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They have been already. Over 120 years. How many gaming companies can say that?

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That is a small slice of what he actually talked about. Well done on cherry picking comments made by developers. How about reading the FULL interview?


EDIT:'It's not nit picking when thats the articles headline, blame the guy who published ...

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Do you get the DLC as well?

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Nintendo look like having a great couple of years. Plenty of games coming.

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You are talking to a bot.

And now I am talking to a person talking to a bot.

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Bless him, he's just drunk his milk.

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From the demo you can make assumptions - It's not Dead Space as we know it. But the more I hear about what the actual game will be like, the more I believe that assumption is false.

Until the game gets released we won't know exactly how true that is, but I remain optimistic. The more I read about it, the better it sounds.

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In Ken Levine we trust. He's been part of some of the greatest games in history. I'm sure it will be just as sweet as the games he's helped make before.

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The Dark Souls Collectors edition was great because of the art book you got, there was some amazing art there. It really got you in the mood before you played the game.

I love looking at concept art for many games really, it's great to see what they have thought of and what has actually made it into the game.

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I don't like a lot of stuff other people do, but I don't make a point of talking about stuff I don't like. I rarely talk about things I don't like, put it that way.

I don't see the need to constantly be negative about anything I'm not interested in.

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Nah, the Super Mario Galaxy games would be the best games to get if you wanted a great platform game.

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Well I have the same problem with other platforms. Last year there wasn't a single game I bought for my ps3, there was nothing I was interested in. This year there are two, The Last of Us and Beyond. Apart from that there is very little I want.

I didn't buy a ps3 until 3 years after it launched because there was very little it offered. But I got one in the end and it was worth it, I've bought many games for it.

To count out a console on it's f...

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'Wii and 3ds still outselling wiiU.. '

The ps2 was outselling the ps3 for ages, and the psp continues to outsell the Vita. What's your point?

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'I agree in what he means.'

I'm shocked. You agree with someone with a negative view on Nintendo? I've never seen that before.

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Dr Who: Eternity Clock, Start the Party and its sequel, Big Match Striker, and Tumble. Loads of *ahem* great games.

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Pretty much like your posts really.

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You can still play the games you bought. You're not getting ripped off, stop acting like you are.

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'not becoming a jerk again'

When did you stop being one?

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Well you're in luck in a way, you're an outsider, and outsiders have a chance of getting an insider who might give some information out. Although there's an outside chance of you getting an insider as you need to get into an insiders inner circle. You then invite that insider to come outside to talk to other outsiders without letting the other insiders know your insider is talking to the outsiders outside.

Easy really.

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EDIT:Ah, nevermind.

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