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Now all they need to do is advertise it, like they should the Vita. #5
Are there any games you can try for free? I can access the US store and every game requires payment.
I want to test and see what the quality is like. #9
Just reading these comments you see how different people like the different games. I still prefer the Mega Drive classics. It's always going to be hard for Sega to please everyone. #9
So basically they want a Lego game which isnt a Lego game. #1
Wheeeeeeen? #1
I'm sure both Sony and MS have said that 4K games aren't possible on these systems. 4K movies only, at a later date? #1.2
I've ordered one from Amazon with Nintendo land, party u, mario kart and 3d world for £199.99.
In also getting Far Cry 4, Evil Within, GTA V, Shadow of Mordor and Smash Bros for Xmas.
I know what I'll be doing over Xmas...visiting family and wishing I was at home. #9
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Defiance is now free to play, so free on all available platforms. #6
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It felt very much like a mode from a much larger game. Spent so much time just running, looking for the creature. #3
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Those special stages will be almost impossible on touch screens. I remember pulling my hair out back in the day on mega drive. The later levels required pin point accuracy. You'll never see Hyper Sonic on this. #8
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The only film from that list I think would make a decent game would be 30 DoN. Imagine the snowy level from Last of Us, but built around a whole town. With survival elements, and perhaps some construction building barricades and such.
Nightmare may be decent if each level was done to be the nightmare of the specific victim.
Blair Witch...walking around an empty wood until you randomly fall over dead at the end. Sounds like fun. #13
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Got mine in the UK, Downloaded and ready for tomorrow. #2
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Not only have Tesco not yet delivered my copy, but I have no Internet (courtesy of digital region) until Monday 15th. Bad times #3
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P.T as a concept demo was awesome, especially in the dark with surround. Hearing things behind you then spinning to see what was there.
I just hope that Silent Hills turns out to be a bit more traditional in it's approach. I dont want to be running through the same section over and over trying to work out what to do next. #3.3
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Hmm, I'd be happy if this resulted in lower price memory cards. I dont want this to be a resurgence of the piracy issues the PSP had. The Vita is struggling enough with large games, lets not take away all the reasons for companies to make games for it. #3
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They should use soundwave, with the cartridge/cd going into his chest. #2
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Final Fantasy, GTA, Metal Gear Solid, Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot, Ridge Racer, Tekken, Twisted Metal.
The games that PS was known for. #8
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Some decent games there for all systems. I just hope PS3 doesn't turn into 1 AAA & 1 indie game each month. #6
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I agree, I never got around to getting DS3, so it's perfect.
I'm so glad it wasn't the games that were leaked. #1.1
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Am I missing something here, wasn't this announced ages ago. I thought the only reason it wasn't out was because they were having trouble fitting the vita safely in the box. #10
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