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Definitely, I'd love to see up to date Metal Gear 1&2. #3.1.1
I'm sure the developers said there are guns in this, maybe they show up later on.
As above will definitely wait for reviews on this one. It doesn't look like a game that can last for a long time. It looks similar to Outlast in style and that being an indie game has a reasonable price. #5
There were rumors of a TMNT game a while back. I hope they look more into that. #1.1.1
Sorcery + was a personal favourite in our house. We spent hours playing that game.
And a another game where I missed something until the advent of the internet. We finished it by taking a crown from the 1 level which turned into the 4th heart. #6.1.1
I had this on the Amstrad CPC and always wondered why there was a car that you couldn't afford. It wasn't until years later I found you could start again after completion with extra money. #6
Data Blasts were a pain if you didn't have a fancy vcr with frame advance. #5
I've just received the email saying there are now trophies on PS Home.
I think if they decide to move to PS4 it needs to be streamed instantaneously. No loaded or downloading areas. #2
That's the problem, we keep saying 'lets hope next years is better' Then it comes along and it's the same problems.
I bought MW1 for £40 after trading in Spider-man 3 for a £10 (so it was listed as £50) and it was money well spent. Great cinematic SP and a truly balanced MP.
From then on I've only bought at significantly discounted rated. Sainsburys usually sell at £25 (although recent years requires other purchases).
I still... #3.1
It's the equivalent of what the Tanker section was on MGS2, and that was given away for free with ZoE.

I'll wait until this is sub £10 on PS4 before even thinking about it. I imagine there will be loads traded in. #3.1
HMV will be missed if they close down (but not their high prices) they are a British institution. Along with Woolworths who's street presence died a few years back.
The British high street is changing into a line of pound shops, bookies and pawn shops. It's not good.
Even my local Shopping center is loosing decent stores and becoming one giant mobile store. #1.1.1
Exactly, they did this with the last game. And there was uproar by some people.
"We paid extra for a map and now its free to everyone".

I've actually only played this map once, but I didn't pay extra for it. #7.1
It'd be good if someone could come up with a universal adapter for all consoles. RF to HDMI or something. #11
I'd love to see GoW 1 & 2 and the PSP games remade with the GoW3 engine. #1.1.13
That's the thing isn't it. We'll now play it for free rather than pay for the ps4 version. They should do £10 upgrade then at least they'd get something. #10.1
This goes for Xbox also (wii has always tended to have more). But we need to see more games with split screen. Even traditional split screen games (FPS, Racers) don't seem to have the option these days. #4
Can anyone remember the original pitch for RE5 where the light and dark would affect gameplay. You'd be blinded moving between the 2 and it'd take a while for your vision to adjust. Maybe the technology at the time didn't allow it. #12
There was a guy on Live Stream on PS4 this weekend playing through all the games. That inspired me to go back and play through RE2 again.

RE4 was a great game but wasn't true Resi. Although it still had some of the horror, it lost almost all puzzles. Then RE5 lost all horror and puzzles and became a shooter. RE6 - oh boy. #1.1
Delsin starts off with basic fire (smoke) powers but as the game goes on he'll take the powers of others. So by the end of the game he'll have far more power than Cole ever did. #2.2.1
I'm still hoping we dont get Tomb Raider in the EU. I thought I'd wait a few weeks for the PS4 version to come down, but now I wont bother.
I also hope that Dead Nation isn't true as we got that on PS3.
And PJ Monsters I bought in the xmas promotions. Argh.

Oh well, back to Outlast. #3.1
Has anyone tested these with the camera (not that I own it)?
I'd image they do interfere, but some of those with larger light areas (batman) may still work. #12
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