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"working on trippy platformer. fun stuff. "


One of my favorite development teams. Heavenly Sword was criminally under rated, and Enslaved remains of my favorite titles from last generation. These guys can do no wrong. I love that they used someone working on the game's likeness to create Senua, the main character of the game. #8
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Wow, this looks beautiful. #8
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your right, it's only partially nude, barely teenage girls. #7.1
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I used to be entirely against quick time events, but there are some exceptions to the rule, at least, to me.

In God of War, after battling a few dozen enemies, nothing feels as good as finishing off that last enemy with a glorious systematic beheading. The prompts themselves are the same as well. It's usually like X, Triangle and then the use of the trigger as well, but the combo stays the same for that enemy type.

Where I have a problem is when developer... #8
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so your telling me that the alternative for this person who lost her life would be, don't go on places that allow people to have a voice? In this day and age, where every website has a user account that can then be synced and shared across google+, facebook, and twitter, where it then can be further dissected by more interconnected user accounts and thumbed up/down, and replied to, where websites continue to thrive off of the activity of each and every one of its users, and said website t... #5.1.1
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The internet can be a horrible place.
It doesn't matter how "thick" your skin is, one can take abuse only so much. Absolutely tragic. #5
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I agree with everything the author has written, except one bit, "The majority of games today are mechanics-centric, not story centric."

I think we are at a unique cross roads. Games like Gone Home, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Home, The Stanley Parable, Child of Light, and Kentucky Route Zero have shown great promise in providing the player with short but powerful narratives within the pew pew gaming masses.

Heck, even The New Order and Spec Ops: Th... #11
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I agree. Play the game's main campaign, while minimizing wandering around, that often gets me back into the mood to finish the game, because I remembered why I was so emotionally invested in it in the first place, and do side quests only as they are convenient to you.

The second you think about WHY you are playing this game, is the second you probably should give up on it. Time is certainly precious, and if the game allows you adequate breathing room to ponder such game-... #6.1
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I'm in the same boat. I've been burnt many times by trying to complete multiple games at the same time. Never works out, and worse yet, you forget important things happening in one game, and your enjoyment often suffers as a result. #5.1
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What I don't understand is, why remove Kojima's name from the Phanton Pain box? Besides Metal Gear, Konami really couldn't make the transition from 2d to 3d. Castlevania remains one of my absolute favorite "open world" platformers, and Silent Hill 2 stands as my favorite survival horror game, but besides Metal Gear, Konami couldn't rekindle the magic of their classic two dimensional titles in three dimensions. Their earliest attempts at creating a satisfying Castleva... #9
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They are to release phantom pain, and had silent Hills with many big names attached, and they decided to let go their most important individual. That's not fiscal responsibility, that's idiocy. #9
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Limbo. Braid. Kentucky Route Zero. Child of Light. #8
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They should have an oddworld: stranger's wrath element. #3
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This is good news. #1.7
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Steam would never listen to its consumers!

Oh wait. #8.3
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That's how you write an article. God, that was awesome. #2
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how the author managed to squeeze 6 paragraphs out of something so trivial is quite the feat. #1
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It just seems weird that this is happening RIGHT NOW. While I don't have a huge problem with it, it does give me heart burn at the potential misuse by modders. I imagine if Skyrim had paid mods all the time, I would have probably spent probably close to a grand by now.

I never used Steam Workshop outside of the occasional GMOD map or mesh, but beyond that, I've aligned myself with the Nexus Mod Community. Valve has to watch to see how this content gets created, and th... #4
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Mass Effect seems to be the most ripe for a tv series or movie, but I feel that Hollywood would have to approach the franchise in a smart, methodical manner. The problem is, it's a "video game movie" and it's hard for others outside the industry to understand what that really means. We always have a problem when aforementioned quote fills a studio execute's head with ideas. Those in TV and Film should not become immediately inspired when they see those words, it doesn... #3
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Most will agree that the hardware is solid. It's the software that needs some lovin'. #12
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