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Why do people listen or watch this guy? These videos are nothing more than a ploy to get traffic. Uggggg. I know he has fans, I just cannot understand why. #47
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5 out of 5 for a $30 demo??? Thats ok IF the full game comes out at $30 as well. The price alone and the short amount of gameplay should definitely ding the overall. Wow. I am just baffled at this. #6
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People have to remember that Xbox One is only in a small percentage of the markets that the PS4 is in. That changes in September. The end of the year and holiday season will show a more true number of console sales for each company. That's when things should get interesting. I think its safe to say that both consoles are successful. #58
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Yeah, I think once Titanfall drops (no pun intended) that this game will lose a lot of players. Its definitely a fun game to pass the time though. Good idea to release before Titanfall or it might have been lost. #1.1
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I was really disappointed to see that they did not include the option to unlock the courses in the game again like they did last year. To get all the DLC courses it will cost about $50 extra bucks unless you have to Season Pass 20% discount. Regardless, it does hurt to have some of the courses free last year and now they are DLC this year. The game plays great though and the 20 courses included are great courses. #2
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Zen Pinball 2 is free from what I understand. You just have to purchase the tables. and if you already had Zen Pinball or Marvel Pinball on your PS3 you should be able to import everything over free of charge when its available. It wasn't available as of yet on the Playstation Store when I last checked an hour ago.

UPDATE: When I searched for Zen all of the tables and Zen Pinball 2 appeared in the results. It still wasn't showing in the main storefront itself though.... #2
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I dunno, I hope the Vita is not dead as I do enjoy playing mine. But something tells me with the next gen systems right around the corner and the influx of , Smart Phones and Tablets (Android, Apple and Microsoft) that the Vita is past its prime just a few months into its lifecycle. I'd like not to completely believe that, but its hard not too. I think the Vita may become a shovelware platform by the end of this year unfortunately. #44
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Leave it to PSN! J/K

Yeah, I am surprised it passed certification through Sony though and made it this far if it doesn't actually work. Hipefully TellTale is on top of it and has an update inbound for PS3 gamers. #3
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Not happening....awesome sensationalism! #26
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Yeah, Jurassic Park was a huge let down. I know a lot of folks that liked Back to the Future, but I know a lot that were not so happy with it. Fingers crossed on this title. I do like the art style. #1.1
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Fair enough. US Added to title. ;) #2.1
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Not sure what build we are playing, but I have been having fun with it regardless of the bugs. MW3 will blow it away in sales but I think I'll be playing this a whole lot more than MW3. #3
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I just wish I had the PC to run this!!! This game is going to be amazing! #1
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Interesting. I had one freeze but figures I caused it when in the replay editor. Other than that, no freezes and I haven't played religiously online yet either to know of disconnection issues. Hopefully they get it fixed up. #3
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I agree completely with the "perfect score" does not necessarily mean perfect game. Wrong choice of words on my part. I'll edit. #2
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This looks awesome! I just posted this news a bit ago as well, and I keep going back to look at the screenshots! LOL! #2
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At the end of the video they state all 3 platforms. It was previously announced only for the PS3 and PC though. I remember playing this one too. Good times! #2
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My fiance has a degree in psychology and she was appauled as well. I just sat here and giggled the whole time as I posted it mostly because the guy really does look like Doogie Howser with glasses on. How can we take him seriously? #2
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LOL..Hey, just going by what info the press release gave me..Dont shoot the messenger. I think my site would blow up with 17 million in 5 days..LOL! #3
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Yeah there are a total of 17 tables available at the moment I believe, and this Mars table will make it 18. Sure, I wish there were more tables on a regular basis but I am okay with the way its been handled. The tourneys online definitely make up for the lack of content on a regular basis. #2
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