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Got the 2TB for $69. 4TB for right about $100. $169 to upgrade four machines is pretty good considering the link this guy puts in for the one HD he's getting is $123 on it's own. You could move the one drive down the line to a PS3, but there's no external casing in his set up.

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I bought this:

The Seagate portable drive has a regular drive inside, a flathead screwdriver can pry off the top and you're good to go. If you look at the warehouse deals, you can get it crazy cheap.

My fun was that I bought the 2TB for my PS4, pulled out the 500 GB. Took that, and put it in...

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*raises hand* I have Amazon credit, so I'd have to add an extra step buying gift cards to use! ;)

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Aren't there dishes made with the beasts in-game? I'm sure they had to make a few substitutions. ;)

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Not exactly the same, I know, but Nintendo isn't exactly regularly doing what "the people" want. Otherwise we'd have another Metroid as well.

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I will still buy this game and enjoy it, but yes, it is an issue. I don't care about the pitiful amount of internet, I care about my trip to my Dad's house in the middle of nowhere with no cell towers and he couldn't give a rip about home internet. When I'm sitting there and wanting to play and it can't even sniff internet. That's my problem.

Heck, have it check in once an hour. I can walk out of his house and find 'net in the corner of his lot ...

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A bit old school for this list, but for me it was Bushido Blade. Number 2 felt like it pushed for arcadey, and lost a lot of what made the first special. If I remember right, you couldn't trek between level areas, and the different incapacitations really didn't feel right.

Bushido Blade was an excellent title that I'd love to see get remade, but with the exact same features as 1.

And, without any need for explanation, any Twisted Metal game af...

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My soapbox issue on this is Legacy. I can put an original copy of FF7 in a PlayStation and it will play just fine, and I won't miss a beat.

One day, PS4 servers WILL shut down, and we really haven't seen what will happen with legacy updates. Think about games like Tony Hawk 5. Regardless of the quality of the game, it's alleged half the game was incomplete requiring like a 6GB patch. If someone finds that game and wants to play it twenty five years from now for...

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Advertisers are doing it right if news articles are made from their work.

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OK, incoming rant.

In terms of the actual topic, yes, B/C would benefit. I'd love the extra room under my TV, plus I have a larger drive in the PS4.

But today, with the release of the Pro, I'm seeing Sony drop ads for "Old" PS4 games. A tweet by PS is schilling Shadow of Mordor again in 4K. literally saying "play this game once again in 4K". So even though it can be played on the OG PS4, they're selling it up like Xbox sol...

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To those replying: we have unlimited internet, but it's insanely slow. It can game, it can Netflix, but when I upgraded from my 500GB to my 2TB, it took like a week and a half of downloading. Mind you, I re-downloaded EVERYTHING, so there was plenty to get, but it was annoying. Even more so if I'm literally uploading saves, pulling the HDD, moving it to the pro console, solely to redownload the EXACT SAME DATA.

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So, since I put a 2TB aim my original, if I do upgrade to a pro it's gonna be a hassle, and the easiest fix will be buying another 2TB?


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Slowly but surely! I just last night was able to pull one of my two 32GB USB drives off the 360 after transferring new B/C games over to my 2TB One drive.

I just wish day.... some of the no longer online games would find a way to transfer. Otherwise, I'll just have to keep my 360 for Simpsons, Ninja Turtles, and X Men.

82d ago 1 agree0 disagreeView comment! Guess I have to see where their mark is. All I'm seeing so far is quality imports, which I love. Neat! *insert "the more you know" gif here*

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Kadokawa? Wow, flashback. I haven't seen that name since my Record of Lodoss War DVDs.Didn't know they got into gaming! I'll have to see what they brought over.

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In terms of the Seagate and performance, I will undoubtedly agree with the reviewer. I have a 4TB drive I got on Amazon exactly like this one that I love, minus one thing: You can get the exact same thing in a generic shell without the green or the imprinted "XBOX" logo for anywhere up to $70 less if you are looking. That precise drive is amazing, and you aren't carrying it around and looking at it a lot, and if you are, an Xbox sticker can be bought for less than $70. I bought ...

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Ugh. I like the design of the PS4, mind you, but my shallow entertainment system requires it to be on it's side, angled, just to fit in the unit. I know it's my own problem, but this "trapezoid" would, at the normal dimensions, make that depth even worse, pulling the angle back. I can't really explain it without pictures, but it's just frickin' annoying.

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All too true. If we were to play every game out there today, for as much time as people want us to play them, we'd need four extra months, and nothing else to do.

Part of me fears that this will one day cause another crash. Kind of the opposite of the ET phase, where all these quality games are coming out and nobody has time to play them, so they never sell what they are expected to. Heck that happens now. Didn't the most recent Tomb Raider, despite being good, tran...

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Imagine, if you will, years down the pipeline, the PS1 Mini. Castlevania SOTN, Twisted Metal, Final Fantasy 7, Resident Evil....what else would you put on there?

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All I know is last night I tried to watch a movie that froze streaming. I turned it off only to be faced with an update, with the "can't use your system until the update is complete" attitude. That was frustrating.

*edit* Oh my gosh, I'm now reading how Cortana turned off the old "Xbox, ON" commands. I've been having yelling matches with my system and thinking the Kinect was broken! So, now what, do I say "Cortana, on!" or what?

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