working on trippy platformer. fun stuff.


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What I don't understand is why people skip dialogue and cutscenes, especially in games like Witcher or Skyrim. I couldn't believe it when one of my buddies was showing skyrim to me back it when it first came out, and he would run around and talk to important people in the game, and speed through the dialogue just to complete a side quest. Is that fun for anyone? you are completely a game, rushing through all the meaty details just to get a checkmark next to quest completion and clear...

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This game looked incredibly promising. I am absolutely baffled by this.

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but do realize that the website is called, "vrfocus", so I feel like I would respect someone's opinion more if they go through the trouble of registering a domain name and build a website around said tech, then say, other people.

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that's good...

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Nah, I am a rather big GT fan myself, but if games like GRID, DriveClub, Forza, Need For Speed: SHIFT and others include it, I'd reckon that the reigning champ of Racing Simulators (Polyphony Digital) to include it as well.
Omitting it makes absolutely no sense.

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looks intense. I like it.
Though, if I were to nitpick, the "Agony" logo looks super cheesy, and seems out of place.

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It is true though. Think about it this way, when games like Evolved, Overwatch and Battleborn come into the market, and do rather well with sales (the actual quality of each title varies wildly), it puts games like this in a very hard position. Just like you mentioned, this game is a gothic vampire action/adventure game, and a single player one at that, games like this are now rather difficult to sell to the masses. Never mind the fact that the game probably would have done incredibly well ea...

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you are profoundly uninformed if you think the graphics are the ONLY thing that is wrong with this game. Remember, this game arouse of a Kickstarter campaign, with Keiji Inafune as director. This man has been in this business for a long time. He should know what people want, and most importantly, what expectations people would have because he is attached to the project. You can't hype up "the spiritual successor to megaman" and then delay the game,...

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your mom has been calling your name for nearly half an hour, failing to get your attention that way, she decided to bang on a wall with an old cane. Meatloaf's ready.

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That's a very simplistic argument you've made. People were out for blood for Battlefront because of EA's shoddy business practices, the fact that the multiplayer beta wasn't all that good because of just how simple the game was, and while the visuals and sound were amazing, the actual moment-to-moment gameplay wasn't terribly interesting. Beyond the gorgeous coat of paint lied a game that had no definitive identity of itself, and the Laissez-faire attitude of the competitv...

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because it's basically Team Fortress and TimeSplitters had a beautiful, beautiful baby.

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The new DOOM has been a spectacular ride for me. I'm about 5 hours in, and just taking my time with it. I absolutely love everything about it. I've mentioned this to all friends and family, but it's the most fun I've had with a shooter in a very long time.

No cover based mechanics, no iron sights, just good ol run, jump and dodge and quick thinking. Such a good time.

Also, the review gives the game a 7/10 for graphics...r...

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what a second. I know GT wasn't the pinnacle of environments in video games, but I remembered GT6 looking a hell of alot better than this.

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(part 1)

I think it's important for people like you to voice your opinion. It's healthy to have a dissenting opinion every now and then, and I personally thank you for going into more detail about why you like/dislike something, rather then JUST stating it. However, your post has me sort of confounded on several concepts.
Your reasoning behind why you don't care for Naughty Dog sounds more like you don't think they deserve critical acclaim, rather t...

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(part 2)
Now, I look back at a game like Uncharted and of course, there are always things I may not have completely agreed with, but I had a damned good run of the first three games, and it was a bonafide system seller, and remember, this was a game that thrived without having a multiplayer (Uncharted 1) and people were not saying that the first iteration was flawless, but rather that its sequel improved on so many fronts, improving graphical fidelity and getting the handle on the C...

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Someone just watched "Drive" to make that video...

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I really do believe it's because the people who work at Naughty Dog reek of professionalism. They don't say stupid things, nor do they give bad interviews. Everyone there feels integral to the development of the project. People need to watch Grounded: Making of the Last of Us to get a better idea of what I am talking about. I myself fell in love with Naughty Dog when Jak and Daxter came out (never did play much of the Crash games on PS1, had an N64 at the time) and could tell that the...

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I am getting sick of Gran Turismo's damned generic looking backgrounds. The lighting effects look decent enough, and of course the cars look great. But for me, I must be at least in the minority where the graphical fidelity of the racing environment is just as, if not more important then the the "pixel perfect details" of the cars themselves.

It can take you out of the experience when you have a gorgeous looking car whizzing by a flat treeline that wouldn'...

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what the hell?
The UE3 shots look a thousand times better then than the UE4 ones.

Strange looks like a bad Lincoln impersonator with a strap on beard i...

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