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Ratcher & Clank

There are far too many games to list but dam ill miss all those as a kid. The PS2 was the best for me. Back then multiplayer was actually worthwhile. My greatest memories when it comes to gaming comes from PS2 days ...

Long Live In Our Hearts !

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go **** yourself

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For those of you babbling about how people make religious jokes concerning you & that it doesnt offend you should'nt act like youre speaking for the world.

Some people have remained noble even during these vile times and still uphold a class of morale.

Dont judge them for trying to conserve that , then complain about how the world is messed up & not the way it was.

Muslims in particular take very high morale when it comes to anyth...

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meh. shes not that hot.

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doesnt matter since there will be no 2013 after all the world will end soon

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this article FAILS trololol FFVXIII ? And just who comissioned that it was coming out ? FAILL

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Theres pretty much a little something for everyone in there

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In the eyes of the Muslim , the toilet facilities are a very dirty place both physically and spiritually. Muslims tend to take SPECIAL PPECAUTION with anything dealing with the toilets. They even have their toilets face perpendicular to the direction in which they pray.

Hanging a picture with the word 'Allah' in it in such a place is very veryyy offsensive to muslims.

It is not a case where theyre nitpicking @ all. Please dont be that shallow. Genera...

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i guess its dieing down

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the holsom twins were such a turnon !

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will either pick it up used or pick up the special edition with RE:1-6.

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Theres lotsa girl gamers out there , its just that theyre all ugly trololol

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This FF-XIII series is a cheesy way to promote the biggest joke of all time , Women's Rights

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Well they already have the char designs and the world built unlike with a new FF game so I can see why theyre milking it.

Honestly , I wasnt a fan of FFXIII or FFXIII-2 but I kinda liked Lightening as a char alot. I believe if she had a better game she would have been liked alot more.

This project is a waste considering the caliber of games they could be making but ill get it anyway just for Lightening

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Does anyone lay Maplestory (Scania) ?

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Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 had a cool loading screen !

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Now I have a reason to buy this game !

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this list freakin fails

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The writer is probably going 'TROLOLOLOL' after reading these comments

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