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"working on trippy platformer. fun stuff. "


I absolutely loved coming across notes that said this, and it is the truth.
For me, it was the very first boss that made me rage quit the game, I turned off my ps4, put down the controller, and was about to eject the disc. after an hour or so to cool off, went back to the game, found a few really cool notes left on the ground, and kicked that boss's ass.

The part I neglected to mention was the fact that I quit my ps4, and loaded up AC: black flag on PC. I never ha... #2.2.1
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...Have you played Sly Cooper? #1.4.3
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I don't get it. They didn't have any problems with animation or environment interaction before.... #5
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Nothing more hilarious then Joker getting his ass kicked over the course of a 60 hour game. #23
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Got mine to look like Colonel Sanders for whatever reason. Impressed with the character editor in the game.


I've never heard the word, "slack-jaw" in relation to homosexuality, nor could I find anything online pertaining to your definition of it. Slack-jaw simply means to hang your mouth open, giving others the impression that you may be in fact, a stupid person. #1.1.3
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very cheeky indeed.
...and did anyone notice the flying cars in this pic? #1.4
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Especially for Bloodborne, there is a level of exhilaration when you've conquered something yourself.

Last time I've used a guide, it was for Metroid Prime 1, and that was because there was a ridiculous amount of back tracking in that game. #2.1
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oh, cool.
Did not know that.
In no way am I trying to disparage Guerilla, for what they've done. Killzone 2's Campaign was far more interesting then most military shooter's I've played. (I really don't lump them with Call of Duty or Battlefield, but rather Crysis and Halo.)

As far as the comment below, KwietStorm, I firmly believe that shooters are not over with, what does the year have anything to do with it? Look at games like Bioshock, F... #5.1.1
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They just don't get it, do they?
The problem isn't with the engine or the tools, the problems lies with what they do with it. They don't quite understand whats makes a videogame gripping. They got real close in Killzone 2, but it ended up being a generic, cliche sci fi shooter with little to say.

They need to hire better writers.

EDIT: and to add, I've owned every Killzone from 1 to Shadow Fall and have walked away dissapointed. #5
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I don't get it. You've not only played, but FINISHED Demon Souls, and Dark souls 1 and your not going to give this one a shot? #24.2
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love this game. happy to hear about the sales figures.
Hope they make a sequel.
One of the few gaming environments I couldn't get sick of.

Not to sound overly weird, but did anybody else feel like they could actually smell the woods, as portrayed in the game? #10
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damn this looks good. #2
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question for ya. I have the sony gold's, and didn't opt for the pulse elites because I heard the battery life wasn't that great. how many hours do you get on yours? #5.3
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weird. I have had mine for nearly a year. No signs of wear on them at all. While I don't disagree with you on the fact that the band itself is made of plastic. I am surprised by just how resilient these things are.

...And they put out impeccable sound in every game I've played thus far. Favorites being Alien: Isolation and Infamous: Second Son. You feel like the alien is stomping right behind you, and in Infamous, you get a very audible sense of the kinetic energy tha... #1.1.1
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Don't get me wrong, I love Devil May Cry. The third iteration in the series remains one of the best action games I've ever played...But they already have the original trilogy "remastered" for xbox 360 and PS3. If they were insistent on grabbing new fans, and this WASN'T some shameless cash grab, they would have included 1-4 for next gen systems. I don't understand the "we are trying to get more fans" logic, because who in their right mind would buy Devil Ma... #6
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...This is getting out of hand. #1
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...speaking of which, what the hell is going on with Devil's Third? #8
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in the days of blockbuster, there was never a good reason NOT to have played these games. #4
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who was hyping Killzone, The Order, or DriveClub as a masterpiece?

I got the remastered version with my PS4, and it is one of those games that stays with you for a LONG time afterwards. When the game was over, I sat in silence, and felt emotionally exhausted. It is an incredible experience, and showcases a beautiful marriage between cinematic visuals/narrative with rock solid gameplay mechanics. You DO need to play it. #1.2.1
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...They look almost identical. How 'boughts we try to improve the textures guys?

Goes to show just how jaw droppingly gorgeous the game was on PS3. Crazy how the game came out 5 years ago...And it still looks damned good to this day.

I swear, between God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, and Killzone 2, from 2009-2010, we were getting a steady stream of visually stunning games. #14
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