've heard about how the BC works, you will be installing them, still taking up the same amount of room?

I'd be patient with a download, but hopefully there's some sort of fast, per-game install so you can up and download as your system has space. #1
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I want to know if Kinect based items will work, and utilize the Xbox One Kinect. My kids love Kinect Party, and I'd love to snap into the original Dance Central songs...though if the licensing issue is there, I may lose out. After all, the original thought for Spotlight was "get all the old songs over" and it hasn't happened. #23
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I know this is the definition of "gift horse in the mouth", but any odds of the OG Xbox emulator for 360 getting the upgrade, thereby allowing the original discs modern access? :) #52
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I'd say they still will be able to upgrade remasters, as well as the whole "sell to people who don't own it already" line. Unless they start pressing old 360 code on XBone discs. :) #12.1.2
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Been meaning to ask this for a while: PSTV. It's got the Vita and memory card slot.

PS4 remote play allows you to stream PS4, also allows you to mirror the screen.

Is the PSTV very "PS4"ish or very "PSVita"ish when it comes to how it links? Can it (or would it be easy to) "remote play" a PSTV with a Vita, allowing big screen gaming, and still having the touch functionality you could look down and use if necessary? Even if it... #11.1
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Please no. Oversaturation is what killed the market once before. Mass consumer thinks that video games all require fifty $10 action figures, they're not about to pick their kids up a new system. #8
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Unfortunately, I think the character is a bit cursed. I mean, when you're nigh-invulnerable where nothing can hurt you, it's hard to make a game where there are consequences. It reminds me of the lamer parts of the open-world Spider-Man game, where you are saving people falling off of buildings, catching muggers, or delivering pizzas (ugh, that part). It'd take an amazing developer to nail that stuff without a) being boring or b) making you want to go off onto the chaotic side and... #2.1.1
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As a reviewer myself, I say that kind of effects it. Lots of review copies are coming as "digital only" these days. While a lot of data gets put on the HDD, it skyrockets if you are getting free games to download on a regular basis. Plus, if you are installing every Games with Gold/PS Plus game, you will fill it up too. Smart downloading and logical deletion (especially of physical storage you can always re-install if the mood hits) can stave this off a bit longer. #2
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Despite the constant negative flak, I still plan on buying one this week after the tax return comes in. Portable classic games and off screen streaming are worth it alone to me, cross-buys with some PS4 and 3 games I own are just gravy. Yes, the system could have had more potential, but I feel it's still a solid device. #5.1
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I had a friend in high school who got Final Fantasy Tactics. First run of that was extremely rare, and while I always wanted to buy it, I just couldn't FIND it. I begged him for weeks to let me borrow it, but I had to wait until he was done (forever, of course). He let me borrow it finally. A couple weeks down the line he died in a fire.....I took the game back to the family, because I thought it was the only thing to do...it was really hard in general. Like, "this is your property,... #4
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Wow. I'm not usually one to complain but this article could boil down to about four words. There's three plus paragraphs of "keep reading to find out" and redundant links to other articles that have nothing to do with the topic.

But as for the main point, no, they won't sell a Vita without a back touch pad for cheaper. It's necessary. The game you are pointing out with your main image is Tearaway, from what I understand one of the biggest users of th... #1
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I'm calling it: when this series runs out of ideas, the final episode will be about Phoenix Wright. Yep, all about the Butz. #1
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And why isn't this game available for digital download, thereby allowing it to run on Vita yet? #4
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Don't remember who it was but there was a rap song on a Tony Hawk game that had a line like "similar to the new PlayStation 2". I had that game on Xbox, and the line fades out right at that second. Always worth a laugh. #4
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Then buy the cheapest game and slap the code up here in a comment for someone to wrangle. It doesn't go to your account, you get a code. :P That's giving them away! #10.1
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We're still around. ;) #4.1
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I'm in no way condoning it, but in all these arguments I read I still wonder why people don't see one of the obvious points: if you can't trade in a system, that's one less used system for sale on the block that WON'T eat from their sales. Disgruntled people who figure it out will buy a spare charger, but those who say "well, I need the charger, so I'll keep the old 3DS" will put one less out on the block, meaning one more person who WON'T get the chance... #6
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What I'd like to know: If I own a Wii disc of the game, will there be a way for me to utilize the updated control scheme being discussed?

Also, I'd add The Last Story to this list. #1
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Please Please Please Original 3DS! If this is for "new 3DS" I just pray the next system is backwards compatible. I can't justify a second system....my family owns four for Mario Kart! "yes, honey, we need a fifth 3DS..." #6
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I've wanted Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together since I heard it was a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics. Is it worth admission price? Still have my PSP and hopefully getting a Vita soon. #36
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