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"working on trippy platformer. fun stuff. "


I just found out about Visage, and watched that extended walkthrough. Wow. What a terrifying game.

I've played Layers of Fear a number of times, and am equally impressed.

What is so incredible about games like these, is just how much detail they put into the most ordinary of objects.

Visage had what looked like plates with pancake crumbs and syrup spilling over the edges. you just "get" who these people are.

... #1.4
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I really don't get why publishers feel the need to make such a boring cover art. There has to be some science behind it.

Isn't a game's cover art supposed to stand out and NOT blend in with the crowd? #1.7
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At first, I agreed with you.
I was like, "No Man's Sky" has nothing to do with Destiny. And then I read the article.

The author states what everyone here has stated, further down the page:

"While there are major fundamental differences between No Man’s Sky and MMOs, they share evergreen engagement and long-term investment in their respective appeals to players."

He continues to mention that there are vast diffe... #1.8
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What an awesome reply.
I couldn't agree more.
The problem is not testers. I'm sure they found the bugs just as quickly as the gamer did in the finished product. It's up to those responsible for making the game -run- to fix those problems.

We can all say that it's QA, and sure, there is probably a ton of pressure put on the programmers to fix glaring issues within the game's own system, but sometimes, I feel like it's just bad coding... #1.1.1
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I don't remember Dead Space's soundtrack, is it worth a listen?

I do, however, remember and absolutely love his Tomb Raider score.

A very talented composer, indeed. #1.2
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I'm sorry man, I know you've gotten quite a few replies, but I would like to make a few things clear.

Windows 10 is great. I have no qualms with it.
Driver updates are near automatic, and software support runs flawlessly. Running old games in "compatibility mode" actually works, and without any fuss.

Edge is a really cool browser, and renders webpages beautifully, all they need is extension support for minor user -related fixes like... #1.29
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I am wishing for the best for these guys as well. You can really tell that they are putting their heart and soul into crafting a very intimate piece.
I also am a huge fan of their games, but the thing that worries me about this particular game is the combat, which is definitely the weakest aspect of the game right now.

Everything else looks super interesting, and most importantly, feels refreshingly original. #2
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does this really surprise anyone? #1
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I am glad they replayed each feature at least three times to see the smallest of differences between the different platforms. #10
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I agree with this comment one hundred percent. But I feel it goes even a bit deeper than marketing.

Marketing killed The Order, it accentuated all the wrong aspects of the game, and made the game look like something it's really not.

They basically stated that it's werewolves and steampunk, with a hint of the cinematic elements taken from a game like Uncharted.

But let's be honest here, people.
It wasn't hype. It wa... #1.1.8
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gamers are not a fickle crowd. The only reason why this is even brought up is because Comcept truly believes that their netcode/matchmaking is really the problem. I find it damned hard to believe that networking issues could delay a game as long as it has, especially once it comes to a damned 2.45D platformer. Jesus Christ.
It your Bungie, focusing on proper hit detection and ensuring big team battle runs smooth as butter for as many people as possible, then I get it. If it's a f... #1.1.3
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So it looks like Jonathon Blow wasn't a one trick pony after all.
Good stuff. Can't wait to play it! #3
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so edgy. #13.3
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I had to reread that heading about 10 times before I figured out what it was actually saying.

How about, "7 Weirdest Pieces of Videogame Fan Art (NSFW)". Nice and simple. #12.1
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It's not news.
But that shouldn't be news to you.
And yet, like every other person on this website, you clicked.

Because you wanted to.
And you liked it.
You know you do. #11.2
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This is a huge downgrade visually.

And realistically, I didn't want this game to be like damned multiplayer-centric at all. When I say the initially footage of the world, especially the insane level of detail given to the crumpled sheet metal on cars, and the gas steaming up from the manholes, I saw something that was intimate and ambitious.

I saw something that combined the best efforts of The Last of Us with with Freedom Fighters. I d... #6.2
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...It's Ubisoft.
Are you really that surprised? #1.3.3
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If you haven't heard of Omikron, I suggest you exit this window and find a way to play it right away. #2
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Call of Duty 4 didn't just work because it was based on modern day battlefield tactics and equipment/scenarios, it worked because the single player campaign was one of the most satisfying in the entire franchise, (Call of Duty 2 comes real close, however) and the game showed great prowess towards harboring a robust online multiplayer system with brilliant level design, and a nice clean layout to make it easily accessible for anyone to play.

For me, COD4 was just a brilli... #11.1
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Probably the single best definition of "gimmick" that I've read on this site.

When something is considered a gimmick and when something is considered an "innovative feature", there is an extremely fine line between the two, and realistically, the only way to know which one it is, comes down to time.

Analog sticks may have been perceived as a gimmick initially, because there was nothing quite like it, and so many people were already co... #1.1.5
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