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Ninja Theory made Heavenly Sword, Game Republic who are now no more made Folklore, they are dead. They will make games no longer.

Demons Souls was made by From Software, who clearly didn't rely on Sony for their sequel as the next game in the series went multiplat.

Soul Sacrifice? Well the Sun shines on a dogs ass at least once a day.

Tokyo Jungle? Who cares about Tokyo Jungle? Lol, you are seriously reaching.

The Sony ex...

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Second hand sales are worse than piracy for developers? Which speaks volumes really. Piracy a problem on pc? Not as much as second hand sales on consoles.

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It's quite tragic. I know they haven't had many games to play in the last year, but they take it out on the wrong people.

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You have to talk loudly to some of these people...



Nope, there's nothing going here, could be a cabbage...


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Nintendo shows how much they own again.

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The 3ds has a lot of legroom, the Vita can't fit its toe in there.

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'Who cares when he became Bond'

The people making the films, and who own the ip.

In other words, not you.

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That was made in 2005, Daniel Craig became Bond in 2006 you numbskull. Lol. You do make me laugh with your witless posting.

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'Fans gladly accept anything Nintendo throws at them no wonder Nintendo doesn't bother taking any risks. '

What the f*uck does any other company do? Really?

Lay it down the line and ask yourself what any other company does to make games? What difference has Sony made to gaming? What has it added to gaming, and be honest.

Because I don't see a lot of difference coming from Sony. Last of Us? I want it, but it's been done bef...

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'I mean Daniel Craig was the Bond for starters '

Yes, he's Bond for the next several years. Only an idiot would think they wouldn't make a James Bond game with anyone else but Daniel Craig as Bond.

Oh sorry, it's Root talking. Forget I was here Root. Carry on.

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That was probably how the employees who were working for Gearbox felt when it was made.

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Seriously though, given how it's turned out to be a complete turd, do we really need it on the Wii U?

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'You just made my point for me.'

What was your point? That people who aren't interested in something won't be interested?

Well done for pointing that out. Give yourself a sticker.

The point is that people who ARE interested in gaming WILL be interested. And people who only have a slight inclination to gaming WILL hear about it as it will be in nationwide newspapers and on nationwide tv.

What was your point aga...

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The majority of knitting classes won't be aware either, but the target audience of the ps4 will be. It's funny how people act like the gaming community isn't as large as it really is.

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Another step - Don't outsource your game to another company and blame it on that company when you should have done the work yourself.

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Yep, I agree with that. Even the sloppiest of ports are exceptional when you weigh up the pros and cons. Sure they might not be perfect in pc gaming terms, but they tend to still be the ultimate version at the end of the day.

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I want Dylila to stop posting comments.

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Why is Dragons Age tagged when it isn't anything to do with the article?

I was going to talk about how I tried to be an evil character in DA but couldn't bring myself to make a lot of evil choices as Alistair was such a likeable guy that I didn't want to upset him.

I'm not going to talk about it now.

*blows raspberry*

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Yeah, um, that's the whole point of the petition. People wouldn't be petitioning to get the game on pc if it was already announced for pc.

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When GTA4 came out and wasn't fully optimized it still ran better than the console versions. Especially the ps3 version, it had a treacle like framerate at the best of times.

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