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I think the original does a really great job of conveying what the game is all about. The guy points as if to say, YOU are the soldier. Only YOU can get the job done. It tells you all you need to know about the game at a mere glance.

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Shadowrun was excellent. Everyone talks **** about it, but it was so good. Excellent balance. Creative and fun abilities. (Gliders and teleportation are awesome!) And kills are very rewarding.

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Lame music, but still a fantastic video.

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If you know anything about development hell then you'll know that it can ruin everything, no matter the skill of the people behind it.

Ask David Fincher, director of multiple academy award winning films.He also directed Alien 3. Alien 3 is widely regarded as the turning point for the Alien franchise. And a bad turning point at that. It definitely wasn't his fault though. There were many conflicting ideas and upper management people gettin...

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Too Human and LAIR had very troubled development cycles. I believe both of those devs were great, despite their failures.

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Bungie was a one trick pony? Ever here of Myth? The game series that revolutionized strategy games? Highly realistic 3D battlefield with explosion physics? Permanent corpses? That game pretty much invented the Real Time Tactics genre.

So it is two genres they totally changed the game for. Strategy and FPS

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Fox? Lol, get your head out of melee

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Some gamers are so superficial. What is it besides the visuals that make this game a contender for Game Of The Year? Seriously... Oooh it's pretty! This is the most fun I've had walking in a straight line in my life!

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Strategy games should also be 60 fps. Being able to observe all your units is easier.

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Okay then Unicron.

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Well their are a lot of first party titles that make the system worth owning, especially since it is so cheap now.

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You could dynamically change the lighting. It was in real-time.

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Still looking forward to seeing what they're gonna do with it.

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Needs work.

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IGN reported the controller to be surprisingly comfortable. Of course you can't fully know until you try it out, but it is comforting news.

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I bet you would've been in love with this game if it looked graphically equivalent to Battlefield 3. Shallow gamers, man.

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How come everyone is saying it hasn't been confirmed for Wii U? It was in Nintendo's flipping sizzle real, they are talking about it here. God some people are thick.

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Want to see some gameplay, intrigued.

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so in order to accomplish the same thing on ps3 the controller basically costs 250 dollars?

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The main difference is that you are puzzle solving. When I think fps, I think Shooting enemies. I don't think that hitting a switch with your slingshot in Ocarina of Time makes that game into an action adventure fps hybrid.

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