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I didn't spend $600, my 570gtx only cost £130. But it's good for playing games like the X series,the Stalker series,Company of Heroes,Civ 5,Arma 2,DayZ,Guild Wars 2 ,PlanetSide 2,Amnesia ,The Total War series, Starcraft 2, and loads of other games you can't get on console.

Along with being able to play the superior multiplats as well. Yeah, pc gaming is great. #3.3
You won't see any next gen games at 4k resolution with 120fps. #2.1
Why would you need to when you're a billionaire. #11.1
So in September I'm going to have a choice of many games to buy including GTA5, and Ubisoft thinks I will set those games aside to buy Rayman?

Bravo Ubisoft, bravo.

*slow clap* #22

It's worth noting that the ps3 version of gta4 was the worst version. #1.1.4
- On rumors that next-gen consoles won’t play used games

'Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s more about explaining and about telling people who really love games that if they buy used games, there will be a day where there won’t be any new games at all.'

Boo hoo. You won't get to spend all day motion capturing your 'actors' instead of actually making a game. Well, that's really sad.

-On how much games cost
That winking thing is quite off putting dude. A local pedophile was arrested recently, and he was found to have a habit of ending his posts online with a smiley like yours.

I'm not saying you're a perv or anything, but it's food for thought. The FBI tracks for that kind of thing.

On topic - The Wii U is a next gen Nintendo console. It's not as powerful as modern gaming pcs, but neither will the Sony and Ms consoles.

And Ninten... #4.2.1
It just wasn't good enough, which ever way you slice it. It didn't have the same selling power as SSB. You can say it wasn't the same as SSB until you are blue in the face, and maybe you're right, but it was Sony's take on the genre and it didn't work. Point blank.

Oh well, some things Nintendo have the magic for that Sony doesn't. And vice versa. #7
Lol, have a a scene where Geralt rides Saskia in front of Iorveth, that would be grea.......

Ahem, yeah it would be great to ride Saskia as a dragon. #1.1.2
There's so many games on there I want that money is going to be a serious issue. Juggling living costs and gaming is a struggle, gamers should get government help. #2
They've got good taste. #3
Yeah, that would be excellent. Playing games from my pc emulators on the controller while I'm away from the pc would be A Very Good Thing™. #1.1.1
I've never seen or heard the word 'lackadaisical' before. Just want to thank you for that Jadedz, because that's a seriously awesome word lol.

*thumbs up* #2.1.3
It took 6 years for the best GTA to come to ps3. One year isn't so bad when you put it into perspective. #1.1
It's been out for a few months. A few months. At least give it half a chance. #13
You've had some serious bad luck then as it hasn't been a problem for me. I'm not saying that you aren't having problems, just that it's been fine for me. #6.1
You can't blame them though, the series is a serious cash cow for them. As a business, they will obviously milk it until the cows come home. So to speak.

I don't agree with it from a gamers perspective, but from a business standpoint it's quite an obvious route to take.

I haven't even played Assassins Creed since Brotherhood when it started taking a turn for the worse, but they will bleed this series dry. #2.3.1
You're right, tittle makes no sense at all. #1.3.1
'That's your reply? Because I can't provide the exact numbers, only estimates, I can't say that the massive piracy of GTA4 on PC might have an effect on the release of GTA5 on PC? '

The numbers you provided - 'and for PC it was something like 1 or 2 million. ' - must be false because you don't actually have a clue what it sold on pc. So you are talking crap.

Second, you don't have the numbers on how many copies were pirated... #11.1.4
THQ didn't just publish games for pc, what's your point?

As for your question to me above - I wasn't the one pulling numbers out of thin air, which was the point I was making. How and why would I need to give you sale numbers when I wasn't making the statement?

He came out with some random numbers with nothing to back them up. He was just making them up, which makes for a poor argument. #12.2.1
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