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"working on trippy platformer. fun stuff. "


that guitar... #19
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are my eyes going or is there very little difference between ultra and low settings beyond a few minor texture upgrades. #3
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while there isn't anything aesthetically wrong with what is being shown, it doesn't look anything like DOOM.
In fact, you'd need the damned logo to be watermarked on each image to even let us know that it is in fact an iteration of the DOOM franchise.

Nothing here is coherent. Just a bunch of rag tag warriors in a desert wasteland with Killzone style weaponry. While that might not sound like the MOST uninteresting thing you've ever heard, it doesn'... #16
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I was wondering that...Developers make it sound like a murder trial. #1.1
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Everyone has their own opinion on the subject. I've had Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft systems in my time.
I'm 24, my older brother is about five years older. He also is very big into everything Sony. When he had his PS2, I had my xbox. When he got a PS3, I got my 360.

Now, times have certainly changed. I made the logical jump from xbox to xbox 360 because Xbox Live was damned revolutionary for a console based internet gaming service. It did everything r... #4
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I would have expected Ivy to be damn near the top. Though, with the insane amount of fan fiction with talim, doesn't suprise me one bit. #13
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...did you read the article? #1.1
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My three: Black Flag, Revelations, and Assassin's Creed 2. #13
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so damned cool.

I wonder if this is the future of the gaming industry. All these industry vets, responsible for the creation of well established franchises, going off and doing their own thing.

Times have changed, and it goes to show that with the right (small) team of people, anything can happen. It's full circle. Tools like Unity, Unreal, CryEngine allow these guys to expedite the development of games, and also allow for experimentation.

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This was actually an interesting review. And thats coming from someone who preordered the game.
Witcher 2 did not feel like a "fleshed out" open world that could be explored seamlessly. There were (if memory serves correctly) four or so "hubs" with one or two branching trails that often lead to dead ends. And while I did absolutely adore the second witcher, one cannot deny that it was not some huge streaming world like GTAV or Skyrim. Sure, a game like Skyrim requ... #3
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I thought I was one of the few that actually really enjoyed Kameo.

Wow. Just realized how few platformers graced the system. Voodoo Vince was amazing as well.

Here's to hoping that Rare gets back to making the kinds of games they are known for. #1.2.1
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...what the hell is going on? #3
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so cool! #2.1.2
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my list:

1. call of duty
2. assassin's creed
3. Final Fantasy
4. Halo
5. Killzone

For me, the best COD was 4, so it goes to show that the franchise is capable of reinventing itself.
Favorite Assassin's Creed was 2, when it nearly perfected the gameplay mechanics of stealth assassinations and freerunning, Favorite halo was the second, because it improved on the original, and introduced absolutely rock solid onlin... #3
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Cruisin usa #2.1.3
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That's precisely WHY I am annoyed. It's Keiji Inafune...On a near 4 million dollar budget. Expectations should be high. And you are right. It is stupid to judge a game before having the chance to play it, but that doesn't prevent me from having doubts. #6.1.1
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Ori and the Blind Forest, Braid, Limbo, Child of Light, Rayman Legends/Origins and so on have matched, even surpassed their heavily doctored up designs. This game, considering the talent involved, should be able to do the same thing.

EDIT: Hell, look at a game like Leo's Fortune, that game is like living, breathing concept art. And the concept art for THIS game seemed similar in shallow depth of field, and intricately lit level set ups #6.2.1
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Just Dance 2015 for 19.99.
dot. dot. dot. #1
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Really? THIS is the best they can do? I've seen android/ios games with a 10th of the budget, and with only a handful of people showcase more competent gameplay.

Remember when the concept art came out for the game, and it looked like this:

What happened? It looks incredibly bland. And the guy do... #6
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I'd love a Metroid theme ride....Oh, the possibilities. #4
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