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You strike me as quite an obnoxious person SilentNegotiator. You don't seem to understand that people do things for other reasons than catering to the mainstream and making more money.

There are many people who still love various consoles that aren't supported anymore because they've been discontinued, but still have games made for them by people such as these.

It's not just about making a game that someone can download and play on an emulato... #8.1.5
Do you have trouble reading? It's a podcast. #1.1
The Ps3 sold worse when it launched, so we shouldn't count it out yet. Although many will. #1.2
CD Projekt RED are Polish, not German. #8.1.1
It's not pointless to the people making it. There are are a lot of people who still make games for old systems, not because they want to make huge amounts of money, but because they love the systems and ENJOY making games for them.

Who are you to tell people what they should do and enjoy? #8.2
Well, it looks like the pc version is the one to have. #1
How does he look generic? :/ #2.2
I think I'll get these -

BioShock Infinite, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Crysis 3, Metro: Last Light, StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm, Rayman Legends, Luigiā€™s Mansion: Dark Moon, Tomb Raider, South Park: The Stick Of Truth, Lego City: Undercover, Dead Space 3 and SimCity.

How will I cope with so few games to play :( #18
It's not an interview, it was just some answers to some questions they've been asked. It was just something they posted on their website. #2.1
Maybe you need your eyes checked. #3.1
The Galaxy games have some of the best level design in gaming. That's why they are so highly regarded. Those games you mentioned are great, but I had more fun with the Galaxy games. #2.1.1
Sometimes they go in the wrong place, but usually it's a mistake ON PURPOSE. Sorry, I meant it's usually a mistake. #3.1
Who cares, I want GTA5! #1.1
Wow, it updated. Man that is incredible. And that happened through the air that I breathe!

Amazing. #6
It wasn't that amazing. I didn't buy one until years after launch, it didn't have many games for the first few years. The Wii U seems to be getting quite a few. #3.1.2
'I don't see how you couldn't considering what they've announced and the moves (lack of) that they're making. '

Explain. #4.1
Well, it would be a very expensive one. And the analogue sticks are crap in comparison to the dual shock, a definite downgrade.

So no, I don't think it will. #6
At least it's backward compatible, and it doesn't cost $599. #3.1
Just look at the size of the monsters, wow. Whatever it is, it's going to be special. #3
How should I know? How about you tell me how a country is racist based on this? #9.1.2
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