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Yeah, look how much it sells.

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Don't talk about yourself like that. Just avoid mirrors and you'll be fine.

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I'm sure MS and Sony have ways of getting to know what tech is being used by either side. Sums of cash have a way of letting loose lips talk.

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Yeah that's good news. As much as I loved the Uncharted series, they didn't take as long as I would have wanted to get through. That's not a knock on the series, it just means I enjoyed them so much I didn't want them to end.

For The Last of Us, a longer campaign only makes it more desirable. And the waiting for the game even harder.

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Do you seriously believe that gamers, people who buy video games regularly and read all the gaming news, such as ourselves, are in such a minority as to be 1% of everyone who buys video games?

I think you'll find that we make for a bigger audience than you might believe.

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Shame about Beyond Good and Evil 2, been looking forward to a sequel for years.

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A lot of gamers have more than one console Gribble. Some gamers, and brace yourself for this, even have more than two! It's shocking I know.

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Disagrees aye?

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There were consoles that used cds before Sony.

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It doesn't though :/

Unless you only go only Steam rarely I suppose. Even when it does update it doesn't take long to do so.

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Apparently SilentNegotiator thinks anyone who enjoys Nintendo games only play Nintendo games. He's full of words of wisdom, such as in his post above. He's full of something anyway.

Good blog btw, Metroid Prime's certainly in my top ten games of all time. The whole trilogy's great really.

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'Are Steam hiding Alien Colonial Marines terrible Meta critic score?'

Um, no. No they're not.

What a silly article.

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I looked down the list of games and thought to myself 'That's a list of great games'. All those games deserved good scores.


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One of the two games I want for my ps3 this year.

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25 pages? Um, no thanks.

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Um, it has actually got graphic options, and looks quite lovely on my pc. 60fps goodness on a screen.

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What's the point in having 3 Steam accounts?

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I'm going to play this and think of you -

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Um, what other benefits do you want from it lol? It's a simple convenient option. I have several tvs as well, but the Wii U is for everyone so it stays in the front room.

As a father with several kids who play with it as well, it's a good thing. In my example above for instance, or if the kids want to play on it while I watch a film, or whatever.

It's not meant to make your life complete, it's just a feature, an option.

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Well my missus watches a lot of soap operas in the evening, so if I'm gaming and then the tv gets turned over I can still play the game I was playing on the Wii U, on the controller.

It is actually a very convenient feature sometimes.

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