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"working on trippy platformer. fun stuff. "


For me, Destiny is up there. It's not that the game is blantantly horrendous, or even "bad", just a middling, average mildly enjoyable diversion coming from a company that can do far better.

I bought the Destiny PS4 bundle, and have put a good chunk of time in it, and when I was done with the game, and turned the system off, I didn't feel compelled to turn it back on again.

I know, in the days of both Halo 2 and 3, I was hooked.
I... #3
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and don't even get me started on Terror Squad. #1.9
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there is a definite lack of "Remember Me" from this list. #1
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This is the closest we are ever going to get to a fully realized Alien game, and I don't mind that.
This game had its flaws, but my god, some of the most intense stuff I've played in a long time. Not since the first Amnesia have I been this damned afraid of creeping around a game. #5
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good for them. The game looks really interesting! #1
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I feel like they advertised the game as "halo meets borderlands", and went off into a completely different direction. #2.1
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I agree with the author in some ways. Of course, a game labeled "horror" ought to be more terrifying then one that is not. But there are certain games, that when things go wrong, makes for an incredibly disturbing experience.

I forgot which Tony Hawk it was, but I remember playing a game of HORSE with a friend on the N64, and it was the school map. Well, for whatever reason, there was a weird glitch where if you tried to grind around the area with the loading docks... #3
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your right, it "could" be 5/10.
But I'd rate it closer to 9.
The game is an exercise in developing atmosphere and a thorough understanding of tension and suspense. The game isn't perfect, but it's one of the most disturbing games I've played in a LONG time.

I toyed with the AI to see how it would respond to incredibly loud noises, because I was ultra stealthy throughout the game, and was amazed at how it picked up on it.
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I am so sick of games that have great lighting and immaculate draw distances while showcasing piss poor AA.

It doesn't matter how far I can see into the distance if what's in front of me looks like something rendered on N64. #1.1.4
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I would also like to add Alien: Isolation to that list. Not the music persay, but the general sound design. I've literally woken up in cold sweats remembering the thundering of the alien's foosteps as it runs towards me. Every mechanical noise, every hiss of smoke, every facet of it's sound design is pitch perfect. #2
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As someone who was genuinely interested in this game from day 1, I find it increasingly worrisome when the developer fears that network instability will result from the release of the PS+ Demo.
If that's the case, then they definitely have bigger problems on their hands.

with each passing day the demo is not released, I believe the game's own image and reputation worsens.
This is now relegated to PR, and the only way they can remedy the distinctly m... #1.3.4
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who is the one giving the phantom disagrees?
what the hell is wrong with you? #7
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The Last Guardian. #4
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looks really inspired! #4
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been playing on PC and I have to say, besides the incredibly detailed environments, the one thing that really caught me off guard was the brilliant sound design. Every hissing of nearby smoke, or the boot sequence of an ancient computer, every thundering footstep, banging of the locker door, opening and closing of hallway doors, is reminiscent of the beautifully disturbing Dead Space.
And the Alien as well. The way it often flops down from the ceiling ventilation, the sound of its ta... #5
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I agree, and my god, the guy needs to get "Hooked On Phonics" real quick. #1.2.2
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smallest article I've read in a long time. #7
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you are thinking of "Test Drive".
And I was going to add this as well.
The game was rather average, but Pong put a smile on my face. I remember when the game came out, there was a running joke that you get the game for pong, and it comes with a racing game as well. #5.1
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always. #6.1
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Phendrana drifts from Metroid Prime.
Not challenging or anything, but absolutely beautiful. #3
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