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I don't like Destiny at all, and I bought a Destiny Glacier White PS4 bundle. I go to articles like this, and read the comments, because I like to see what people say. I agree with you, though. It's good to see that differing opinions on something. No one likes a homogeneous gaming community.

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These are incredible headphones.

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Cory Barlog really should be a household name by now. Great intereview!

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These ladies will try to cover their tits, but they have no bra. Will a....handbra suffice?

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I'm not married, nor single, But +1 for titties as well!

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What the hell was the point of this article?
seriously now. I thought I might have gotten some new information, maybe just a different viewpoint, or a cool new theory behind sex in videogames. Nope. I don't want to sound vitriolic, but this was absolutely redundant, and more to the point; wholly unnecessary writing.

ArchangelMike was off to a good start, summarizing the whole concept and the article into one sentence. I'd like to add my own take:

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they tried that already with the Xperia PLAY...

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Dude. One quick look at your comment history can allow one to deduce that your an xbox apologist, on a tirade against anything pertaining Sony, and that's really unfortunate.
For one, I'd recommend you actually play the game, and read "The Road".
Besides basic themes and visual storytelling, I don't get a Road vibe from Last of Us anymore then any other post apocalyptic book/movie that's been produced. I will say that the i...

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one of my most anticipated games.

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129 bucks? wow.

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What a second, by laughing at a joke, I somehow support EA?
Now that is hysterical.

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Am I the only one in the world that thought Navi was incredibly endearing as a companion? I remember as a kid that I really liked her presence, you never felt truly *alone* which was kind of nice.

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bundle of fun.

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I still think to this day that Chaos Theory and Pandora Tomorrow have the best multiplayer I've ever played. I'll never forget getting my Xbox and a shiny new xbox live membership, fighting with my purple Linksys wireless G router and basically forcing myself to learn wireless networking to get the damn thing working, but once it was up and running and connected, launching an online game 2v2, third person spies vs first person mercs and having an absolute blast.

Of ...

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Let's all be honest here, if the NX is a flop, and Nintendo knows their greatest strength is handheld gaming, it would be absolutely idiotic for them to not consider the opportunity. The only reason why they wouldn't would be because they love selling their software on gimmicky hardware, and would love to amass the sales of both consoles and games, rather than the games themselves.

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What I find most interesting, is the fact that as any medium matures, they go through this battle. Video Games have changed quite a bit, and there has always been some sort of disconnect between what we play and the real world we live in. As so many have already mentioned, artistic expression and the rights of the creator need to be upheld, for better or worse. Which means that for every game that actually has something to SAY about the object/subject it is depicting, we will occasionally get...

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...and I still have no clue what it is about. Looks interesting though.

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All I see is an incredible ass.

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What I don't understand is why people skip dialogue and cutscenes, especially in games like Witcher or Skyrim. I couldn't believe it when one of my buddies was showing skyrim to me back it when it first came out, and he would run around and talk to important people in the game, and speed through the dialogue just to complete a side quest. Is that fun for anyone? you are completely a game, rushing through all the meaty details just to get a checkmark next to quest completion and clear...

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