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I think it should be there but not be the main attraction. Games that will use it to their advantage should definitely have it as an option, but devs shouldn't think they have to shoe-horn it onto everything they ship.

It should be an advantage, not a hindrance.

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"And before someone says it, it is not nostalga. I have played through both of these games within the last 6 months."

You do know what nostalgia is? It is the pleasant memories and feelings that you had playing the game when you were a kid being re-experienced. Just because it was within the last 6 months doesn't mean nostalgia wasn't a factor.

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If this isn't Move compatible these guys will be shooting themselves in the foot.

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I suppose you can say he isn't very original, but that doesn't change that he is a damn good film maker. Aliens is about as perfect as sequels get. Most other directors would have retreaded the ground laid down by the first film, but James took it in a new direction and it resulted in a great sequel to my favorite movie. Call him a hack, he may be, but that doesn't change that he makes excellent movies.

The 3D in Avatar is the reason I enjoyed that movie. The plo...

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Ever see Aliens, Terminator 2? Some of the greatest films ever made. And he revolutionized 3D. 3D had never looked that good before James Cameron.

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Are you seriously trying to argue that it wasn't popular? The game made over 1 billion dollars. It seems like you're trying to say that you don't like it.

By the way, GH is fast paced and addictive, just like COD.

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Did you have friends when Guitar Hero 3 came out? Judging from your statement you didn't. Well let me fill you in. Guitar Hero was bigger than Obama.

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Maybe if you played the game before pulling an opinion out of your a**...

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IGN scores are not an average. So sans sound, he would still leave it at 7.5.

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" I was laughing at the lobotomized Duke Nukem-soundalike for all the wrong reasons."

That was the guy who did the voice of Duke Nukem.

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In all honesty, reviews from mainstream sites suck. What you wanna do is find some guy on youtube who knows his shit. Like Knightwing, CGR Undertow or a plethora of others.

Watch their reviews and you will get to know them and there personal tastes. You'll understand what they like and dislike in a game. So when they review a title you were interested in, you'll see their impressions and be able to adjust so you can find out how much you might enjoy it.

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Pretty laid back review. I liked it.

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You're not a sword.

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Very positive review. I'm getting pretty psyched up about this one.

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Seems to have taken a lot of elements form Halo and COD. Although they would be crazy not to.

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Awesome! That was unexpected!

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I am really enlightened by your comment. Thank God you informed me of this or I might of carried on my ENTIRE LIFE without knowing that.

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Almost as fake as Geoff Keighley.

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You wouldn't happen to know what the sales were for Goldeneye. Even though I despise Activision, it is a Wii exclusive shooter and I hope it performed well.

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The PS3 and Xbox 360 weren't built for games. Games are costing more than ever to be produced and that is seriously damaging the variety of games out there.How many original IPs that weren't action/shooting games have you heard of that have been successful? Not very many, at least on the Hd consoles. Survival Horror is practically dead on them. Wii has had dozens of survival horror games. And I can guarantee you that is because developers know it isn't as big of a risk because the...

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