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I have been out of Dynasty Warriors since 3....not by my own choice, but not having the right system when they came out or just not having the funds. I'm excited to see this, and it elevates my interest exponentially. #5
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How does this exist when the owner of the game cut it from iOS? Did I miss a memo? I thought he wanted to stricken it from existence? #6
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I don't have an X1 and will probably get a PS4 before that, but I have Gold on my 360. You go to Xbox.com, and you can click the "purchase now" button. In fact, I've been so busy my 360 hasn't been on for a month and a half, but I "buy" the games online and they pop up when I turn on my system. #4.1
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I approve this entry on the picture alone. I loved Eternal Champions. The digital reissues have only been the cartridge though....the Sega CD was awesome. I'm really sad about the original planned trilogy just fizzling. A chance for the devs to finally make it would be a guaranteed buy right here. #1
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Ha! I thought that I would find the white one so I would end up with the opposing colors. I have a black Wii U, it was originally promo'ed as white, and I could get a white PS3 to show off with the main push being black. #5.1
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Eeh, Kirby sucks.

*rimshot* #1
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There was a "Batcave" DLC on Arkham City that I wrote an article on back then. The text on the marketplace said "Download this for free" and it had a price point. I tweeted XboxSupport, later in the day it was down, and by the evening it was back up, sans "free". #2.3
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My only question is if the Kinect will be sold separately, and what the price variance is. I want to know that if I buy the vanilla and one day they make Dance Central 4, that I can get on the bandwagon for near the same price as if I'd ponied up at first. #1
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Anyone else remember there was a sequel? Not as good, sadly, but the name alone, because how else could you name it.... Die Hard Trilogy 2!

I did enjoy that in the lightgun portion of that one a semi truck crashes and it's obviously Optimus Prime. Stripe on the side of the trailer and all. #5
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Check the Hyperkin Facebook page. What little detail they give shows just bad luck. Broken pins, shipping issues, and the delays just made them optimistic to add more. It's added up to "they won't give a release date". #5.1
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While hardware instead of software, anyone following the RetroN5? It's sadly receiving a backlash as it's been delayed many times, only to now officially get a "when it's done" attitude. The company isn't responding to ANY comments by the community, unless it's one random snarky reply to a humorous comment. They're allowing their FB and Twitter feeds to fill with vitrol. All of this when allegedly it comes out "in April"....yet now outside sources (... #4
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Now, bring it full circle and use the original PS3 font for the logo. #2
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He MC adapter could pull your old save files over though. #9.1.3
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Comment for comment's sake. May I please win? #281
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Author here. I will reiterate the awesomeness of this program. Amazingly fun music that profit goes to charity on. You seriously can't lose. #1
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I have one good and one bad event with Amazon.

I ordered the final disc of an anime series with limited edition covers and got the basic one. The first run (of which there were always plenty) had the limited foil card thingy. For some reason I didn't get one and they said I was out of luck. Six months later a friend bought one that had been sitting on a retail shelf and gave me the card, so it's not like it was sought after.

On the other hand, my wife... #22
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The new owners are really turning it around. The exchange makes it almost a new service. It's worth looking into again. #1.1.1
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Perhaps I could take a shot at it? #3
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Man, forgot about those side quests. Hush alone makes it aggravating that the next one is a prequel! #3.1
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It's the Game BAKERS, and they already have two great games out (the Squids series). #3
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