Some muh fuckas are always tryin to ice skate uphill..


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Billy Bob for Trevor (or actually the voice actor himself)

and Tyler Perry for Franklin?..or just to mess with people like hollywood loves to do...Christian Bale as Franklin.

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i found myself playing golf and messing around in the stock market more than stealing cars and causing mayhem..that is ridiculous and funny to me. where are the headlines? "Video games teaching our kids about.....GOLF and ECONOMICS!?"

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says it will be packaged maybe dead rising 2 had that prologue and THEN the full retail game?...or if it'll be two separate game entities unto themselves..

that's the bit they aren't clear about..

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i meant in terms of actual weight, like if Sony or Microsoft or say E.A were to release a bunch of crap games, like REALLY flood the market people would just buy something else or not even pay attention to the game releases...

we have bigger sink and more faucets to get our water from as opposed to back then we have a few small developers and basically like what, Two major home consoles?.

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Because the WiiU isn't selling well that means we're gonna see a crash?...

lol NO...and even further..not any one console or even developer can cause a crash, the reason the first crash happened was due to the fact that gaming was VERY small and not anywhere near on a scale it is right now.

and [email protected] the person saying "iv been saying this for several years" giving yourself a pretty big window there, aren't you?.

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mother of god

thank you sir/ma'am @Sono421

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wait..does PS+ flow over from the PS3 to the PS4?.

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Your Scary Movie/Scream Simile was on point lol

best way iv seen it compared/explained

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i watched my friend for 30 minutes, run around and run/punch people...slide across the hood of a car and run/punch...jump off motorcycles and run/punch..etc etc.

i haven't laughed that hard in a long time

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that's an opinion alright.

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different games...

different play styles...

same genre sure..

but it's like comparing Saint's Row the Third with Grand Theft Auto IV...

enjoy each for what they mean to YOU..not someone else..

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so you prefer quantity over quality?..

meh..i prefer it the other way around...but to each their own..

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Why care about his opinion on video games of all things?

it's his opinion...

and why anyone would care about it is beyond me..(unless your his kids, then you're screamed out of gaming goodness)

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lol I am glad others picked up on that.

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this is called a "PC"..

*runs from the ignorant fanboys who don't know any better*

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he's a gamer..if you listen to his album there's video game references littered throughout..

it's also a GREAT album..if you haven't checked it out, please do.

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that was glorious sir.

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a Deadpool game should be more like "Mature Violence and Intense Humor"

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it lights it up..with justice.

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the whole idea for this is sick as hell..

especially the promo shots of George Washington sitting on the throne holding the me a chubby just thinking about it..

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