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They might have to sell a few more buildings to make up for it.

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'and for PC it was something like 1 or 2 million.'

You're pulling numbers out of your ass. How many copies did it sell digitally? You don't know, so you can't say.

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If that's how you read it you may need to get your eyes checked. Just some friendly advice.

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I gave my Vita to my girlfriend as I had got bored of it, and while she didn't particularly want it, it was still a nice gift.

After that we got engaged and are due to be married.

And it's all down to the Vita that neither of us wanted.

Thanks Sony, we owe you one.

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DLC is the bane of this generation.

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Are you talking about the part where two of the aliens get a bit, you know, frisky?

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I'd love to have Kirk Douglas as a bonus character in GTA5. Kirk Douglas is a badass.

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Yeah it's a good game, I played it last year.

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It's Sonny Jim, not Sunny Jim.

Lol, sorry but that bugged me for some reason.

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'And pirates would probably dominate to get away from PC doing the same thing. '

*scratches head*

Let me read that again....

'And pirates would probably dominate to get away from PC doing the same thing. '


Nope, I can't figure it out. What does that actually mean?

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While the Vita is struggling against 7 year old tech. ;)

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Oh dear for ps vita, it sold less than the Wii U and the psp while the Wii U sold more than the Vita and psp.

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Either you didn't read what I said or you're not understanding what I said. I said the Dead Space series was my favourite series this generation.

Where did I say that I'd give it a 10 because it was my favourite series of this generation?

I said I'd give Dead Space 3 a 10 from what I played so far. Are you following me Root?


You're too quick to judge a game based on your small ...

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Well as a long time fan of the series, it's my favourite series this gen actually, I'd give it a 10 as well from what I've played of it.

The full game is nothing like the demo, the demo is a poor representation of the full game.

I've been playing it for over four hours and I'm loving it, it's very much still the Dead Space we all know and love.

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The game has large areas to explore, with many different quests to take with many different outcomes. It has an enormous amount of freedom, the game needs to be played several times to get the most of this freedom.

Something you clearly don't understand.

And the game needed a good graphics card to make the most out of it, something else you don't seem to understand.

It's okay, you can learn online :)

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You're missing out on two of the greatest rpgs ever made.

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The Vita has been out over a year, the Wii U has been out a couple of months. The Wii U has sold over two and a half million in 2 months, while the Vita has taken over a year to sell just over four million.

The Wii U is selling more than than the Wii monthly while the Vita is getting outsold by the psp monthly.

There's quite a difference.

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'Superbot managed to do what no one else ever could or dared to do and that is pull together a whole bunch of characters from several different games from different developers into a single one.'

Is that supposed to be some sort of innovative thing or what? Nintendo didn't need many third party characters because they have plenty of their own, Sony don't so they had to rope in someone elses.

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They were also the most annoying.

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