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My local GameStop has a copy of NES Battletoads on their shelf behind their counter solely so they can answer "yes."

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Author here with a side note: for some odd reason Sony has the original on sale for $12 this week.

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That is my one complaint and why I was glad I got to review this one. I don’t like how their naming structure works. This could have easily been the title for a sequel. But the really sucky part is the saves. Gameplay changes enough to still be entertaining, but I can’t see spending another $60 on a game I bought two years ago without save transfer. Thanks for the compliments!

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I miss memory cards. Yes, you can upload online on most, but they were just so dang easy. Go to a friend's house and pop in your card. Not even worry about signing in.

You know what I want back? In-controller memory cards. You wanna go multiplay at a friends? Just bring your controller! My character was saved on Perfect Dark, if I remember right, on my memory pak. Wanna try an RPG at a friend's house on Dreamcast? Bring along your VMU! I was really excited on Wii w...

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I’m upset that they aren’t adjusting old points. I did the GameStop pro day and bought and registered four cartridges for 16 points apiece that would now be worth 60. Bit by bit isn’t much, but if I got what my gold points are “worth” now I’d have $10 instead of $1.84.

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I always wanted Superhot. This is great. And Quantum is a fun game, I'm looking forward to porting it over from my 360. I always get this little bit of victory when one of my games I own gets BC treatment. I had two little 32 GB flash drives and a 120gb main drive filled. The two drives are gone and I should be able to install a disc game or two soon!

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Had to make sure Tactics was on here. Agree wholeheartedly, but the War of the Lions edition, despite it's amazing updates, has an annoying lag that hurts battle. Anything more than a basic attack seems delayed, as the "impact noise" happens a couple of seconds before the animation kicks in. I don't know what happened...there's no use to modifying that part of the game, and yet it's there. I LOVE the game, but that's soured me from going back through on the updat...

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I really wonder if the online price is cheaper because they're expecting multiple consoles per household, linked to a single person. My son wants his own Switch, and when he goes there he'll transfer his account, meanwhile I'll still have mine. Unless there can be a family nnid, maybe? But if they see 2-3 Switches in a house, theres the $60 they'd make in one "family account" anyways.

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They're gonna need to have some sort of save transfer in effect before another comes in our house or it'll be pointless.

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Personally not a hacker and not going to head there, but come on....is there really, seriously a PS2 emulator hidden in the core structure of the PS4? Why the heck wouldn't we open that up for use? I could handle skipping the PS3 if it meant I could bust out my 1, 2, and 4 discs into one unit.

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I'll agree that it's not a solid piece of equipment. But, I think that it sucks they took out the functionality on systems that still have the same engine running in them. It actually deters me from upgrading to the X.

It isn't without precedent, though. I remember when PS2 killed my iLink cable, making it to where I couldn't play Time Crisis 2 as it was meant to be played.

Let's go even further back when Genesis killed the reset butt...

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I finally saw this and am oh so pleased. The other ones that are out are gaudy as heck, and I love that the NES and Switch cases I have match like they do with this one. Mind you this one is grey and purple as opposed to red and black, but the zipper closes the deal for me. I like that these subtle things work, and hope they keep a theme up with any future "classic consoles."

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I purchased BTTF on PS3 at the tail end of the system's life. I enjoyed Episode 1 but life went on and I never finished. I'm actually pretty psyched about getting that one.

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It was worth it to buy one used for half price and get one of those two games for free. ;)

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Kinect, for me, is easily worth owning for two things: Dance Central for me acting like an idiot and having fun, and Kinect Party for my kids when they want to have easy-access stupid fun at like a kid's party. Those were the only games I have enjoyed on it, and they couldn't be done any other way (well, I guess that KP is EyeToy-level work). But my hope is that when motion control falls away, we'll get a proper DDR again.

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One thing that the Switch lends itself to is multiple units in one home. With my gaming family, a PS4 might need a few more controllers, but we already see the benefit of a switch for each player much like the 3DS.

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I really do agree with that idea. I like the fresh aspect of new eyes on something with the backup support of others. Our site isn't a big one, and we all communicate via email and chat lines. When a review company sends a single code it's hard. These big places where they get to walk across the hall to each other's offices is a different thing.

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As a reviewer myself, I have a strange opinion on this. Reviewers need to be able to work outside their comfort zones. If you have an FPS head review Doom, they might find the nuances worth pointing out, but a side scroll lover might just see things that bar newbies from getting in on the genre. It provides a fresh outlook. Game reviews are interesting in that it’s an interactive medium: you change the experience based on how you deal with it. News reporters can be biased, so can game reviewe...

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Hmm...looks blue and black to me.

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That may be your perspective. I'd rather have the NES than he SNES. In my 30s and the NES is what I grew up with. There may be "better" games on the SNES but that doesn't devalue the NES.

Mind you I have a NES mini and plan to get a SNES if I find one, but if both were in front of me I'd get the NES.

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